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Hail the King Chapter 384.1

Chapter 384: Can You Still Battle? (Part One)

After the laughter, that archer jumped up into the air from his black beast, and he instantly dashed over thousands of soldiers of Jax and moved forward for 400 meters.

In just a few seconds, he already appeared at the foot of the hill. He started laughing again as he began to walk up the hill. All of his enemies in front of him got exploded by him.

“Protect His Highness!”

“Stop him!”

“Quick! Don’t let him come up here!”

As soon as this archer of Zenit got close to the command center, the soldiers and a lot of commanders got nervous. Even though they knew that their prince was famous in Jax for his strength, this enemy in front of them seemed too powerful and scared them; they were afraid that the head commander would be in real danger.

However, this reaction was a massive shame in the eyes of that haughty figure.

“What are you guys getting nervous for? Move! I will kill him myself!” he pushed the guards in front of him away and unleashed his fire-elemental Warrior Energy Flames. Standing on the high ground, he looked down at his enemy and shouted dominantly, “The warrior of Zenit, tell me your name! I, the prince, will kill you on my own!”

“Hahaha! You must be joking! If you can take one punch from me, I will let you know my name.”

Every time that archer took a step forward, this hill would shake a little. This combined with the fact that he would kill at least ten soldiers of Jax every time he stepped forward really added to his dominating aura.

“Arrogant b-----d!”

The head commander of Jax instantly got angry. As the prince of the empire, no one had ever acted this recklessly in front of him before. He stomped on the ground and jumped into the air. By using the height of the hill, he punched down at this archer with power.

This punch was much more powerful than the blow that took out Ribry.

This was a punch that pulled in the beliefs and spirits of the 60,000 soldiers.

It felt like the weather even changed because of this punch.

Ribry’s heart stopped pumping for a second due to the insane anxiousness. Only the people who had experienced this punch first hand would know how powerful it was. That dominating power in this punch was stronger than a tsunami. Even though he was the No.1 Warrior in Dual-Flags City, he had no chance against this man.

For a moment, it seemed like there was only this punch in the world.

The entire battlefield turned silent. It didn’t matter if they were the soldiers of Zenit who were on the defense wall or the soldiers of Jax who were close by, they all held their breath and waited for the outcome of this battle.

That archer of Zenit rooted himself on the ground.

He pulled his right hand back to his waist as he clenched his fist, and he lightly raised his left arm; it was a simple position that anyone would take before punching out.


He punched out, and the two fists met in the air.

A series of red and transparent energy waves expanded outward from the center of the collision.

After a short moment of silence, loud booming noises almost broke the sky. The hill started to shake violently as if it was doomsday, and a huge crack appeared on the ground between the head commander of Jax and this archer of Zenit.

This only took one second.

The outcome was determined after that.


The head commander of Jax spat out a mouthful of blood as his body flew backward.

His tall and muscular body was knocked back faster than the speed he came. He fell back to a bunch of his guards who were all shocked, and all the commanders and soldiers immediately protected him.

On the other hand, the body of that archer only shook a little; he wasn’t injured at all.

He stood beside Ribry, and there were tens of thousands of fully-armored enemies beside him. Looking from afar, it looked like he was a small boat in a large vicious ocean. But when he glanced around, all those soldiers and commanders close to him backed off a little in a hurry as if this man was a deadly beast.

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