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Hail the King Chapter 372.1

Chapter 372: Greeting from the Saint Seiyas (Part One)

At the moment, these four cavaliers of Jax felt like these two devils in front of them could even handle 200 of them.

Their mounts were Sand Tigers that dominated in the desert, but they were useless in this encounter. When these level 2 Sand Tigers cast [Sand Spikes] and [Sand Traps], the magic energies that formed the spikes and traps all collapsed as if they encountered a huge obstacle.

After the cavaliers of Jax took a better look at the light flames around the hooves of these horses, the thick scales on their bodies, and the sharp teeth in their mouths, the survived cavaliers of Jax realized that their enemies’ mounts weren’t regular horses but special Demon Beasts. The auras of higher-level Demon Beasts were able to destruct the magic spells of the Sand Tigers quietly.

They couldn’t match their opponents in terms of archery skills.

They couldn’t match their opponents in terms of weapons.

They couldn’t match their opponents in terms of strength.

They couldn’t match their opponents in terms of mounts.

“Who are these two? The Royal Guards of Zenit?”

The four cavaliers of Jax gasped as they realized that it was a bad idea not going to a fortune teller today since they encountered the elite scouts of Zenit.

After they realized what was going on, they no longer dared to stay here longer and start the second charge; they kicked the Sand Tigers with the spurs and tried to escape.

These four cavaliers went in four different directions as they understood each other’s intention. They had to go back and pass on the message – “The reinforcement from Zenit is here! They are here now! They are terrifying!”

Although the Sand Tigers were fast, they weren’t faster than the arrows.

John Terry and Ruiz Smith didn’t give the enemies the opportunity to escape. They both shot out an arrow each and killed two cavaliers. They knocked out the other two cavaliers and tied them to the back of their mounts.

After the battle was over, John Terry and Ruiz Smith stripped the armors and weapons off of the corpses, and they decapitated all of them and piled the heads together. They then stabbed a spear on the ground and placed the head of the leader of this cavalier group on the tip of it, and they took a brown cape and placed it under the head.

Like a flag of death, this cape fluttered in the air with these words on it –

“Greeting from the Saint Seiyas who are under the command of the king of Chambord.”

After this was done, John Terry and Ruiz Smith both kept their king’s thrifty style.

They packed up all the items of their enemies, including broke blades and torn armors. They also took the 14 Sand Tigers that were still alive. These well-trained Demon Beasts were ferocious at first, but they no longer dared to resist after the two Roaring Flame Beasts roared at them.



The night arrived.

It was ultra-cold in the desert during the winter time; water would be instantly frozen into ice outside.

It was impossible to travel in this weather, and the first brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion] had to camp beside a hill to avoid the strong wind. As the herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion], they traveled more than 800 kilometers in two days and was now only 100 kilometers away from Dual-Flags City.

This speed was already very fast.

If everything was smooth, they could be able to enter Dual-Flags City when the sun appears on the horizon tomorrow.

Looking from the above, the campsite looked like a turtle. There was an oval-shaped inner camp, and there were also six branch camps that looked like the four legs, the head, and the tail of a turtle. Any kinds of movement outside of the campsite would be spotted instantly.

Inside the campsite, there were a lot of brand-new tents; they could bring the most amount of warmth to the soldier. Also, there were lots of patrolling soldiers who were wearing thick jackets.

These were the items that Fei asked from the Military Headquarter after thinking about the weather at the Jax Battle Zone and listening to old Aryang’s advice. Perhaps it was due to Fei’s fame after he defeated the three Moon-Class Elites, perhaps it was due to Angela’s hard work, perhaps it was due to the fact that the Chambord Kingdom was already a monumental force of the empire, the officials at the Military Headquarter who were known to be greedy and selfish didn’t procrastinate at all. After Fei asked them for the items, [Wolf Teeth Legion] got everything the next day.

As the Legion Commander, Fei’s image instantly became brighter in the eyes of the soldiers.

To the ordinary soldiers, fame and status of the Legion Commander were all useless. In comparison, having the ability to get everything from the Military Headquarter was a lot more valuable. From their own experiences, even the ten main battle legions of Zenit didn’t even get the full funding and equipment this fast from the fat and greedy officials.


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  1. Alejandro Ferro

    I cringe everytime i read “Saint Seiyas”

  2. bob

    800km in 2 days ahahaha right mate. no Horse could do that NOT EVEN that deamon beast horse if every one had 1 of it.
    an do you know how painful that is for the rider? to ride that long so fast?
    you beg for it to cut your lower half off.

    • WirlWind

      These guys left early – Even if they only took 2 days, travelling 400km a day isn’t impossible for a motorbike and these beasts are probably as fast or faster than the average speed of said motorbike travelling on the (speed limited) roads.

      All the people riding have strong bodies, as do the mounts, so I’m sure they’re fine.

  3. Buhri

    Although strange, it should be to always bring the reference to the whole anime

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