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Hail the King Chapter 375.2

Chapter 375: Who…… Are You? (Part Two)Insurance

He knew that he was wrong; too wrong!

“What this man said is true…… he doesn’t even need to order the 6,000 soldiers to attack…… none of us in [Black Torrent] can get out if this man makes his move…… He only released his aura, and I, a Seven-Star Warrior, can’t even stand straight…… Too terrifying,” he thought.

“Who…… who are you……?” Kerman asked bitterly as he leaned against his blade that he stabbed into the ground and tried to stand straight.

“I am the king of Chambord, King Alexander!”

“So…… so it is you…… I heard….. I heard about you before. I was wrong, you…… Puff!” Kerman took several pauses as the pressure on him was too much. In the end, blood spurted out of his mouth, and his knees bent; he couldn’t hold on any longer.

“Drop your weapon, kneel down, and surrender. If you do that, I will show some mercy and let the cavaliers under you to leave alive,” Fei said as he squinted his eyes and smiled strangely.

“Impossible!” Kerman tried his best to stand straight and shouted, “The warriors of Jax would never…… never kneel down……. they are all…… the bravest…… warriors!”

“Yeah, they are brave warriors……” Fei looked at the startled expressions on the faces of some cavaliers of Jax and sighed, “To my knowledge, their mission was only to clean out the area within a 100-kilometer radius of Dual-Flags City. It was a simple mission, and they didn’t need to attack the herald brigade of Zenit. Too bad that they have an idiotic commander! It is you who brought doom to them! It is you who placed them in danger because you are greedy for more military merits. Their loved ones will be in pain for the rest of their lives because of your decision…… now, you have a chance to save them. If you drop your weapon and kneel down, you would be able to save these brave warriors of Jax and help their families. Why not? Are you going to let them die because of your idiotic self-pride?”

Fei’s voice was like the enticement of a devil. Every single cavalier of Jax heard what he said, and it tickled their minds.

“No! You devil! You……” Kerman shouted as blood spurted out of his mouth.

He knew very well what this raid meant; it was the first meaningful clash between the two forces.

Kerman was dreaming about destroying this brigade and killing the commander to bring the first victory back to Jax; that would instantly boost the morale of the soldiers of Jax. Since he made a mistake and couldn’t do that, he was still not willing to surrender. He would rather let all of his men and himself die here and become the example of faithfulness to Jax and unyieldingness of the will.

If he kneeled down here today, it wouldn’t be just his personal pride affected.

The Jax Empire that had waited for the uprise could be affected as well.

If he kneeled down here today, the Royal Family and the military of Jax would be greatly shamed, and it would be an unbearable and destructive strike to the morale of the troops.

“Such a vicious and dirty strategy!”

Kerman regretted his decision.

He didn’t regret his decision after he realized that he was trapped.

After he knew that there was a master warrior, after he knew that he couldn’t defeat his enemies, after he knew that none of them could make it out here alive…… he won’t regret it even if he was placed in a situation that was 100 times more dangerous than this……

But he was regretting this now.

This commander was too vicious with his strategy.

This mistake of his was going to become a huge shame that the soldiers of Jax couldn’t forget.

Kerman heard of King Alexander before. The Jax Empire had their intelligence network, and they always paid attention to Zenit. Since Zenit just had the competition between affiliated kingdoms, the name of No.1 Master Warrior among the affiliated kingdoms of Zenit was on the newsletter.

King Alexander was said to be the most talented warriors of Zenit in its history, and Kerman laughed at that.

“How talented can a little king of a little affiliated kingdom be?” Kerman didn’t believe that.

The world wasn’t fair. Most of the geniuses were in super-affluent families, royal families, and enormous forces; only these powerhouses had enough resources to feed these super geniuses. If someone talented was born into a poor environment, his or her future would be very limited.

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    Only the family with enormous power could train a master blah blah.

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