Chapter 371: Chambord is Here! (Part One)

On an endless desert.

A few vultures were devouring a rotten corpse.

The corpse was soon torn apart, and the blackish gooey blood slid down the sharp beaks. As the internal organs of the corpse were exposed, a disgusting smell dispersed in the air.

Suddenly, a vulture that was enjoying its feast looked up.

As if it heard something, a confused expression appeared on its face.


An arrow flew in the air and passed by like lightning.

The sharp arrow pierced through this vulture’s head mercilessly, and its body was nailed to the ground. However, this vulture didn’t die right away. It screamed in pain, and its peers were all scared away and flew into the sky as they screamed loudly.

They all sensed the approaching danger.

However –




As bowstring vibration noises and air-piercing noises sounded, several arrows flew out behind the hills. These arrows drew several silver lines in the air, and they shot down the vultures that were trying to get away.

Then, clip-clopping noises sounded.

Two fully armored cavaliers dashed out behind the hills; they were wearing black armors and black devil masks, and they each had a bow in their hand.

Their mounts were more than three meters tall, and these two mounts looked like horses that had a cloud of flame on each of their hooves – they were level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts.

Although these two mounts were big, the two men on them were bulky and muscular as well so it didn’t look weird. Actually, the combination looked ferocious judging from afar.

One of the cavaliers had long blonde hair. When he took off the devil mask, it revealed a sharp square face with thick eyebrows that looked just and brave.

He jumped off of his mount causally, and it seemed like he was used to seeing this kind of corpses and smelling this kind of stinky odor. After he observed the scene for a while, he pulled out his sword, dug out a pit, and buried the corpse in it.

His actions were very smooth, and it felt like he buried a lot of corpses this way.

“John, I checked everything. He is wearing Zenit style clothes, and he should be about 50 years old. He got killed by an arrow, and the arrow is still on him. I can tell that the arrow is the Blood-Feather Arrow that the cavaliers of Jax like to use.”

The man jumped back onto his mount and said to his comrade angrily.

“Sh*t! These bastards of Jax! They don’t even show mercy to the civilians of Zenit! For the last while, we had seen more than 100 corpses like this!” the cavalier named John cursed angrily after he heard his comrade’s judgment; he was thin, white, and had no beard.

“We are already close to the border. The most important city in this region, Dual Flags City, is less than 50 kilometers away. The situation must be bad as the soldiers of Jax dare to get into the territory of Zenit and murder our civilians! We must report this back to Mr. Shevchenko and Mr. Cech! I suspect that the scouts and the cavaliers of Jax already bypassed the defense of Dual-Flags City and gained control of the area! We must be careful!”

“Huh! When King Alexander His Majesty gets here, we will beat the sh*t out of these bastards!” John Terry said, “Let’s go and report back to the Team Commander first!”

“Wait, I hear something……” the blonde-haired cavalier signaled his comrade and listened carefully.

“Don’t have to listen…… it is the bastards of Jax…… they are here……” John Terry put on his devil musk and pointed at more than 20 fully armored cavaliers of Jax on the side of the hill.

These cavaliers of Jax didn’t show any flags.

However, their brown robes and armors revealed their identities.

Most of Jax’s territory were deserts, and the mounts of their cavaliers were a type of level 2 Demon Beast called Sand Tiger; they were known as [Boats in the Desert]. These Demon Beasts looked like warhorses, but they were bigger with fatter hooves that allowed them to travel fast on the sand. On top of that, they were physically strong and mastered some low-level sand magic spells such as Sand Spikes and Sand Traps.

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