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Hail the King Chapter 376.1

Chapter 376 – Beginning of the Dark Age (Part One) Lawyer

Since the officials tightly sealed the news about Fei capturing the three Moon-Class Elites at Zenit, the people who were at the Jax Empire hadn’t heard about it yet. As a result, Kerman didn’t know what power the King of Chambord had, and he underestimated this herald brigade of Zenit.

Now, he was unprecedently scared.

He felt like he saw the shadow of that man whose name was a taboo in the Jax Empire.

“Another terrifying figure appeared in the Zenit Empire!” he thought to himself.

When Fei saw the changing expressions on the face of this Seven-Star Warrior, he knew that he couldn’t convince this man using only his words. He stepped forward, and the terrifying aura on him exploded; for the first time, the murderous spirits that he accumulated in Diablo World was revealed in this world.

For the moment, everyone around Fei felt like even the air became thick and red.

“Why aren’t you kneeling down right now?!”

Even though Kerman unleashed all of his strength and the orange warrior energy flame flashed around him, he still couldn’t support his body. As a result, he kneeled down as if it was a direct response to Fei’s shout.

Crack! The huge pressure instantly crushed his knees.

When Kerman was forced to kneel down, his prideful head lowered as he fainted.

Looking from the behind, it seemed like Kerman voluntarily kneeled and surrendered to Fei.

All of the Sand Tiger Cavaliers that were far away behind him were shocked.

Some of these cavaliers felt blank as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “The great and honorable third disciple of the Martial Saint kneeled to a king of a little affiliated kingdom of Zenit?” they thought.

All of their honors and all of their beliefs were dismantled by this kneel.

Even some of the Sand Tiger Cavaliers who were willing to fight until death and didn’t want to surrender lost their courage. What they saw shocked their minds and numbed their limbs; they no longer could hold onto their weapons. Even blood couldn’t prove their bravery anymore!

“Haha, since you chose to surrender, I will keep my promise and let go of these brave men behind you!” Fei laughed.

This scene was recorded by a mage of Zenit using a Divy Crystal; it had an important use in the future.

Fei did keep his words.

He let go of these Sand Tiger Cavaliers.

However, the king also kept his fragile and thrifty style. He stripped away all of the valuables on these cavaliers such as weapons and armors and kept most of the Sand Tigers that were too terrified to move. After he left about 40 weakest and thinnest Sand Tiger to these cavaliers who only had light clothes on them, he kicked all of them out.

The ferociousness of this race was demonstrated.

133 Sand Tiger Cavaliers couldn’t bear the shame and decided to suicide; their blood stained the sand.

The rest of them disappeared into the darkness under the lead of the few captains……

“Go on and spread around what you saw! Haha!”

As he looked at these Sand Tiger Cavaliers who were leaving the area, Fei stood in front of the central tent and let out a series of “evil” laughter. These soldiers of Jax who lost their mounts and their winter jackets might not even survive in this coldness in the desert, and only about half of them could be able to make it back to the campsite of Jax.

Fei believed that the news about Kerman, the third disciple of the Martial Saint of Jax, kneeling and surrendering would be known across the region.

To the soldiers of Jax who looked up to warriors who had power and were unyielding, this would be a massive blow to their heads.


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