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Hail the King Chapter 374.1

Chapter 374: Let the Real Master Come Out (Part One)

According to history books, the Desert Bandits of Jax frequently harassed the western regions of Zenit after Emperor Yassin established the empire.

As a result, genius Emperor Yassin who was at his prime took his troops to the west and conquered the Capital of Jax, Amsterdam, without even losing a single battle. The ruler of Zenit killed more than 100 masters of Jax, defeated the emperor of Jax, and captured more than 1,000 nobles and royals of Jax; it was an epic victory.

The Jax Empire almost got wiped out, and it didn’t fully recover until after ten years.

In that ten years, the Jax Empire got a new emperor who was very intelligent, and he was known as Emperor Fuji. The majesty of the Royal Family got restored, and Jax recovered fast under his lead.

At the moment, genius Emperor Yassin who was the nightmare to a lot of people of Jax was on the verge of dying, and Emperor Fuji of Jax was young and in his prime. As time passed, the Jax Empire that never forgot about the shame Emperor Yassin brought to them was aching for revenge.

During the Martial Saint Battle, No.1 Swordsman of Jax, Huntelaar, sneak attacked Krasic and showed the resistance of Jax.

Fei vaguely knew about this part of history, but it wasn’t as clear and as detailed as it was recorded in [The Chronicle of Azeroth].

Fei followed one of many advice from Sun Tzu – “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” For the last while, he would read this book whenever he had time. Before his legion even reached the border and saw the enemies, he already knew a lot about the Jax Empire. At this point, he knew a lot more about his enemies than the people around him.

The central tent was still lit up, and the coldness got worse as the night continued.


“Time is up! Everyone ready! Charge!”

Kerman who was on top of the hill smiled viciously as he looked at the quiet campsite and signaled the Sand Tiger Cavaliers to charge. Right after he did that, he kicked the Sand Tiger with the spur and charged down first.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

All the Sand Tiger Cavaliers followed behind him tightly.

Like a black torrent, all of them charged at the campsite of Zenit that was 500 meters away in silence like a bunch of murderous beasts.

This was the first time that the formal soldiers of Jax and the formal soldiers of Zenit fought each other in a long time.

To the fierce warriors who lived in rough environments such as desert, this was the start to their journey of redemption.

404 sharp blades glared under the moonlight, and the lights that reflected off of them would even hurt someone’s skin; these blades were thirsty for the enemies’ blood.

When they were about 20 meters away from the campsite of Zenit, they were finally spotted by the soldier of Zenit in the dark.

“Remember! Don’t get too consumed in the battle! We need to get to the central tent and kill their commander as soon as we can!” Kerman pulled out the huge and strangely-shaped blade on his back that was about two meters tall and shouted; his voice was as loud as thunder.

“Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge!” the 403 Sand Tiger Cavaliers behind him no longer stayed silent; they all shouted with Kerman.

At that moment, the quietness immediately turned into ferociousness as if a tornado blew across a calm lake.


Kerman slashed with his blade, and the white warrior energy instantly dashed out of the blade and destroyed the fence that blocked their way.

“Ahahahah…… We are under attack! Get up! Enemies are coming!”

“Oh, god! The Sand Tiger Cavaliers of Jax!…… Sentries! Where the fu*k are you guys? When did the enemies appear?”

“Get up! Get your weapons! Damn it!”

The soldiers of Zenit inside the campsite instantly fell into a state of chaos after they realized what was going on.

Shouts and screams sounded frequently, and soldiers were running around everywhere like ants that got their ant nest flooded; there were even soldiers running around butt-naked with swords in their hands.

All the Sand Tiger Cavaliers looked down at these soldiers, and they easily charged into the campsite of Zenit after Kerman created an entrance; they almost didn’t face any resistance, and the entire process was as easy as sticking a hot rod into butter.

These 404 Sand Tiger Cavaliers were well-trained and coordinated with each other well. Their formation was perfect, and their mounts created loud noises that made people feel sick to their stomachs.

In the blink of an eye, the central tent was only about 100 meters away from them.

“There it is! Charge and kill their commander!”

Under the lead of Kerman, the cavaliers changed into a vicious V-shaped formation and dashed at the central tent.

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  1. A Dutch guy

    What’s with all these Dutch/Netherlands themed names, like don’t get me wrong as a Dutch person myself I find it very funny. Still weird thou

  2. RacismOP

    They just had to name the enemy “Fuji”

  3. Hjutner

    So they previously invaded Jax and conquered it, and then totally trusted Huntelaar 100% that Krasic had no guard against him, even though it should feel pretty obvious that there would be some resentment between the two empires? You know for being called Zenit’s Goddess of Intelligence, Tanasha missing that feels pretty…. naive.

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