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Hail the King Chapter 383.1

Chapter 383: Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! (Part One)

The face of that haughty figure dropped.

He wanted to let the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit enter the city; his men won’t need to fight with these cavaliers who had high morale at the moment, and these cavaliers would lose their mobility which was their advantage. Once these cavaliers lost their mobility, they would be like tigers who had fallen into a swamp; this haughty figure was confident that he could slowly kill these cavaliers with time while suffering minimal casualties.

But if he couldn’t stop this archer of Zenit right now, the morale of the troops of Jax would drop drastically.

“Let the mages do their work,” after a moment of silence, that haughty figure made a decision and commanded.

A dozen powerful mages started to chant spells under the protection of their guards, and they began to prepare one powerful magic attack. These mages in the military were very different from the mages in academies; they had more discipline, and they coordinated with each other better. With lots of experience, they were good at capturing opportunities and dealing the maximum amount of damage to their enemies.

“[Anger of the Goddess of Earth]!!”

Just as that man and his mount got through the herald legion, these mages found the opportunity and cast the spell without hesitation before he entered the second layer of defense legion. There weren’t any soldiers of Jax there, so these mages didn’t need to worry about injuring soldiers on their side.

Magic elements started to surge.

In the next moment, the ground that was really solid started to move. Some places moved up and down like waves, and some areas turned into swamps. At the same time, several huge spikes dashed out of the ground like drill heads and targeted the belly of the black beast.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

The angry roars of the black beast surprised everyone.

“It sounds like a dog! But how can a dog be this big?”

What happened next made these people rub their eyes to make sure that they weren’t hallucinating.

This huge beast had the superior agility that didn’t match its huge size. Like a dash of black smoke, it was able to jump away from the spikes, swamps, and waves. It even jumped over a few walls that the soldiers of Jax constructed for defense; these walls were all more than 10 meters tall.

[Anger of the Goddess of Earth] was a famous Ultimate Magic Spell that was used in battle. It required multiple mages, and it was able to create more than 20 kinds of disasters such quicksand, swamp, spikes, and traps in an area of one square kilometer; this spell was the nightmare to all cavaliers.

Of course, this spell had top-tier requirements. Other than the powerful mages, it needed magic devices to be pre-setup in the area, and the spell could only affect the area within the range of these devices.

This was why these mages of Jax didn’t use this spell when the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit charged through the defense of Jax; the path of those cavaliers wasn’t within this area.

However, stopping this archer and his mount was a critical mission, so that haughty figure had to resort to this magic spell.

To everyone’s surprise, this magic spell was easily defeated by that archer…… no, it was his mount that easily defeated this spell using its agility and speed; it felt like this beast had a pair of wings on its back.

The dozen mages who were exhausted from casting this spell almost fainted after seeing this; this was a huge shocker to them.

This was beyond their imagination.

“A mid-size Ultimate Magic Spell couldn’t kill a dog?” they thought.

“Tell the herald legion to surround him from the behind, and tell the second defense legion to use the spear formation to kill him!” the haughty figure was getting gloomier and gloomier.

Bugle noises sounded again.

That archer and his mount faced the elite spearmen of Jax.

Each of the enormous iron spears that were more than three meters long was lifted by four soldiers each, and their sharp tips were all pointed at a 45-degree angle. Looking from afar, they looked like a forest of metal that represented death.

Spear Formation was one of the best tools against cavaliers.

Even a cavalier who had the strength of Five-Star could be potentially killed inside of it.

However, it didn’t seem like this archer and his mount would be killed by it. When he was 20 meters away, this archer started to punch out repeatedly, and transparent fist marks that were one cubic meter in size flew into the Spear Formation like meteors.

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