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Hail the King Chapter 373.1

Chapter 373: The Chronicle of Azeroth (Part One)

If Kanort, Huerk, Drogba, and Pierce were here, they would be shocked to see that the Legion Commander who was supposed to be with the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] was now inside the herald brigade.

It was too surprising.

“Your Majesty…… Eh, Sir,” Cech wasn’t used to the new way of addressing Fei yet. Since they were in the military, he needed to address Fei by calling him Legion Commander or Sir instead of Your Majesty.

Cech carefully suggested, “Should we send out a messenger tonight? So the mayor of Dual-Flags City Soroyov could prepare ahead of time. It would be much easier to enter……”

“No need,” Fei thought about and rejected this suggestion. “Dual-Flags City is already surrounded by the soldiers of Jax. Our messenger couldn’t get into the city even if he tried,” he said.

Cech and Shevchenko were both stunned.

They didn’t know how the Legion Commander knew that the enemies surrounded Dual-Flags City; the reports they got from the scouts showed that the enemies hadn’t surrounded the city yet. From the look on Fei’s face, Cech and Shevchenko knew that Fei was confident, and they all believed him.

“You two should get some rest…… huh?” as Fei was speaking to Cech and Shevchenko, his face suddenly changed color.

At that moment, he sensed a few vague auras that flashed by. It felt like there were mysterious people who were looking for something, and they tried to hide their traces by moving very slowly. Although their auras were hard to be discovered by others, they were as bright as fireflies at night to Fei.

Since these auras were hostility and murderous, Fei knew that they were his enemies.

Fei didn’t say anything to Cech and Shevchenko. He closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual power. His vast amount of spiritual energy got sent out like waves, and he was able to monitor everything that was around him in a one-kilometer radius; he could even sense which cactus was moving in the wind outside the camp.

There was a bunch of powerful warriors behind the hill to the west of the campsite.



As the cold wind blew across the desert, and a few dry thorns shivered in the wind as frost enveloped them.

The breathings of beasts lightly sounded, and the breaths of four Sand Tigers that were much larger and stronger than regular Sand Tigers could be seen in the cold. There were four fully armored cavaliers on them, and the leading cavalier was sturdy and wearing a black mask; only his eyes were visible.

With murderous intent flashing in his eyes, this leading cavalier stared at the campsite of the herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion].

Behind these four cavaliers who looked like the captains, there were 400 regular cavaliers who were wearing brown armors, carrying sharp blades, and riding on Sand Tigers. These 400 cavaliers all held onto their breaths, and their well-trained mounts were all biting on a wooden stick each to prevent them from making any noises.

“A Six-Star Warrior, three Five-Star Warriors, and two Four-Star Warriors…… this herald brigade of Zenit is pretty powerful and has good equipment,” the leading cavalier said slowly, “No wonder they could kill 367 of our elite Sand Tiger Cavaliers. Hehe, Saint Seiyas under the king of Chambord? I want to fight them……”

“Even if they are powerful, how can they fight against the [Sky Splitting Blade] in your hand?” a cavalier beside him laughed, “Let’s wait for a few hours. When these soldiers of Zenit let their guards down, we can charge at them. I’m sure that we can destroy them in about 30 minutes.

“Have we, [Black Torrent], ever been scared of anyone? Mr. Kerman, since Prince Heitinga is coming with the reinforcement, we should cut off the head of this herald troop’s commander and make it into a gift for His Highness,” another cavalier suggested.

Kerman nodded and was about to make an order, but he saw the fourth captain-like cavalier wanting to say something. After seeing the hesitation, he asked, “Ari, what do you think?”

Ari lightly bowed and carefully suggested, “Mr. Kerman, from the reports we got today, these soldiers of Zenit are impressive. Since they have level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts as mounts, they must be the Royal Elite Force of Zenit; we shouldn’t underestimate them. In the rumors, the Legion Commander of [Wolf Teeth Legion] Chambord King Alexander is a top-tier warrior as well…… I think…… I think…… we should take it slow and aim for security. We can wait for Heitinga His Highness to arrive before we take any serious military operation.”

“Huh! Ari, your bravery is leaving you by the day! Just because a few defeated soldiers exaggerated the enemies’ strength to try to avoid punishment, you believe their words?” the other two cavaliers beside Kerman refuted.

“Whatever, stop fighting. Everyone rest for two hours. After two hours, we will raid the campsite of Zenit immediately. Remember, our mission is to charge into the central tent and kill the commander. You guys can keep others busy, and I will kill that Six-Star Commander. As soon as I kill him, we need to retreat right away.”

Kerman pointed at the campsite at the foot of the hill and made the final decision.



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