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Hail the King Chapter 377.1

Chapter 377: [Rescue on Mount Arreat] (Part One) Degree


A noise sounded, and a wind appeared inside the central tent. A blue oval-shaped portal that was more than two-meter tall appeared.

A strong figure with a brown cape walked out of it quietly and walked up to Fei. She passed over a letter with a lot of words on it.

Fei skimmed it over and put it in his storage space. He then looked up at this strong female and smiled as he nodded and said, “Thank you, Leader Kashya.”

This strong woman was the military leader in [Rogue Encampment];

She was an experienced female mercenary. She always wore a simple leather armor that protected the vital spots on her body, and most of her strong arms and legs were exposed in the air. Her outfit also included a headband with spikes on it and an orange-brownish short cape.

She was an introvert, and it was hard to guess what she was thinking about since she rarely talked. However, she never feared blood and death, and she was a very stable and trustworthy person.

There was no doubt that this military leader of [Rogue Encampment] was powerful; Fei still couldn’t sense how powerful this woman was; it felt like she was stronger than most men. That was why Fei was comfortable leaving her in the [Letter Office] and letting her be in charge of old man Zolasc’s and young boy Modric’s safety.

Using the Miraculous Skill [Summon], Fei was able to leave a spatial mark on Zolasc and Modric; these two people were able to summon Kashya when they needed her help.

In the last month or so, Kashya was able to use her direct and deadly methods to clean out the thorns on the [Letter Office]’s path of growth. In the underworld of St. Petersburg, people named her [Death Brown Cape]; her deadly methods terrified them.

After knowing that Fei was going to bring the [Wolf Teeth Legion] to the Jax Battle Zone, the [Letter Office] already started to infiltrate the Jax Empire. One of the two leaders of the [Letter Office] – [Young Man] Modric stayed at St. Petersburg to look over the forces in Zenit, and the other leader [Old Man] Zolasc personally entered the territory of the Jax Empire to start developing the information network for Fei.

All of this information was passed back to Fei via Kashya.

Didn’t matter how far they were apart, the Miraculous Skill [Summon] was able to create a portal and send Kashya to Fei’s side. This speed of information delivery was far beyond the technology in Fei’s previous life such as email and text messages.

Through the letters from the [Letter Office], Fei was able to know that the soldiers of Jax had surrounded the Dual-Flags City. Just now, Fei got the newest information again.

After hearing what Fei said, Kashya replied concisely, “No problem.”

In the very beginning, Fei was speechless at Kashya because he couldn’t maintain a conversation with her. Now, he was used to it.

Fei lowered his head and followed up, “How is the plan that Uncle Zolasc came up with? I’m sure it is a lot harder to develop an organization in the Jax Empire compared to Zenit.”

After giving it some thought, Kashya replied earnestly, “It is pretty hard, but it should be ok.”

“Eh, good.” Fei nodded. He gave Kashya a letter that had a lot of fine prints on it and said, “Please ask Uncle Zolasc to complete the requests on this letter…… It would be best if he could complete them in one day. Also, please give this to him,” Fei gave a Divy Crystal to Kashya.

“Got it.”

After the quick reply, Kashya placed the items into her storage space and walked into the portal again.


She disappeared with the portal.

Fei exhaled heavily.

That Divy Crystal recorded everything that had happened, and the recording angle as very unique.

If some magic energy was injected into the crystal, people would see how the 404 Sand Tigers defecated uncontrollably, how the third disciple of the Martial Saint of Jax kneeled down to the Legion Commander of the [Wolf Teeth Legion], and how the other 403 Sand Tigers Cavaliers surrendered to the soldiers of Zenit.

Especially the scene where Kerman, the third disciple of the Martial Saint of Jax, kneeled down; it would destroy the morale of the soldiers and warriors of the Jax Empire! Since this incident took place before the war, the Royal Family and the Military Headquarter of Jax would be greatly ashamed; even the Martial Saint of Jax could be negatively affected as well.

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