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Hail the King Chapter 384.2

Chapter 384: Can You Still Battle? (Part Two)

At the moment, no one dared to look at that man in the eyes.

It was dominating.

He was invincible.

A smile appeared on the archer’s face, and the aura around him suddenly changed; it turned from ferociousness and violence to holiness and calmness. A golden battle ring appeared under his feet, and he pressed his palm against Ribry as a golden light appeared.

Ribry instantly felt like a stream of warm energy flowed into his body, and all the injuries he had were being healed at a fast speed.

No one dared to interrupt this man from healing Ribry, and no one dared to make a sound.

Ribry felt like his blood was boiling at this moment as if something exploded inside of him.

He was so excited that tear filled his eyes, but he didn’t want to cry in front of the enemies of Jax. He wanted to shout, “This is the warrior of our Zenit! He is able to fight against tens of thousands of soldiers and be absolutely invincible.”

As Ribry was thinking about that, his shoulder was patted as someone said to him, “Warrior, how are you feeling? Can you still fight?”

Ribry turned around and finally saw the face of the man who dominated over 60,000 soldiers of Jax and their head commander who was an Eight-Star Warrior. He was shocked to find that this man was extremely young; it looked like this man was only 20 years old. Also, this man looked quite handsome and friendly; he looked like the boy from next door. No one could tell that this man had that domination in him.

After quite a while, Ribry realized what was going on. The head commander of the forces in Dual-Flags City acted like a soldier who just joined the military; he straightened his back subconsciously and saluted as he answered loudly, “Yes, sir! I can still fight!”

“Hahaha! Great! You are the role model for all soldiers of Zenit! The empire will be proud of you!”

The archer of Zenit laughed heroically. Like a God of Battle, no enemy dared to attack him. After he finished laughing, he suddenly turned his head around and looked at the prince of Jax who was knocked away by him; he glanced around using his sharp eyes, and he suddenly saw something. He grabbed in the air, and he was able to seize the eagle-shaped bow that the prince of Jax used to sneak-attack him from one of the prince’s guards.

“Nice bow! Haha! Not bad!”

After the archer somehow pulled that bow into his hand from afar, he observed it for a while and praised it repeatedly. Suddenly, a light flashed by, and that bow disappeared; it was apparent that it was placed in the storage space of this archer. Then, this archer shouted, “Hey, this bow is not bad! It barely fits my standards, but I will take it! If you get stronger later on, you can come and take it back! Haha!”

After he said that, he grabbed onto Ribry’s shoulder and laughed, “Hahaha! Since you can still battle, then let’s create a path out with me!” he completely ignored that prince of Jax who was looking at him with hate and resentment.

Before Ribry could react in time, he felt getting pulled. Everything in his sight changed fast as he felt like he was flying. He already got away from the hill in a few seconds, and that black beast knocked over a few more soldiers of Jax and roared as it jumped in front of the archer and him.

“Fu*k off!” more than 40 soldiers of Jax around them felt dizzy after hearing that loud shout; blood even flowed out of their ears and noses.

That archer grabbed Ribry and jumped onto the black beast together, and no one around them dared to stop them. Before they took off, that archer looked back at the command center of Jax that was in chaos and laughed even more.

On the way back, all of the soldiers of Jax quickly moved away and created a path for them; it was strange because it felt like the 60,000 soldiers were cheering on their warriors.

“Ahahaha! Leave the bow [Eagle of the Desert] here! That is the treasure of the Royal Family!…… Sh*t! Who are you?…… Who the fu*k are you?”

The prince of Jax finally got rid of that powerful energy this archer injected into his body, and he started shouting after he pushed away the guards in front of him; it felt like he had lost his mind.

What happened brought too much shame to him. As the super genius of the Jax Empire, he almost couldn’t find a suitable opponent in his age range. He was the pride of the people of Jax, and he was one of the most talented princes. But here today, he was defeated by a nameless commander of Zenit; he couldn’t bear this shame.

In reality, this was a rare opportunity for him to be able to lead the herald legions of Jax and siege Dual-Flags City. Everyone in Jax knew that being able to bring back the royal flag that Emperor Yassin of Zenit took from Amsterdam 26 years ago was a key achievement, and it would be a significant amount of military merit as well; the head commander would be the hero of the people.

A lot of princes were looking to seize this opportunity in Jax.

This Prince Fairenton was able to get the help from his master, and he was able to win over Emperor Fuji and get this opportunity.

Before he arrived here with his troops, he had done his homework and knew that there weren’t many soldiers and top-tier warriors in Dual-Flags City.

He thought that he would be able to easily conquer the city with the 60,000 soldiers under his command. He was very close to achieving that, but he encountered an even more arrogant opponent who led the reinforcement of Zenit, and he wasn’t even able to take one strike from him.

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  1. Leon

    If this arrogant man just concentrate on his job to capture the city n retake flag, he can finish it before fei came… Idiot slowly march and send troops to waste time massacre ppl/villager nearby
    Sure wan elena use the bow and shoot at Jax xD

    • ArkReckon

      Well its not like he knew, that war god fei was on his way he is probably even unaware his moon elite is dead, so obviosly he lacks caution he is here to tarnish zenit land, make its people miserable and s--t, what fei and his people are doing just from the other side. so you cant rly blame him judging him from high stance of outsider oh hes so stupid he opposes mc , you know it and i know it but he is unaware comprende? tho fei is being as much of massive dick as possible filming kneeling shaming prince, taking loot xD

  2. OG

    Thank you see you next week!

  3. Alex

    the character’s name is Ribéry , not Ribry

  4. Saint seiya became a joke

    I have a question. Since fei is from EARTH whose soul transcended to another universe and we have often read how he remember old poets and stories of earth. Also the naming of his warrior legion and everything. does it not bother him how the cities like jax empires capital ‘Amsterdam’ and characters like dider drogba sounds awfully similar to earths cities and footballers/celebrities? What I am trying to say is how much effort it would have been taken in the naming of the characters and everything that the author didn’t even bothered even after constant complains from the readers?

  5. Leafron

    Not sure why Fei didn’t just kill him. He likes “keeping his enemies alive”. I hope this comes back and bite him back (spoiler: i saw a tag “loss of loved ones” on novel update, so I’m pretty sure someone WOULD compensate for his arrogance; that is unless that loved one was that martial saint which is unlikely considering the time spent together)

  6. He is probably from a different earth to ours, one that is very similar but names are different

  7. Sigon

    kill the enemy warlord? no, I have not heard of this

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