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Hail the King Chapter 370.1

Chapter 370: Another Expedition (Part One)

Lanji suddenly sensed danger.

She saw the Elder Princess of Zenit saying something to the guards and the guards immediately got aware and cautious. Her sharp instinct told her that her enemies discovered her existence and was trying to trap her.

“Such a dangerous woman. No wonder she is known as the [Goddess of Intelligence] around here.”

Lanji quietly backed off and avoided all the possible attention as she blended in with the pedestrians on the street. Before she merged into the traffic and disappeared like a fish in the ocean, the girl turned around and looked at her father who was now locked inside the jail cart.

“Father, just wait! I will save you, and I will let that devil pay for what he did!”



After Fei returned to Chambord’s campsite, he felt an unprecedented fatigue.

It wasn’t physical tiredness; it was a spiritual fatigue that he felt in his souls. Therefore, after he walked around in the campsite, he went directly into the central tent and lied down on the bed without talking to anyone. As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell asleep.

The soldiers and warriors of Chambord all sensed the strange mood their king was in and none of them walked up to him and talked to him.

Actually, a few minutes ago, the [Fallen Princess] Victoria who was now the self-proclaimed head economist of Chambord rushed over to Fei with the record book. After sensing Fei’s mood, she stuck out her tongue and quickly ran away as if she was the mouse and Fei was the cat; she panicked so much that she even knocked over a few chairs on her way back.

Victoria didn’t know why she was so scared of Fei. As long as she saw Fei with a serious face, she would shiver uncontrollably and almost couldn’t stand straight.

After about four hours, Fei sensed a familiar and sweet fragrance in his dreams. When he opened his eyes, he saw Angela sitting beside the bed and looking at him as she cupped her chin on her hands.

The beautiful girl was looking at him with her crystal eyes as a worried expression appeared on her face. The golden sunlight shined on the girl’s face through the skylight on the ceiling, and her long eyelashes would break the light when she blinked. Fei felt like any movements made by this girl would pull him in.

He smiled subconsciously.

When he saw this beautiful girl, he felt like his mood instantly brightened as all that negative energy on him was gone.  As if the wind blew away the dark clouds and the sunlight melted the snow, everything got better.

“Ah, Alexander, you are awake? Huh? You smiled? Haha,” when Angela saw Fei wake up and smile, she laughed as a playful smile appeared on her face.

Fei sat up and held onto his fiancée’s cold hands.

He remembered what Tanasha told him and knew that this girl participated in all the parties in St. Petersburg for him. When she returned drunk a few times, Fei was worried that she might get addicted to these upper-class parties where everyone acted fake, but it turned out that he was worried for nothing.

Since Angela liked quietness, it was natural for her to dislike the noisy parties.

“She must have endured a lot these days for me,” Fei thought.

He suddenly felt like he had to give this girl who loved him dearly an answer she wanted.

“Angela…… Let’s host our wedding and get married,” as soon as he said that, he hesitated a little.

It obviously wasn’t a good time. He had to lead [Wolf Teeth Legion] to the Jax Battle Region in three days, and it was going to be filled with blood and tears. Fei was confident in his abilities to return safely, but could Zenit Empire last through this turbulence? If Zenit Empire got conquered, what would happen to Chambord?

A joyous smile appeared on Angela’s face as if she was waiting for this moment forever.

However, it seemed like this girl thought of something in the next moment and her bright smile dimmed.

She lowered her head for a while, but she soon looked up again.

“Alexander, I know you are going on another expedition, and there isn’t enough time to prepare for our…… our wedding. I’m really happy that you told me that…… I’m really happy. However, I’m trying my best not to become a burden for you. Although I really want to become your queen, I know that this is not the best time. Alexander, I’m not as smart as Tanasha, I’m not as pretty as Paris, and I’m not as strong as Elena who can protect you all the time…… However, I will always wait for you. Doesn’t matter if you are the silly Alexander before or the king that is admired by a lot of people, I will always be with you……” Angela said with a bright smile on her face.

Perhaps this was the first time she spoke her heart out, her voice got quieter and quieter; her cute blushing face looked like a red apple.

Fei didn’t say anything; he just embraced this girl in his arms.

At this moment, he felt like he was very fortunate.

He promised himself that he will protect everyone he loved; he didn’t want what happened to Krasic happen to anyone else again!


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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Let the devil pay for what he did? You mean stop an invading country from ganging up and murdering a great warrior through underhanded means? I mean you guys were totally in the wrong so being captured and punished is only right


      Lanji isn’t trying to defend what her country did. Her country will pay for its sins. Zenit will pay for its sins. Her father will pay for his sins. Alexander will pay for his sins but Lanji is saying that she will be the cause of his downfall. Lanji didn’t particularly did anything wrong in her life, the problem is with her country and her father. By the laws of karma, Lanji was wronged by Alexander for putting her into this situation.

      • FD

        I mean why even go that far who in their right mind would be mad at someone who is mad about their father being captured and tortured? I might disagree with her and her father but i’m not gonna get mad at her feelings it would be crazy NOT to get upset after what happened.

  2. Rekt

    And Fei again completely forgot about elena and her feelings.At least tell Angela about her before marriage!!

  3. Leafron

    Still feel that letting those 3 live is going to bite them back eventually, especially so if there was 1 more accomplice at broad. These are 3 moon ranked experts; experts that the Zenith kingdom no longer has. Enemies that are too dangerous should be killed asap instead of being kept alive for information. Furthermore, although it is true that these 3 would know more due to them being experts of their kingdoms, isn’t it logical to think that they would/may not reveal any information to them especially since we know their personalities? I feel that once again, this is another forced event just so that the author would have more stories to write in future because any logical person would kill the 3 instead of holding them captive.

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