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Hail the King Chapter 368.1

Chapter 368: Pledge (Part One)

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After he opened his mouth and exhaled, Fei started to feel that the wounds on his body were being recovered slowly.

Even though he had [Full Rejuvenation Potion] which was spectacular at treating injuries, he was too injured. Huntelaar’s sword went straight through his chest and pierced through one of his lungs, Costakarta’s blade almost went through his shoulder, and Amauri’s blade almost cut through his waist and caused Fei’s intestines to flow out. The last wound was the most severe, and Fei used his left hand to slowly push the greenish white intestines back into his body. The scene was so bloody that some timid people even had to close their eyes.

The recovery speed was really slow.

After all, the real world wasn’t like the digitized Diablo World, and the healing was a process and not just a click of a button. On top of that, the people who injured Fei were Moon-Class Elites, and their three distinct warrior energies were still running around on the wounds. As the [Full Rejuvenation Potion] slowly healed the bodily injuries, it was also trying to get rid of these warrior energies that were hard to deal with.

The insane pain forced Fei to lie on the ground. He sweated so much that it looked like he just got out of a river.

At this moment, the king looked really messy and almost looked defeated.

However, none of the audience felt that way.

Before this battle, these people never thought that the powerful and haughty Moon-Class Elites could fight this way with no elegance, and they never thought that techniques used in ordinary street fights could work on these Moon-Class Elites!

There was no surging warrior energy!

There was no flashy magic power!

There was no domination and no easy victory!

For some reason, everyone felt like this non-typical battle vented their burning rage the best.

When they saw the king of Chambord using his fists to defeat the three despicable conspirators who killed Martial Saint Krasic, even the ordinary soldiers and citizens felt like shouting and cheering. At that moment, they felt like something was spurting, something was exploding, and something was burning inside of them!

As footsteps sounded, the young man with sharp eyebrows and shiny eyes walked out and put one of his hands on Fei’s shoulder; he was the leading warrior among the 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain.

Green warrior energy flames instantly enveloped him and Fei.

His power was unleashed completely, and the terrifying force made the people around here back off for a few steps.

After five minutes, sweats started to appear on his head; this is the indication that a warrior had unleashed his warrior energy in full for a while.

Fei who was enveloped by this energy flame was undergoing some magnificent change. The three huge wounds on his chest, waist, and shoulder were recovering at an insane pace. Muscles were growing at a visible speed as if an invisible hand was stitching the wounds together, and the three kinds of warrior energies were wipe out after six minutes. Under the coordination of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] and the green warrior energy, the three wounds turned into three scars.

“Thanks!” Fei dusted off the dirt on him, stood up, and thanked this young man who was on the level of Eight-Star.

“Your Majesty, it should be us thanking you,” the young man said earnestly.

The other 39 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain all walked to him in excitement and all single-kneeled down in front of Fei with that young man. “You risked your own life to avenge for Master Krasic. We all swore in the name of Krasic that we will follow Your Majesty wholeheartedly! From now on, your wishes are our missions, your honor is equal to our lives, we will go wherever your sword points, and the land under your feet is the homeland that we shall protect! We swore that we shall follow Your Majesty until death, we swore that we shall protect Your Majesty until death, and we swore that we shall stay loyal to Your Majesty until death!” they stated in unison.

The loud pledges of the 40 warriors resonated in the sky with an indescribable sensation.

They were as loud as thunder and as striking as lighting.

Fei was a little surprised by it.

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