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Hail the King Chapter 380.1

Chapter 380: Who Dares to Fight Me? (Part One)

“What? The [Wolf Teeth Legion] that only has the king of a level 6 affiliated king as its commander? They are almost useless…… How can we bet on them to defeat these soldiers of Jax?” a commander who was tall and had a beard shook his head and said, “It doesn’t even matter if they come or not. I hope they get here later, so they don’t have to die.”

It seemed like the other commanders and officials agreed with this man’s opinion; they had no hope on [Wolf Teeth Legion] as well.

“Doesn’t matter. We are all soldiers of Zenit, and we should fight and bleed for the empire, and the citizens in this city,” the general with the scar on his forehead didn’t disapprove this opinion. Rather, he looked at the enemies that were charging at the city and said, “Since the war is here, none of us can place ourselves out of it. The empire is going to be reborn under the battles and blood. If our honors have to be created through blood and sacrifice, then……” he turned around and looked at these subordinates of his who had followed him for many years and were like his families. “Let it start from us!” he said firmly.

At this moment, an unparalleled aura appeared around this general who wasn’t that tall and big.

In the eyes of his subordinates, he was a real hero and a real leader.

All these soldiers looked at their general who they followed for many years and felt like they were empowered and motivated as ever. The bearded commander saluted at the general and said, “Mr. Frank! Take care!”

After he said that, he shouted as he drew out his sword and jumped off of the defense wall.

“For the honor of the soldiers! For the honor of Zenit!”

In mid-air, this bearded commander unleashed all of his Warrior Energy; he was a Three-Star Warrior! His sword that was in his hand created a series of sparks as it dragged on the defense wall, and that slowed down this man’s acceleration.

When he landed into the soldiers who were pushing the [Siege Dragon Bird], a bunch of fire-elemental Warrior Energies dashed out of his sword and knocked away a lot of the enemies.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

This bearded commander struck at the [Siege Dragon Bird] repeatedly and finally broke it and flipped it over before the soldiers of Jax rushed back and drowned him in weapons. This huge metal machine that was great at destroying city gates become an obstacle for the soldiers of Jax.


All the soldiers of Zenit who were on the defense wall fell to a moment of silence after they saw this bearded commander died in a pool of his blood.

This bearded commander named Ivan was a short-tempered man, but he was straightforward and manly; he was one of the commanders who was liked by most of the soldiers. Although he caused quite a lot of trouble before, he was brave enough to lead the charge today. Just the fact that he jumped off of the defense wall and destroyed the siege machine touched the soldiers of Zenit and drew out the patriotic emotions inside of them.

“For the honor of the soldiers! For the honor of Zenit!”

Every single soldier of Zenit on the defense wall screamed and charged at the enemies like madmen; even though some of them were severely injured, they used their last bit of effort and jumped off of the defense walls as they dragged one to two enemies with them.

“General, take care!”

More than a dozen commanders saluted the general who had a scar on his forehead. After that, they drew out their swords and charged into the enemies.

No one knew if they could see each other again after this.

“If this is a part of the gods’ plan, dying together with these comrades who are like my brothers is fortunate,” the general with the scar on his forehead thought to himself.

He took a deep breath and drew out his sword. Standing on a battlement, he roared, “I’m Frank Ribry, the commander of the military forces at Dual-Flags City! Where is the commander of the troops of Jax? Do you dare to battle me?”

Under the empowerment of his Warrior Energy, this shout was as loud as thunder, and it was heard through all the noises of the battle.

“Do you dare to battle me…… battle me…… battle me……”

This phrase resonated in the sky.

“What a joke! I’m the commander of 100,000 soldiers, and my status is very prestigious. You are only the commander of forces in a small city, how are you qualified to battle me? This small city will be conquered in 30 minutes, and my men will paint this city red with your blood!”

A dominating and cold voice sounded from the side of Jax.

This voice was even louder. The sound wave created by this man expanded outward rapidly with power, and some soldiers from both sides felt a little dizzy; it was obvious that this man who just spoke was a mighty warrior as well.

“Found you.” Ribry didn’t get angry even though he got laughed at.

He carefully listened to the direction of that voice, and his eyes lit up after he doubled confirmed it. As green Warrior Energy Flames enveloped his body, he stomped on the defense wall and dashed towards that direction.

“Stop him!”

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