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Hail the King Chapter 379.2

Chapter 379: Dangerous Dual-Flags City (Part Two)

The smell of blood and death was thick.

Finally, the ruthless and crazy investment on the side of Jax finally yielded a return.

The huge earth-elemental magic array – [Earth’s Protection] crumbled. After protecting the city for more than four hours, this magic array that was powered by the dozen magic towers inside the city started to shake as cracks appeared on it. Like an eggshell that was hit hard, it was going to break at any time.


A huge rock that was more than 1,000 pounds was thrown into the air by a catapult.

It slowly rotated in the air and smashed onto the yellow light sphere that covered the city. After it stopped the rock for a second, a clear crackling noise sounded. A massive area of the light sphere dimmed down and disappeared, and that rock smashed onto the defense wall like a meteor.

Cheers sounded from the side of the Jax Empire; they were as loud as thunder.

“It broke! Haha! Finally!”

“Hahaha, the protective magic shield of the city is down! We are going to win!”

“Prepare the siege ladders and more catapults! Get the ropes!”

“Charge into Dual-Flags City and get back our royal flag! We will wash this city of Zenit with their own blood!”

The soldiers of Jax were immediately hyped after the magic array that protected Dual-Flags City was gone. Now, they were able to attack and kill their enemies inside the city using various siege machines and magic items. Before this, they could only be hit as nothing could get through that magic shield.

All kinds of commands were being passed down from the officials and commanders.

Tink! Tink!

Seige ladders with back hooks on top of them were locked onto the battlements on the defense walls, and it was hard to get rid of them. Like bloodthirsty ants, the soldiers of Jax started to climb up on the ladders one after another. The more powerful Star-level Warriors got up the defense wall even faster using ropes that were attached to the siege ladders.

Soon, blood stained the defense walls of Dual-Flags City.

The cruelest part of the battle began after the soldiers of Zenit and Jax met and started the close-range combat.

Screams and whines sounded everywhere, and blood spilled down the defense walls like raindrops.

The soldiers of Zenit in black and the soldiers of Jax in brown fought each other ferociously, and soldiers on both sides fell off the defense walls frequently and got smashed into meat paste.

As time passed by, the scale of victory slowly tilted towards the Jax Empire.

The difference between the two sides was huge.

Dual-Flags City only had less than 30,000 soldiers. Even with the personal guards and soldiers of the mayor and the nobles, that number was only about 40,000. Compared to more than 60,000 well-trained soldiers of Jax, Dual-Flags City was in a numbers disadvantage, and the soldiers it had were less battle-ready. All of these problems revealed themselves after the battle prolonged.

Under one of the watchtowers on the defense wall, there stood a general who was wearing black armor and white cape. He was in his 20s, and he wasn’t tall and muscular; in fact, he looked a little thin. With a vicious scar on his forehead, he looked murderous yet special.

His sharp stares landed on the soldiers of Jax who were rushing at the city like a continuous flood, and a helpless expression appeared on his face. Soon, that expression disappeared and he looked murderous again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, the entire city started to shake as it was attacked from the front and back.

The soldiers of Jax on the ground all held up shields to protect themselves from the arrows coming from above, and they pushed a huge [Siege Dragon Bird] and struck at one gate of the city.

This [Siege Dragon Bird] was a dragon-shaped sieging machine that was very popular in this region of Azeroth. It was made from black iron, and one end of it was shaped like the beak of birds. This “beak” was lightly opened with fuel and explosives in it, and it could deal the maximum damage to the gate.

Even if this gate was very secure, it would be broken after getting hit by this machine 100 times.

At this moment, there were already a lot of soldiers of Jax on the defense walls, and they had already controlled a big portion of them. These soldiers started to charge at the two main watchtowers on the defense walls as the mechanisms for opening the gates were in there. As long as they gained control of those mechanisms, all the soldiers of Jax in the area would be able to charge into the city and take complete control.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The noises made by the [Siege Dragon Bird] resonated on the battleground, and they shocked the hearts of the soldiers of Zenit. It felt like the hand of the Grim Reaper was tightening on their throats.

At this time, a soldier who was covered in blood staggered as he rushed over. He kneeled down and cried, “General Frank! Mayor Soroyov already drew back his personal guards and soldiers, and the other nobles are doing the same! They all said that the city is going to be conquered, and they are getting ready to escape!”

“What? That fat coward!”

“How can he do this?”

“They are deserters! Shameful! We need to inform the Military Judge and send soldiers to capture them! Even if they are nobles, they couldn’t do something like this during this time!”

“These selfish bastards! They only care about themselves! What about the hundreds of thousands of citizens? The soldiers of Jax will kill them all!”

After hearing the news, the hot-tempered soldiers and officials around this general, who had a scar on his forehead, shouted; they wanted to go and stop these nobles.

“Stop!” the general stopped these men. After he sighed, he said, “Let them go.”

“General Frank! Then…… we are going to let these bugs go?” all the soldiers in the area were mad and confused. It was evident that this general was reputable and earned everyone’s respect; no one doubted his decision.

“The enemies are very vicious; if we have an internal battle, the soldiers of Jax will easily conquer the city……” after he said that, he looked around and smiled, “There is still hope. To my knowledge, our reinforcement [Wolf Teeth Legion] is already on their way. If we can hold on longer, they might arrive on time.”

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  5. The Connoisseur

    Ugh. Not to complain too much, but this author clearly doesn’t know much about siege mechanics. You’re telling me that 60,000 troops could so easily (in one day) take a castle which is:
    1. defend by 30,000+ troops
    2. Is big enough to house half a million civilians
    No defensive castle wall in history (not including those built on hills or cliffs) has ever exceeded 40 meters.
    Conventionally, aside from sabotage, you need at least least 4 times (if not 10 times) more attackers than defenders to take a well stocked fort, with no guarantee of winning without a months-long, expensive siege.

    Aside from that, how would you even make (or lift) a siege ladder that can reach 600 feet?! I could understand something like using ballistas to launch massive grappling hooks that the soldiers can climb, but, either way, can you even imagine climbing a structure as tall as 56-story building (the Seattle Space Needle, for reference) WHILE as many defending soldiers as can fit on the wall are constantly dropping arrows, rocks, oil, and who know what else straight down onto your head (again, from a terminal-velocity height!?!

    If all that were possible, then why even use walls at all?

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