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Hail the King Chapter 381.1

Chapter 381: I’m Comfortable with Your Skill (Part One)

Under the sun, behind the hill, there was a mighty figure who was riding on a massive beast; no one knew when he appeared.

Since the bright sun was behind this man, tens of thousands of soldiers of Jax couldn’t see his face clearly. What all the soldiers of Jax could see was that the sunlight surrounded this man, and the combination of this man and his huge black beast gave them a ton of pressure.

This man was just sitting on the black beast in silence, but the soldiers of Jax felt like they were facing one full legion.

They all saw the bow in his hand, and they knew that powerful arrow came from him.

A few commanders on the side of Jax zapped their mouths; they couldn’t believe that someone could shoot an arrow that accurately more than 1000 meters away. “Who is he?” they thought.

“That……” Frank Ribry who was severely injured opened his eyes.

This general with the scar on his forehead was in a state of desperation, but he saw some hope now. But when he only saw one person on the hill, that hope was about to disappear like a straw in a tornado.

However, what happened next made his heart race.






Cavaliers appeared on the hill that was 1000 meters away one after another. These cavaliers were all showering in the golden sunlight, and they looked like warriors from heaven.

When Ribry saw the flag with a two-headed polar bar on it in the next second, tear rushed into his eyes.

“Finally! The reinforcement is here!”

“Woooooooo! Wooooooooooo! Woooooooooooo!”

Three deep and loud bugle noises sounded.

Ribry knew that it was the special command created by Emperor Yassin. After three bugle noises, all of the cavaliers should prepare to charge; anyone who failed to do that would be punished and executed!

Cavaliers of Zenit!

“Wolf Teeth!” the person who appeared on the hill first shouted, and his voice resonated in the sky.

“Wolf Teeth!!!” all of the cavaliers of Zenit repeated after him. This loud noise instantly excited all of the soldiers of Zenit.

“Charge!” that person who was on the enormous black beast shouted and led the charge.

“Wolf Teeth! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge!” all of the cavaliers of Zenit shouted as a murderous aura surrounded them. They raised their spears and started to charge right after.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground shook violently as more than 6,000 mounts charged forward.

“Reinforcement from Zenit?” that haughty head commander of Jax woke up from the shock.

Since the reinforcement from Zenit was able to get here this quietly, it meant that all of his scouts in the area were taken out. There was no time for him to figure out whose fault it was; it was more important to stop these cavaliers of Zenit first. As long as the reinforcement from Zenit didn’t interrupt the siege, everything would be still under his control.

“Your Highness, let me kill that skilled archer for you,” a short yet bulky commander of Jax walked out and said. His hair was curly, his beard was long, and his hands got a lot of calluses on them; he looked like a typical warrior of the desert.

“Ok, General Zack! I’m comfortable with your skill! Go and capture that archer for me,” the haughty figure nodded in satisfaction.

This short and bulky commander was one of the few top-tier warriors under his command, and he was named [Bloody Zack].

“With his strength of peak Four-Star, he should be able to capture that archer. After all, he is brave, fearless, and has a ton of physical strength!” the haughty figure thought.

Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    I imagined this scene with the Rohirim’s Charge. Lol instead of “Death” they shouted “Wolf Teeth” cool

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