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Hail the King Chapter 375.1

Chapter 375: Who…… Are You? (Part One)Insurance

Shevchenko and Cech both didn’t get mad; this warrior of Jax who was bulky was stronger than them. They looked at each other and smiled, and they then moved aside and made a wider path.

Kerman looked pass them.

His pupil contracted instantly when he saw the figure sitting in the tent.

Inside the bright tent, there was a person who was sitting on a stone chair in a relaxed manner and reading a thick book. He was dressed casually, and his thick long black hair looked like a waterfall. Although Kerman couldn’t see this man’s face clearly, he could tell that this man who was wearing a loose robe and not wearing any shoes was in a world of his own.

Beside this man, there was a strange beast that was four meters tall. Although it was laying beside this man, Kerman could tell that its legs were as thick as pillars. Its long black mane covered more than half of its head, its sharp white teeth could tear through anything, and hostility flashed in its huge crystal-like eyes. What was most shocking was that smell of sulfur came of its mouth as if it was going to spit out fire……

If this beast didn’t have the black and smooth fur, Kerman might have believed that this beast was a dragon that disappeared ages ago from the continent; that smell of sulfur and heavy pressure were all critical features of a dragon.

Kerman’s heart was sinking to his stomach slowly; he knew the strange roar that made the Sand Tigers lose their abilities to move came from this beast.

Also, he couldn’t sense the power level of the young man sitting in the tent. He felt like this man was an ordinary person who didn’t have any power, but it was impossible since his full-power strike was dismantled by this man easily.

There was only one explanation – this man was far beyond his realm of strength.

“Danger!” he thought.

As if the man who was reading the book in the tent sensed Kerman’s stares, he looked up and smiled.

“You were saying that you want to see me. Now you saw me, is it time for you to kneel down and surrender?” that handsome man said.

Of course, this man was the king of Chambord who created this scenario to show off.

He liked to treat the people who were close to him well, but it was good for his mental health if he acted in front of his enemies and showed off frequently.

On top of that, this was the first time that he led a legion to war, and he had to act cool and mighty.

Kerman held his huge blade tightly and took a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Kneel down and surrender?” Kerman laughed, “The Jax Empire only has warriors who fight until death on the battleground and doesn’t have cowards who would surrender……” he slowly glanced around at the soldiers of Zenit who tightly surrounded him and continued, “And it is not like we can’t get out of here if we tried.”

“Haha? Getting through my herald brigade as a team of 404 people?”

As if he heard a ridiculous joke, Fei laughed and shook his head, “If I want to, the 404 of you would be turned into meat pastes in less than 10 minutes. You will all be decapitated; your heads will be pilled into a small mountain, and your headless corpses will be thrown onto the desert so coyotes and vultures can have a feast. We can just do what you did to our civilians!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Fei’s words triggered the anger in the soldiers of Zenit’s minds, and the 6,000 soldiers all shouted as they knocked their metal armors with their weapons and took a few steps forward in unison. The metal-colliding noises and shouts created a surge of invisible energy, and the murderous spirits skyrocketed; it was just breathtaking.

Fei put down his book an suddenly stood up. “You can try if you want!” he sneered.

As he stood up, a thick and concentrated murderous spirit surged. At that moment, Kerman felt like he was standing in a sea of blood and corpses, and numerous terrifying screams were sounding in all directions; for a moment he felt like he was on an ancient and cruel battlefield, and for a moment he felt like he was in hell.

“Such a terrifying presence!!

Kerman instantly felt the indefensible pressure on him; it felt like he was carrying several mountains on his back. He started to resist subconsciously, and his bones began to crack as if they were being smashed.

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