Chapter 372: Greeting from the Saint Seiyas (Part Two)

Since they were already near the battlefield, Brigade Commander Shevchenko took the advice of the Deputy Brigade Commander Cech and hid about 100 elite scouts around the campsite in case the cavaliers of Jax came to harass them.

Inside the huge white tent at the center of the campsite that was lit up, Shevchenko, Cech, Drogba, Pierce, Kanort, and Huerk were looking at the map that was on the table. They carefully studied the terrain around Dual-Flags City as they listened to the reports from the scouts they sent out today.

They were trying to do the last bit of preparation for tomorrow’s meet up. As long as this brigade entered Dual-Flags City, it would have completed the first mission that Zenit gave to [Wolf Teeth Legion].

After that, Shevchenko and others would only need to coordinate with the defending forces at Dual-Flags City and hold against the invasion from soldiers of Jax until the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] gets here.

“Not bad! You two did a good job! Haha, there are two captured enemies?”

After Drogba listened to the report from John Terry and Ruiz Smith, he laughed and praised them; he wished that he was there to kill the enemies. He then looked at the two beat-up cavaliers of Jax and shouted angrily, “So these bastards killed the thousands of civilians of Zenit whose corpses we saw on the way here? Fu*k! Too bad that fatty Oleg isn’t here. Otherwise, he will make these two wish that they could be killed!”

At this moment, these men missed that flatterer Oleg. Although that fatty loved to flatter others, he was good at interrogations. If he was here, these two cavaliers would tell him everything after half an hour or so.

“Eh, kill us if you want. Don’t be too proud of yourselves! Our head commander Prince Heitinga is coming with reinforcement, and your skulls will all be made into wine cups!” one of the cavaliers shouted as he struggled.

No wonder the cavaliers of Jax were known for their viciousness. Even though these two cavaliers were prisoners, they were still ferocious like the wolves who have fallen to the trap of hunters. Although the language of the Jax Empire was a little bit different compared to the language of the Zenit Empire, they were similar enough for the warriors inside the tent to understand what these two prisoners were saying.

Pia! Pia!

John Terry and Ruiz Smith grabbed onto the two prisoners and slapped them; these two vicious cavaliers of Jax were instantly knocked out.

“Lock them up and interrogate them separately. Try to get to know the distribution of troops of the enemies,” Shevchenko and Cech looked at each other and ordered. Although these two cavaliers didn’t seem like they know much, any information about the enemies was good.

Soon, John Terry and Ruiz Smith took the prisoners out of the tent.

“According to the reports from the 50 Saint Seiyas, it seems like the enemies are powerful. The mayor of Dual-Flags City Soroyov pulled all of the soldiers back into the city to defend, but it allowed the invaders to enter our territory and commit crimes. Technically, we are already in the enemies’ territory. We have to be careful from now on. Let’s enter Dual-Flags City by tomorrow morning.”

Shevchenko was the prince of an affiliated kingdom, and he had some experience regarding leading troops. He was patient, valiant, intelligent, brave, and powerful; these were the exact reasons why Fei decided to make him the brigade commander.

Cech nodded and said to others, “We have to be careful and change tonight’s patrolling shifts more frequently. Since the enemies lost about 300 soldiers today to our scouts, they might try to raid us in the night. We can’t allow anything to happen!”

The other battalion commanders took the order and left the tent.

Now, there were only Cech and Shevchenko in the tent.

After they looked at each other again, Cech walked out of the tent and told the guards not to let anyone in. He then closed the gate to the tent and returned.

Suddenly, he and Shevchenko both bowed at the back of the tent and said, “Mr. Legion Commander, are you happy with our arrangements?”

“Hahaha! Great! Didn’t I tell you guys that do whatever you deem necessary? Just treat me as a nobody! In terms of commanding the troops and strategizing about the war, I’m not as good as you guys yet!”

As a burst of laughter sounded, a tall and muscular figure walked out from the back of the tent.

Who could it be if it wasn’t the king of level 1 affiliated kingdom – Chambord, the level 2 noble of Zenit, [Wolf Teeth Legion]’s Commander, and the No.1 Commander of the Jax Battle Zone?

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