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Hail the King Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Sorcerer, Paladin and Necromancer

The cold mysterious voice gave Fei an answer right away.

After spending 29,000 gold coins, he finally converted 2 bottles of 【Normal Healing Potions】 and 1 bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 into the real world. The end result made Fei feel really salty, despite mentally preparing himself for such a result because of the 25% and 30% success rates. The loss was pretty significant.

However, after carefully considering the poor success rate, he comforted himself, “2 bottles of 【Normal Healing Potions】 and 1 bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 are better than nothing, I guess.”

There was less than two hours left until he reached the maximum ‘gaming’ time for today. He decided to exit his Barbarian character. After a feeling of zero gravity, his vision blurred for a second. Soon, his vision cleared and he was back at the 3D projected character selection screen.

Fei discovered that there were some tiny changes – the barbarian character was wearing new items he just got from Tristram and the character looked tougher and bigger than the other six level 0 characters.

“It looks like the screen reflects everything that goes on in the Diablo World.”

Fei also found out that there could only be one character per class. Because the Barbarian and Sorcerer classes had already entered the Diablo World, Fei couldn’t create any characters in those two classes.

This seemed to reveal something, but Fei didn’t have much time to spend thinking about it.

He chose the Sorcerer character and re-entered the Diablo World.

After the light buzzing noise and the feeling of zero gravity, Fei stepped back onto the starter’s map – 【Rogue Encampment】.

After some close observation, Fei found that this camp seemed like a parallel universe to the universe that the Barbarian character was in. All the plots were in their initial stage. Quests like 【The Den of Evil】, 【Sisters’ Burial Grounds】 and 【Search for Cain】 were still not completed yet. They were all waiting for Sorcerer Fei to finish.

Because of all the experience Fei had on these quests when he was a Barbarian, Fei started them right away. He rushed to the new Akara and received the quest 【The Den of Evil】 and went straight to 【Blood Moor】 to level up the Sorcerer character.

After 30 minutes, Fei completed his first quest. He returned from 【Blood Moor】 and received one skill point as the reward.

At this point, his sorcerer was already level 3. While killing monsters on the moor, they dropped items such as normal armour and gloves. He equipped all the items he could use and kept the rest in his 【Item Slot】 to be sold later.

He also had 4 skill points. After some thinking, he put 1 point into 【Fire Skill – Fire Bolt】, 1 point into 【Lightning Skill – Charged Bolt】 and 2 points into 【Cold Skill – Ice Bolt】.

After he did that, he didn’t return to the moor. He exited the Diablo World again and re-entered as a Paladin.

After the same buzzing noise and zero gravity, he landed in 【Rogue Encampment】 again.

As expected, it was another parallel universe. The plot and quests were back at their initial stage and yet another new Akara had given him the quest 【The Den of Evil】.

Paladin Fei rushed to 【Blood Moor】 to complete the quest. With the new experience of completing the quest as Sorcerer Fei, he completed this quest even faster. He wiped out all the monsters in the den in less than 15 minutes. Also, he visited every spot on 【Blood Moor】 and executed the three empty policy – empty out all the monsters, empty out all the gold coins and empty out all the items.

He reached level 3 again when he returned to 【Rogue Encampment】 and got 4 skill points after he received his reward from Akara.

Fei opened up the skill tree of the Paladin. After careful consideration, he added 2 points to 【Offensive Aura – Might】, which increases all the damage dealt by team members, and 2 points to 【Defensive Aura -Prayer】, which heals all team members.

After finishing all those things, there was less than 50 minutes left in his daily time limit.

He exited the World again and switched to Necromancer.

【Rogue Encampment】

Another parallel universe.

Necromancer Fei got the quest from another new Akara and went straight into the 【Den of Evil】 on 【Blood Moor】.

It was the fourth time he was doing the same quest. He killed the boss Corpsefire in less than 10 minutes and returned to camp.

At level 3 and with the additional skill point from Akara, he again had 4 skill points.

Fei received a wand when he spawned as a Necromancer, which gave him a point to the skill 【Summoning Skill – Raise Skeleton】, which raises one skeleton from a dead body to fight. Therefore, he put 3 points into 【Poison Skill – Teeth】 which summons multiple projectiles that damages enemies and 1 point into 【Curse – Amplify Damage】, which increases the damage enemies take.

The reason he distributed the points like that was to use them in the battle that was about to happen in the real world.

Of course, the skill Fei needed the most was 【Poison Skill – Corpse Explosion】, which explodes a nearby corpse and damages all nearby enemies.

However, after considering the existence of the Holy Church on Azeroth Continent, Necromancers were probably considered to be evil and burned alive like what the churches did to heresies and ‘witches’ during the medieval period.

Those were just Fei’s predictions, but it was never a bad thing to be extra careful. From Brook’s and Angela’s description, the Holy Church on the Continent had dominant powers. It was best to avoid them as much as possible.

Some of the Necromancer skills like 【Raise Skeleton】 were too obvious and could not be used in the real world, but 【Corpse Explosion】 was quite hidden, so it could be really effective during wars. Corpses were things that were never lacking during a war, and those corpses were like grenades in the eyes of Necromancers. They dealt a ton of damage and were very sneaky.

Therefore, the reason why Fei chose Necromancer, the ‘most dangerous’ occupation on the continent after acknowledging the existence of the Holy Church was for the skill 【Corpse Explosion】.

But when Fei was distributing skill points, he almost collapsed when he found out that 【Corpse Explosion】 required the player to be level 6.

Fei looked at the time.

There was less than 30 minutes in today’s ‘gaming’ time. There was no way Fei could level up 3 times in less than 30 minutes, unless he could find a perfect spot where a ton of high level monsters and demons were at.

Fei thought about it and decided to go and kill 【Blood Raven】.

The burial grounds where 【Blood Raven】 was at had a ton of high level monsters. They were a great source of experience. Although it was quite dangerous for a level 3 Necromancer, Fei felt he could handle it if he was cautious because of the experience he had while playing as a Barbarian.

The situation Chambord was in was dangerous as well, so Fei had to take a risk.

After receiving the quest from Military Leader Kashya, Fei spent all the 800 gold coins he had and bought the necessary items he needed including 【Minor Healing Potions】, 【Minor Mana Potions】 and 【Stamina Potions】.

It became night time in the Diablo World. It was dark on the moor, and Fei couldn’t see anything far away. He could only hear the screams and roars of the monsters and demons.

Fei chugged a bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 when he left the camp and sprinted towards the 【Cold Plain】 where the burial ground was at. The monsters screamed even louder when they noticed Fei on 【Blood Moor】. However, Fei didn’t bother to battle them, as he had to save all his time for the higher leveled monsters in the burial ground.

However, something happened that Fei wasn’t able predict –

The monsters and demons seemed more energetic and aggressive at night time. After being disturbed, they started chasing Fei non-stop as if they were male prisoners that hadn’t seen a woman in more than ten years and Fei was a naked beauty.

Soon, all kinds of monsters – 【Fallen Shamans】, 【Corrupted Rogues】 and 【Wendigoes】 – all joined in the chase.

P.S. This is the last chapter in the Diablo world for a while.


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