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Hail the King Chapter 373.2

Chapter 373: The Chronicle of Azeroth (Part Two)

A yellow magic lantern lit up the central tent, and Fei was sitting at the back of the tent and reading a book named [The Chronicle of Azeroth] that was more than 2,500 pages thick.

After he defeated Costakarta, Huntelaar, and Amauri, he kept all of their spatial storage rings. Cain soon broke the seals on these rings, and Fei took out all of the items in them. Except for a lot of magic gems, there were also various types of training scrolls and miscellaneous items; that allowed Fei to become a little richer.

This book [The Chronicle of Azeroth] was one of the items that Fei got from Costakarta’s spatial storage ring, and it was vital to someone like Fei who had almost zero knowledge about this continent. In this book, it recorded all kinds of historical events and all types of knowledge; it was pretty much an encyclopedia.

This book was very precious as it felt like this was the only copy created. Different from the standard history books that the Royal Library of Chambord and the Public Library of Zenit in St. Petersburg carried, it recorded a lot of secret events, that were covered by the dust of time, in detail.

In the last few days, Fei had been reading this book earnestly, and his understanding of Azeroth Continent also improved drastically.

Through this book, Fei understood the rankings, tiers, and levels of the Moon-Class Elites.

Didn’t matter if it were Combat Weapon Warriors, Beast Soul Warriors, or ordinary Moon-Class Elites, they could be divided into three ranks: New Moon, Half Moon, and Full Moon. Every rank could be divided into three tiers: low-tier, mid-tier, and high-tier, and every tier could be divided into ten levels.

Compared to star-level, there were a lot more levels in the Moon-Class.

If the Star-level Warriors represented the bottom of the food chain on this continent ruled by the law of the jungle, then the Moon-Class Elites were the backbones of each empire. Their strengths presented a strong voice and a path of cultivation.

From reading the training notes of the three Moon-Class Elites, Fei knew that Costakarta was taken by military operations and wars and had little time to spent on cultivation. Costakarta was the weakest of the three and was a level 1 low-tier New Moon Warrior; he pretty much just stepped over the threshold between Star-level Warriors and Moon-Class Elites.

In comparison, Amauri and Huntelaar were both level 3 low-tier New Moon Warriors.

From this, Fei was able to estimate that Krasic who unleashed all of his power and defeated the four Moon-Class Elites was a level 1 mid-tier New Moon Warrior.

Except for Emperor Yassin who he couldn’t estimate, Krasic was the most powerful warrior Fei have ever encountered. As for Priest Balesi, Fei felt like he was a level 2 or level 3 low-tier New Moon Warrior.

After Star-level Warriors created the nine star-whirls and combined them, the warrior energy inside their bodies would convert into a liquid form from a gas form. The star-swirls would also turn into one cold sphere that looked like a moon, and that was where the name Moon-Class came from. The path of Moon-Class Elites was to fill that sphere up with liquid-form Warrior Energy gradually.

On [The Chronicle of Azeroth], Fei also read a lot about the enemy Jax Empire.

The Jax Empire was adjacent to the Zenit Empire and the Eindhoven Empire, but its territory was much larger than these two empires combined. However, most of its land were deserts, and it had less population as a result. Most of its land was uninhabited, and its citizens all lived on the few oases by the major rivers.

This was a strong empire to conquer.

Due to the harsh environment, the people of Jax had to fight for their survival and were all perseverant and patient. On the negative, these people were vicious, murderous, and liked to invade others. Since they lacked a lot of necessary resources, the people of Jax frequently harasses and robbed the empires besides them. With Sand Tigers as their mounts, the Desert Bandits of Jax who were fast, untraceable, and murderous were the nightmares of a lot of people who lived close to the Jax Empire.

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  2. Don

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