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Hail the King Chapter 389.1

Chapter 389: Execution (Part One)

“Oh right! Hand over your horses…… no…… Roaring Flame Beasts,” a young noble wanted to add something, but he suddenly saw the level 4 Roaring Flames Beasts that were chilling inside the camp and changed his mind

As if he discovered a gold mine, greed and viciousness appeared in his eyes as he shouted, “Quick! Hand over the Roaring Flame Beasts! We, huh, no, the mayor is going to confiscate them!”

“Ah! Are they really Roaring Flame Beats? Level 4 Demon Beasts? Haha! We will be getting richer!……”

“Yeah! These dirty soldiers don’t deserve to ride on these fantastic mounts! Us, who have superior bloodlines, should enjoy them.”

The young noblemen around the first nobleman who discovered the Roaring Flame Beasts acted in the same manner. None of the temperament and politeness of nobles could be seen on them, and this made the king feel very uncomfortable; he felt like he was facing the spoiled brats of wealthy families in his previous life.

Fei frowned immediately.

He was already very disappointed by the nobles in Dual-Flags City, and he was too lazy to talk and reason with these idiotic pigs. He looked at the soldiers and said, “Making such noise and mess at the military camp…… According to the military law of Zenit, they should be executed on the spot,” after he said that, he walked away.


The soldiers were shocked, and the young noblemen who were arrogant were stunned as well; they couldn’t even close their mouths. They looked at each other and hoped that they were hallucinating and were hearing things.

“Is this little commander crazy? Execution?” they thought.

“What are you guys waiting for? Kill!” Fei turned around and ordered again.

Although these soldiers were still a little shocked, they jumped at these noblemen and arrested them after they knew that the Legion Commander wasn’t joking; after all, the order of the Legion Commander should be obeyed all the time. Among these soldiers, some of them were Bylaw Enforcement Officers of Chambord, and they were already used to the king’s dominating ways.

The guards of these noblemen wanted to put up a fight, but they were no match for these elite soldiers who had been to battle and had killed enemies; soon, most of them were killed. When Fei heard the screams and the begs of these noblemen, he frowned a little. He suddenly thought of something and turned around as he said, “Keep one of them alive and send him back.”

After that, he walked straight into the central tent.

The loud screams, begs, and swears sounded again, and the chopping noises soon followed.

Everything turned quiet after that.

“These stupid noblemen are obviously tricked by someone and dared to make a fuss at the military camp with so few guards. Aren’t they seeking their death? So the person behind all this is trying to test my limit? Hehe, I will let him see clearly! All these noblemen are corrupt and have a lot of dirty pasts. Doesn’t matter how many of them come here, I will kill them all!”

Fei sneered.

He was going to deal with these corrupt bugs-like noblemen sooner or later. He was able to wipe out all the corrupt and dirty noblemen in Chambord, and he had no issue doing it again here.

After this was done, Fei went back to thinking about that question from prior.

The king felt like he was becoming more calculative and crueler…… however, it seemed like that was the right thing to do. There was no way that he could behave in a sanctimonious manner on this continent that was ruled by the Law of the Jungle; it was more impossible than communism on Earth.

As Fei was thinking about this, loud bulge noises suddenly sounded from afar. Then, shouting sounded. The ground started to shake as if a lot of elephants were running loose.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

The warning bells on the two gates of the city sounded, and the rapid and sharp warning noises resonated in the city.

“We are under siege! Shevchenko, Cech, Pierce, Drogba, Huerk! Kanort! You six go to the east gate! Saint Seiyas! Follow me to the west gate!”

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  1. az

    whoa… isn’t this a chinese novel? Is the author still alive?

    • It is a chinese novel, and the author is still alive.

    • Jin

      I think that its just you who is brainwashed in to thinking like that. Western media brainwash is real.

  2. FD

    That “Social Justice Warrior” bit was weird if its part of the original script then fine but if you’ve add that in yourself. I can’t help but ask if you could keep your own personal politics out of the novel.

    • ayy

      SJW detected SJW detected

    • noodletowntranslated

      yeah the content is actually in the raw, and the actual word (a slang in China) doesn’t have a corresponding way of being expressed so Udon just used SJW since it was the closest English slang that he could think of. But with further research, I think the word “sanctimonious” would be a more fitting description of the actual term in this situation. I will let Yudong know and have him change it when he’s free. Right now he’s just busy moving, but yeah thanks for bringing this to my attention, and thank you for staying with us for all these years~ have a good day bro

  3. “it was more impossible than communism on Earth.”
    Based Fei.

    • The Connoisseur

      If a Chinese person says it, then kind of hard to argue. XD

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