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Hail the King Chapter 379.1

Chapter 379: Dangerous Dual-Flags City (Part One)

Fei rested on the wide back of Blacky, and he didn’t get involved with the control of the herald brigade.

After the sun climbed higher and higher in the sky, the coldness in the desert disappeared. This was the weather in the desert; the temperature difference between the day and the night was huge, and it was a big challenge for people who weren’t used to it. By just looking at the red sun, Fei could sense the cruelty of the upcoming battle.

It won’t be easy to break through the 60,000 soldiers of Jax and get into Dual-Flags City.

After the battle, the color of the ground would be even redder than the sun.

“Speed up and get to Dual-Flags City within 30 minutes! After that, prepare for battle and get ready to enter the city!” Shevchenko announced as he empowered his voice with his Warrior Energy, and the speed of the herald brigade instantly increased; the ground even started to shake as the mounts of the cavaliers sped up.

The atmosphere intensified.



Dual-Flags City.

This was a magnificent city. It looked like the 200-meter tall black defense walls almost connected with the sky, and this city occupied a considerable piece of land. Like a prehistoric beast that was resting on the continent, this city looking shocking from afar.

The Dual-Flags City was big enough to hold about 500,000 people. Except for the Mayor Palace, mansions of the nobles, and the enormous residential areas, there were a lot of farmlands and 112 water wells; they were the essential resources that allowed tens of thousands of people inside Dual-Flags City to survive.

With these statistics, Dual-Flags City was definitely the No.1 City in the northwest region of Zenit.

Except for its sheer size, there was a significant historical event that took place here.

This city was constructed 26 years ago.

When Emperor Yassin His Majesty and his men came through to battle the Jax Empire, they were attacked by the 400,000 soldiers of Jax; the Jax Empire almost sent all of its forces here to stop Emperor Yassin. That battle alone took more than 30 days, and it was said that the battle was cruel; blood created rivers and corpses created mountains.

It was heard that the troops of Zenit lacked drinkable water during that time, so Emperor Yassin used his mighty [Dragon Fist] to destroy the surface of the land. He punched through the ground and created holes that directly connected to the groundwater, and those holes became the 112 water wells in Dual-Flags City today.

After Emperor Yassin got the victory by conquering the Capital of Jax and was on his way back to St. Petersburg, he passed by this place again and ordered craftsmen to construct this huge city. After the construction, he ordered his men to hang the huge flag of Zenit which had a two-headed polar bear on it as well as the flag of the Jax Empire that he chopped off of the Royal Palace in the Capital of Jax. He wanted to use this to warn the people of Jax, and that was also how Dual-Flags City got its name.

Dual-Flags City was right on the edge of the border. Behind it, there was Zenit’s territory; in front of it, there was the desert of Jax.

For the last 26 years, the desert of Jax didn’t make any progress forward.

Some people said that the majesty of Emperor Yassin suppressed the desert and didn’t allow it to move forward, and some people said that even the sand grains in the desert were scared of Emperor Yassin…… There were all kinds of rumors, but they all stated how influential Emperor Yassin was. All of these rumors and stories became the materials of the traveling poets.

After 26 years of calmness and quietness, everything was turned around.

Shouts and roars resonated in the sky.

More than 60,000 soldiers of Jax had surrounded the Dual-Flags City for the night; they only surrounded the city and didn’t siege. But since dawn, something happened, and the soldiers of Jax started to charge at the city and tried to conquer it crazily. Like the sand grains in the desert, these soldiers of Jax who were in brown armors attacked the city in all directions.

The battlefield was like a huge mincer.

Blood, broken limbs, broke blades, and corpses were everywhere. The whines of the soldiers who were severely injured also sounded in the area.

For the last four hours since dawn, more than 6,000 soldiers of Jax had died under the defense walls; among them, there were quite a few Star-level Warriors. Just to break the enormous magic shield that protected the city, more than 200 Star-level Warriors died.

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    Did Fei’s plan backfired? Lul

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    The princess is stupid, how the hell she trusted someone her father humiliate few years ago?

    For noble, their flag is their pride.
    Or what? She think they will be meek if she promise them that she will give the flag back?
    That will be arrogance

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