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Hail the King Chapter 386.1

Chapter 386: Murder (Part One)

As soon as this pale and thin messenger finished shouting, two of the mayor’s guards sneered and drew their swords as they walked towards those soldiers. They didn’t dare to attack Fei, but they could do anything they want to those low-level soldiers. When they walked pass Fei, one of them even smiled and squinted his eyes at Fei to provoke him.

Pia! Pia!

Fei who was standing there in silence suddenly slapped out.

The two guards who were sneering a second before didn’t react in time, and they were knocked away like two punchbags.

Fei didn’t hold back any of his strength; he was outraged. A few deep palm marks appeared on the silver helmets of the two guards, and the two helmets were completely deformed. The two heads inside the two deformed helmets were crushed, and blood and brain matters flowed out everywhere.

Bam! Bam! Their corpses smashed onto the battlement and were turned into meat paste.

This violent yet sudden scene shocked everyone on the defense wall.

For a moment, everyone was silent; there were only the sounds of people swallowing their drools.


The noises the gate made when it opened was very ear-piercing at this moment; as if their hearts were being hammered, everyone shivered subconsciously.

“No! You can’t! You…… damn it! Stop it!” that messenger was angry and scared. He finally realized what was going on and pointed at Fei as he shouted, “Who are you? You are only the king of a little affiliated kingdom! You……”


Before this messenger could realize what was going on and scream, his head exploded like a watermelon that got dropped, and his headless corpse staggered a little and fell to the ground; blood flowed out of his neck like a river.

“Aaaaaa! Murder! You killed the mayor’s messenger! You……”

The guards of the mayor who weren’t killed were terrified. They wanted to threaten Fei, but they decided to shut up and run after seeing the deformed corpses and the careless expression on Fei’s face. As if they saw an Undead Creature, they didn’t even dare to look back. Soon, they ran off the tall defense wall and disappeared.

Fei only sneered at them and didn’t stop them. After they were gone, he looked at the direction they were running at and thought about something for a while.

The gate of the city was fully opened.

The well-prepared 6,000 cavaliers entered the city in an orderly fashion. The cavaliers were able to control their horses well, and they entered the city in less than five minutes. After a series of cranking noises, the gate closed again,

As soon as the cavaliers entered the city, they were welcomed by the residents of Dual-Flags City on both sides of the street.

The residents didn’t participate in the defense, so they didn’t know how dangerous the situation was. But any kinds of reinforcement were good in their eyes. Although there weren’t a lot of soldiers in this reinforcement, the residents heard that they did help the defending forces of Dual-Flags City to fend off the invaders for now; this alone was enough for the residents to cheer them on.

With the help of [Earth’s Protection], not a lot of structures and buildings inside Dual-Flags City were damaged by the rocks, arrows, and magic spells of Jax. There were a lot of three-story stone buildings on the sides of the street; shy kids peeked out of the window to see who were the heroes that came to save them, and more courageous girls got to the side of the street and cheered for the cavaliers.

Red capes, black horses, sharp swords with the enemies’ blood on them, and handsome faces under the beautiful helmets…….

The appearance of the cavaliers attracted a lot of attention, and some mature girls couldn’t wait to capture their Prince Charming.

The cavaliers in the herald brigade enjoyed this warm welcome.

The 6,000 cavaliers were led by the subordinate of Frank Ribry and got taken to the Military Camp Square that wasn’t too far away from the gate. The warhorses got the chance to rest and get fed, and the cavaliers got the chance to set up tents and cook lunch; after the long-distance travel and the ferocious battle, the cavaliers and their horses were tired.

The commanders of the herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion] met up with the commanders of military forces in Dual-Flags City for the first time.

The invaders didn’t back away, and another siege could potentially happen at any time. The commanders of the two different groups had to have a meeting and get familiar with each other quick; that was the only way to make sure that they could coordinate well in battle and don’t handle over any opportunities to the enemies.

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