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Hail the King Chapter 376.2

Chapter 376 – Beginning of the Dark Age (Part Two) Lawyer

Although the raid of the enemies was taken care of, Shevchenko and others still sweated a whole bunch and were scared when they thought back to what happened.

“If the Legion Commander wasn’t here with us today and didn’t discover the enemies, we would suffer some casualties. After all, that man named Kerman has impressive strength. Except for the Legion Commander, I can’t even handle him head-on,” Shevchenko thought to himself.

Of course, Cech, Drogba, and Pierce might be able to defend against Kerman after they summon their Star Saint Sets, but Shevchenko didn’t know about it.

“Your Majesty! You are here with us all along?” Fei’s appearance was shocking to the soldiers, and Drogba and Pierce all walked up and greeted him happily.

“Of course I need to come and see if you two are behaving. I need to make sure that you two are following orders and listening to Shevchenko.” Fei kicked them in the butt and said, “Not bad. You guys are doing good. Keep it up and don’t disappoint me!”

Fei was worried in the beginning.

He was worried that both of them would act haughty since they were leaders of Chambord and were close to him and won’t listen to Shevchenko who was the brigade commander; if that happened, it would have a bad influence on the legion as a whole.

Fei was glad that everything was alright.

These two strongmen who were straightforward were within reason, and they listened and followed Shevchenko’s orders wholeheartedly. This made Fei a little surprised.

“It seems like they knew the boundaries and didn’t shame Chambord,” he thought.

There was a reason why Fei was a little worried.

Not sure what the officials at the Military Quarter were thinking, but they didn’t leave time for [Wolf Teeth Legion] to go through regular practice and get to know each other. After all, 80% of the legion was made up of soldiers and warriors from various affiliated kingdoms. They were used to their way of doing things, and frictions could potentially rise.

Frictions did appear in [Wolf Teeth Legion], and they significantly decreased the efficiency and speed of the legion. Although old Aryang was experienced and was prepared for this, it was impossible to get rid of such frictions in a short time.

Majority of the legion was still not close to the border yet, and Fei had the help from the experienced strategist old Aryang as well as the master warriors such as Magic Princess Cindy, Silver Armored Vicious Sword, Lampard, and Elena. Since no significant issues could arise in this situation, Fei ordered the legion to travel slower and scheduled daily practices for them; he wanted the legion to be battle-ready when they get close to Dual-Flags City.

Fei was more worried about this herald brigade since they underwent no training.

Therefore, he hid his identity and traveled with them; only Shevchenko and Cech who were the two men in charge knew about this. Fei had identified all the issues with this brigade, and he was trying to find an excellent opportunity to address them. This raid from the Sand Tiger Cavaliers wasn’t even something on Fei’s radar, and Kerman got defeated this badly due to his own bad luck.

Since Fei revealed himself already, it was no longer a secret to the soldiers.

Fei wasn’t just the No.1 Master Warrior among affiliated kingdoms in their minds. After the news about how he captured the three Moon-Class Elites got around secretly in the military, he was seen as the God of Battle. After seeing the performance of Fei tonight, the soldiers worshipped him even more.

All the soldiers in the brigade cheered for Fei as they were hyped.

All the people who had the title of Team Commander and higher met up in the central tent to party, and they all flattered Fei one after another. After about one hour, they were all kicked out by Fei; however, they still wanted to praise him more.

There were a lot of officials who never met Fei in person before. They used to think that this Legion Commander was cold and haughty; after they spent this time together, they realized that he was very chill and friendly.

Of course, that was only one side of Fei.

If they got to spend more time with Fei in front of the enemies, they would realize that they were wrong!

This was an unforgettable night.

To the soldiers and officials in this herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion], being raided by the famous [Black Torrent] of Jax was only a small episode. Instead, seeing the power and presence of the Legion Commander excited them and increased their morale!

However, it was the complete opposite for the people of Jax who had been waiting to redeem themselves.

The shame they experienced tonight was only the beginning of the dark age.

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