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Hail the King Chapter 388.1

Chapter 388: Don’t Agree? Die then! (Part One)

“Send someone to the mayor’s mansion. Order him to come and hand over the tokens that represent the control of the internal affairs and the military forces. Also, notify all the nobles and asked them to give me 500 of their private soldiers each; they need to come up with the funding and the weapons. These soldiers will be placed in a battalion and would help us in the defense.” Fei felt like the city lacked soldiers and gave a few orders that old Aryang suggested beforehand.

“Huh…… what if the nobles don’t agree?” Shevchenko hesitated a little. After all, the private soldiers were the nobles’ properties, and Fei’s order would be equivalent of forced expropriation.

“If they don’t agree, they can die!” Fei laughed.

Shevchenko smelled something terrifying in the atmosphere.

He felt like the king wanted to see the nobles rebel; he felt like that would give the Legion Commander a reason to kill these corrupt nobles. After thinking back to what happened to that messenger of the mayor, Shevchenko felt like he understood this Legion Commander a little better, and he felt sorry for those corrupt nobles for a second.

“Looks like their corruption and their lack of caring for the civilians have really made the Legion Commander mad,” he thought.

“Also, we need to get the help from the civilians as well. Although we don’t need them to participate in the battle yet, we need to select the civilians who are young and fit and train them. If the situation gets worse, even these civilians might have to get on the defense wall and fight against the invaders.”

When Fei said that, he suddenly recalled an idiom on earth – “turn the entire nation into soldiers.”

The Jax Empire was using a lot of its strength to attack Zenit! Just their herald troops had 60,000 soldiers, and the number would be unthinkable if the entire invading force of Jax arrives here.

Even though Zenit had the support of the St. Germain Empire, it didn’t have enough soldiers to fight against Spartax, Eindhoven, and Jax. From the look of it, it seemed like the Military Headquarter of Zenit was only planning to send the newly formed [Wolf Teeth Legion] that had less than 50,000 soldiers to the Jax Battle Zone; it felt like there weren’t more reinforcements. As a result, in order to defend against the invaders of Jax, all the civilians in the city had to help in the war.

After thinking, Fei decided to listen to his strategist old Aryang’s recommendation. He knew that to stabilize the current situation, he had to borrow ideas from the “Great Party” in his previous life. There were way more civilians than nobles; to unite all civilians and motivate them, he had to break these nobles and distribute their wealth. In fact, breaking these nobles and giving power to the civilians who were mostly poor was the only way that potentially could provide hope to the grim situation.

Shevchenko listened to the order and instructed various subordinates on what to do.

“Eh? Andrew, do you have something to say?” Fei asked. After everything was done, Shevchenko still didn’t leave; it looked like he was hesitating about something.

“Sir, your injury……”

Fei was a little surprised, but he soon realized what Shevchenko meant.

When he was inside the enemies’ formations, he was sneak attacked by their head commander, and that arrow went through his left shoulder. He was the only person who could beat that arrogant prince; if he was severely injured, the strategy and planning around the defense might need to be changed.

“Haha, don’t worry! I’m fully recovered!” Fei replied as he even moved his arms and stretched his shoulders.

As he said that, he suddenly remembered that he robbed a nice-looking bow from the enemies; he recalled that the prince said it was a treasure of the Royal Family of Jax.

He took out that strong bow that looked like a flying eagle from his storage ring.

It was a great bow.

The bowstring itself had a glare to it; a magic energy surged on it. When Fei placed his finger on the bowstring, it felt tough; he was only able to pull and fully open the bow after using more than 50% of his physical strength. Then, a suction force appeared on the bowstring and pulled some energy from Fei’s arm into it. Right after that happened, a transparent arrow gradually appeared on the bow.

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