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Hail the King Chapter 382.1

Chapter 382: Save (Part One)

The man who was leading the charge on the black beast was unstoppable. With two axes in his hands, nothing could slow him down. The soldiers of Jax were all killed under his axes, and no one was able to get within four meters from him.

It was impossible for the soldiers of Jax to stop the charge.

As chaos arrived, a shout resonated on the battlefield.

“The herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion] is here under the command of Emperor Yassin His Majesty! Soldiers of Dual-Flags City, prepare to open the gate and let the reinforcement into the city.

“Your Highness, we should give up on the siege and concentrate the forces to surround these 6000 cavaliers of Zenit,” a strategist beside the haughty figure suggested after he saw the cavaliers of Zenit crushing the soldiers of Jax who weren’t mentally prepared for this.

Ribry who was barely standing up wasn’t too far away from the hill, and he panicked after he heard that!

“Even though the reinforcement is far stronger than I thought, there are only about 6,000 of them. If the enemies are really going to surround them with the 60,000 soldiers and slowly tire them out, they would be in danger! Even that magnificent archer would die as well!” he thought.


After a moment of silence, that haughty figure shook his head and said, “No need. Call the treat and stop the siege; let the reinforcement of Zenit get into the city. The soldiers of Zenit are highly motivated at this moment, and we shouldn’t waste the lives of our Jax warriors. Haha! This city is dead! It is not safer in there. Although these cavaliers are good, they would lose their mobility and speed; they would never be able to get out of this city ever again!”

Soon, bugle noises sounded.

The soldiers of Jax quickly retreated in an orderly fashion.

The soldiers of Jax who already got onto the defense walls of Dual-Flags City used siege ladders and ropes to get down, and more than 100 mages of Jax who already levitated off of the ground in the command center came back down as well; they all stopped casting powerful and destructive spells.

In just a few moments, more than 40,000 soldiers of Jax who were sieging the city all backed away 1,000 meters from the defense walls.

Dual-Flags City that was about to fall was temporarily safe again.

Since the soldiers of Jax tried to avoid the reinforcement of Zenit, the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit quickly broke through the 60,000 soldiers of Jax as they were led by that super powerful archer. They easily penetrated through layers of formations of Jax that stretched over 3,000 meters and got to the gate of Dual-Flags City with a trail of blood behind them.

It took less than 10 minutes for the cavaliers of Zenit to get through the enemies, and they killed more than 1,000 enemies along the way with only a dozen casualties.

“Wolf Teeth! Defend!”

As a series of loud bugles sounded, the cavaliers turned around in unison and placed down a defensive formation. As they looked at the soldiers of Jax that were retreating, the gate behind them slowly opened.

After seeing this, the haughty figure on the hill sighed and said, “That archer of Zenit sure is powerful. It would be great if I can recruit him and make him one of my generals!”

All the commanders of Jax beside him didn’t say anything; they knew that their prince who loved talented and geniuses was at it again.

“Hahaha! You are dreaming!”

Frank Ribry finally let go of the breath he was holding in after he saw the cavaliers of Zenit getting through the formations of Jax easily. When he heard the head commander of Jax say that, he laughed loudly; it was filled with mockery. Just being able to see this haughty figure getting owned made Ribry’s day; he felt like he could die happy now.

That haughty figure turned his head and stared at Ribry coldly.

If he wanted to, he could turn Ribry into blood mists with a single finger.

However, he ended up laughing calmly.

“What is so funny? You are only a loser, and your life is in my hand. I have many ways to make you regret being born…… Hahaha, look! Your comrades even gave up on you. They entered the city and can live for a few more days; you, on the other hand, will die if I want you to!”

“Dying on the battlefield is the honor of a soldier! Why would I be afraid?” Ribry said fearlessly.

“Haha! Great! You are truly a warrior. But if I hang you on a cross in front of the city under the brutal sun, would your comrades come to save you?” a terrifying light flashed in this haughty figure’s eyes as he said that.

Ribry’s face changed color.

He knew that his enemies were going to use him as a bait to bait out his brother-like comrades.

“Your Highness, look!” at this moment, a commander of Jax suddenly shouted as he pointed at the direction of Dual-Flags City.

Ribry looked that way subconsciously, and he was shocked to see a man charging at this hill on his mount; this man was that invincible archer.

As if it was an answer to the question that the haughty figure asked, this man charged at the 60,000 soldiers of Jax on his own.

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