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Hail the King Chapter 369.1

Chapter 369: There Is Another Woman! (Part One)

Surprisingly, Fei didn’t place this Elder Princess in an awkward situation. He looked at the three Moon-Class Elites and said, “Sure. Since they are going to be there, I’m sure that they would at least lose a few layers of skin. Save me the trouble!”

As he said that, he placed Heavenly Sword under Huntelaar’s chin. Huntelaar’s head was down as he was depressed, but his head was raised up as Fei raised the sword.

“You know that I’m going to the Jax Battle Zone in three days. If the officials at the Military Headquarter could get some information out of this ape’s mouth, send me a message; it might be useful on the battlefield!” Fei whistled and said to Tanasha.

“Of course. I can promise you that.” Tanasha said earnestly.

She suddenly felt like she owed this man a lot.

“Good.” Fei gave Combat Weapon Heavenly Sword to that leading warrior from Martial Saint Mountain named Nesta, and he left as he stretched his back and yawned.

After he walked forward for a few steps, he suddenly turned around and looked at Costakarta. After he focused on the white hair and thought back to what this old general said on the central sword peak, his hard heart softened for some reason. He suddenly said to Tanasha, “This man is old. Try to let him suffer less.”

“I will try,” Tanasha nodded.

Fei waved his hand and left without saying anything else.

Theoretically, he should be feeling relaxed. He captured the three perpetrators, and he vented his anger through that direct and barbaric battle. For some reason, he wasn’t feeling good at all.

What did that achieve? That thin and fatherly figure on Martial Saint Mountain disappeared forever. He would never come back to Fei and tell him that he was making a mistake in training and needed to read another book……

The 40 warriors from Martial Saint Mountain quietly followed Fei.

Although the 41 people were walking slowly, it felt like there were numerous troops in the eyes of the audience.

As the king of Chambord walked by, all the soldiers and citizens of Zenit quickly moved away and created a path for him and his men. The people shivered out of excitement as the king of Chambord walk pass them; they wanted to say something, but they didn’t know what to say. Not sure who started it, thunder-like clapping sounded and resonated in the sky.

The people of Zenit loved heroes.

The heroes who had high statuses and were promoted by the officials of Zenit were high-up in the air; the ordinary citizens and soldiers never got to see them. However, the king in front of them today was vivid and lively, and his rage earlier added to his character; he felt real to them.

The king of Chambord was a real hero in their minds.

Before today, a lot of people heard about what had happened on Martial Saint Mountain and knew that this No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdom fought against a Moon-Class Elite. He was a “comrade” of the Martial Saint as he bought time for Martial Saint Krasic to defeat the despicable conspirators, and he defeated and captured the enemies who weren’t killed last night today

“No wonder Mr. Martial Saint would endow all the warriors from Martial Saint Mountain to him. Is there a better and more trustworthy candidate?” people thought.

The clapping didn’t stop until Fei and his men disappeared from their visions.

“He is alone from an unknown universe. He traveled through the world of gods, demons, and humans, and he would walk into eternity……”

On one side of the street, there were two people wearing long black cloaks. When Fei and his men disappeared, the taller person suddenly recited the [Oracle] recorded on the Immortal Bible from the Holy Church. Then, he turned around and looked at the shorter person as he said, “What do you think?”

“His strength increased a lot since we met last time. If I’m not wrong, he is at the threshold. If he is lucky enough, he will become a Moon-Class Elite shortly,” the shorter person replied.

This shorter person was covered by the black cloak, and most of his face was unveiled by a black musk. However, the silver beard and the dry skin around his mouth told the people around him that he was in his 50s. His body lightly shivered when he spoke as if he was enduring a lot of pain, but his voice was calm and contained a convincing power.

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