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Hail the King Chapter 385.1

Chapter 385: King of Chambord (Part One) Insurance

How can he accept that? Insurance

He had to know the name of his opponent!  He had to remember this name and defeat this man in the future in order to redeem himself!

“Tell me, you have to tell me your name!” Insurance

The young head commander of Jax dropped his pride and ego and shouted angrily; his loud voice resonated on the battlefield, and the soundwave even hit the defense wall of Dual-Flags City and created a series of loud echoes.

That archer on the black beast finally stopped.

He slowly turned around and looked at that head commander on the hill. With a teasing expression on his face, he cleared his throat and said slowly, “Ok, since you asked me this sincerely, I will be kind and tell you. Listen……”

Although this man’s voice wasn’t loud, everyone on the battlefield was able to hear him clearly. Insurance

Everyone was curious to know; they all wanted to know who this powerful and invincible young archer of Zenit was! Insurance

“I am a level 2 noble of Zenit, the king of Chambord, King Alexander!”

Fei was delighted with this scene. All that he did before was to build up this moment; there was no doubt in the king’s mind that the name of Alexander was going to be remembered by everyone here. Insurance

Such a showy moment! Insurance

By stating his name in a moment like this, he was sure that his enemies could never forget about it ever again. Insurance

After Fei said his name, he carefully observed and enjoyed the expressions on his enemies’ faces. After his vanity was a little fulfilled, he rode Blacky back to Dual-Flags City Insurance

No one dared to chase after him.


“King Alexander of Chambord?” Insurance

Prince Fairenton was initially confused, but that confusion soon turned into surprise Insurance

He recalled this named Insurance

“The king of a little affiliated kingdom?” he was sure that he saw this name before on a report that the intelligence agency of Jax gave him. On the report, it stated that this man was the No.1 Master Warrior among all affiliated kingdom of Zenit, but it also said that this man was only on the level of Six-Star but exhibited huge potential. Insurance

“How can a little king who is on the level of Six-Star defeat me, an Eight-Star Warrior?” Prince Fairenton was confused. Insurance

“Something is wrong……. At least the comments in the report are outdated…… Also…… Did I miss something?” Fairenton suddenly recalled that a bunch of defeated soldiers came back from the desert near dawn and said that they have urgent matters to report. He rejected their request as he felt like they lost their pride…… “Was I wrong to reject them?” he thought.

“Bring those defeated soldiers who are being punished right now to me!” Prince Fairenton said to a guard beside him as he suppressed the injuries in his body.

“As you wish, Your Highness.” Insurance

…… Insurance

“Huh? What is going on?” Insurance

Fei came back to the gate of Dual-Flags City with Ribry, and he found that the 6,000 cavaliers of Zenit that should have entered the city were still at the gate. Although he only took about 10 minutes to rescue Ribry, there should be enough time for the herald brigade to enter the city. Insurance

“The command in the military is paramount! Why aren’t you entering the city? Huh? Why is the gate closed?” Fei got close to the gate and asked angrily.

The opportunities during battles and wars would only show themselves for a few seconds, and any delay would lead to catastrophic consequences. Since the cavaliers were already at the gate and lost their momentum mobility, they would be wiped out if the enemies attacked them at this period. If the enemies weren’t shocked and distracted by Fei and their head commander wasn’t injured by Fei, the soldiers of Jax would have already charged at the herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion]!

“Sir! The gate was being opened, but someone who is the messenger of the mayor Soroyov came and ordered the soldiers on the defense wall to close it! He refused to open the gate doesn’t matter what I say.” Insurance

Shevchenko was relieved when he saw Fei coming back. Insurance

“Closed the gate?” Fei was extremely angry, “Why? Insurance

“He said that it was necessary to keep the invaders of Jax out…… he said that soldiers of Jax would charge into the city with the reinforcement……” Shevchenko explained with a helpless expression on his face.

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