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Hail the King Chapter 387.1

Chapter 387: Brother, You Could See the Truth (Part One)

If Fei and the reinforcement didn’t arrive on time, Mayor Soroyov and the nobles in the city would have already ditched the city, the 30,000 soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Since the first siege attempt of the enemies was over, the city enjoyed some rare quietness.

According to this tall commander, all the people in the city belonged to the following categories; mayor and nobles and their henchmen, the defending military force, the reinforcement, the civilians, the Holy Church, the Merchant Groups, the Mercenary Groups, the Mage Union, etc. Among them, only the Holy Church was the force that was exempted from all of the chaos; they didn’t need to worry about the invaders of Jax because no one dared to kill a member of the Holy Church in the last 50 years. As long as they kept their neutral stance during the war, they won’t be affected by it. The Mage Union inside the city decided to stand with Zenit and supported the defending military force, and they were already one of the key targets of Jax.

The more Fei chatted with this commander, the more he liked this man. As they walked together and talked, Fei and this tall commander who had a simple mind were no longer reserved in front of each other; they patted each other’s shoulders and laughed while talking.

“So this Soroyov should be hung and punished, right?” Fei laughed as he summarized the situation.

Cech who was following them frowned a little.

“Of course! He is a bug! A fatty with a head full of sh*t and semen!……” this tall commander said emotionally, “If we listened to Mr. Ribry’s recommendations, the invaders of Jax wouldn’t gain control of the territory, and those 2,000 civilians could still be alive now…… If this war is going to kill a lot of people, I wish all of these fat and cowardly nobles die!” as he said that, he patted Fei’s shoulder with force to express his anger.

Cech frowned, even more, when he saw this.

“You are right, but there are still some good nobles, right?” the smile on Fei’s face froze for a second as he thought, “I’m technically a noble as well. If he believes in that, I would be included as well.”

“You are right. At least the Royal Family of Zenit has always been nice to the civilians. Among all empires in the region, the civilians of Zenit got the best treatment. Since Emperor Yassin His Majesty established Zenit, a lot of the policies and laws favored the civilians; otherwise, Mr. Ribry who has no noble background won’t be able to become the head commander of Dual-Flags City,” this tall commander added, “I also heard that the new No.1 Commander of our Battle Zone, King Alexander, is also a noble who treats civilians with respect. Although my comrades and I weren’t at that competition, a lot of mercenaries, traveling poets, and merchants praised him for his kindness and fairness. I hope what they said is true! If someone like that could control the forces in the area, there is still hope for Dual-Flags City!”

“Hahaha! You really think so?” the king ignored the first half of this commander’s comment and questioned with excitement, “I don’t think so. I heard that this king of Chambord is violent; he dared to fight against the Imperial Knight Palace.”

Fei was excited as he didn’t know that his fame was spread across the empire including this remote city, but he didn’t reveal his identity and wanted to prank this commander.

After hearing what Fei said, this commander rolled his eyes and said, “You are wrong in this regard. All the officials at the Imperial Knight Palace aren’t as fair and just like how they promote themselves. I heard that they are standing against the king of Chambord because the Tenth Execution Knight Sutton provoked King Alexander first, and they had the face to fight against him in a 1 V 4 battle……”

“Haha! Brother! I got nothing to say! I have to say that you are a critical thinker and could see the truth! I agree with you 100%,” Fei laughed proudly.

The camp of the reinforcement was now close by, and he patted the shoulder of this tall commander and asked, “Oh, what is your name?”

“Emile…… hehe, Emile Husky,” the tall commander scratched his head and answered with a smile.

“Emile? Nice name. Brother, I can promise you that you will get fortunate one day,” Fei replied and patted this commander’s shoulder again; Fei’s impression of this tall commander was pretty good.

“Oh? Really?” the tall commander was a little surprised at the compliment, “Is it really? They all call me Idiot Husky.”

He was only a low-level official; he had a lot of physical strength, but he wasn’t too intelligent; he was usually in charge of feeding and washing warhorses, and other commanders like to ask him to do their tasks. He wasn’t qualified enough to lead soldiers in a real battle, so he wasn’t on the defense wall today and didn’t see what happened. He didn’t know who Fei was; he only felt like this young man in the military uniform was very nice and wasn’t haughty like other nobles, and that was why he told Fei everything there was to know about Dual-Flags City. If any other commanders were here, they wouldn’t say everything they know and their opinions to someone who was like a stranger to them.

Of course, he also didn’t understand the deeper meaning behind Fei’s words.

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