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Hail the King Chapter 390.1

Chapter 390: Shocking Arrows (Part One)

Frank Ribry didn’t have a great background, and he was able to climb up this high on the ladder and become the head commander of the military forces in the city because of his talent. He was a unique person; he had quite a few loyal followings, and this troop that had been ignored and got its remuneration deducted for no reason was still able to keep up this level of morale and combat ability. Fei had to give props to Ribry for this.

“There is no need for now. [Earth’s Protection] would cost too much of the magic energy reservoir of the city. We need to keep it for the critical moments,” Fei answered Gago with a smile on his face.

Gago only dared to talk to Fei after he got his courage up.

After seeing the miraculous show this No.1 Commander put on two hours ago, he and his comrades were already conquered by Fei’s strength. The Azeroth Continent had an emphasis on combat ability, and the master warriors and mages were more likely to be admired by a lot of people. Especially after Fei saved Ribry from all the enemies, he was respected and looked up to by all these commanders who were like Ribry’s brothers.

After seeing that Fei was very friendly and not haughty like the other high-up officials from Zenit, the commanders in Dual-Flags City had an even better impression of Fei.

Gago got more comfortable speaking to Fei after he saw this No.1 Commander who was supposed to be prestigious smile at him. He thought about it and suggested again, “Sir, if we don’t initiate [Earth’s Protection, the catapults will do a ton of damage to the structures and the people in the city……”

Fei patted this commander’s shoulder and laughed, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

After he said that, he took out that [Eagle of the Desert] Bow and switched to Amazon Mode. Instantly, his aura got wild and dominating, and he immediately turned a lot sharper.

The chilly wind of the desert blew on the king’s face; his long black hair fluttered and added to his presence.

The commanders besides him who were initially worried all calmed down; their eyes lit up after seeing the subtle change of Fei’s aura.

“Yeah! We forgot that the No.1 Commander is a terrific archer! He should be able to take down the catapults by just using the archery skill he demonstrated earlier.”

Everyone including the ordinary soldiers was waiting for the No.1 Commander’s arrows to do the trick.

“Crank…… Crank……”

The atmosphere was intense, and everyone stopped making noises.

At this time, the cranking noises made by the springs and the gears on the catapults were heard clearly by everyone. The 20 catapults looked like huge Demon Beasts that had shown their fangs.

“Prepare……” a commander on the side of Jax shouted, “Ready…… release!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The rubber band-like material used on these catapults were actually the tendons of the Demon Beasts, and they suddenly started to contract rapidly after the operators of the catapults let go of the triggers. The swinging arms of the metal catapults accelerated under the pull, and ten rocks that weighed more than 1,000 pounds each flew into the air……

Under gravity and with momentum, these massive rocks would deal more than 10,000 pounds of force onto the defense wall that was strengthened by magic arrays. If these rocks hit Three-Star Warriors, these warriors would be instantly killed as well.

All the commanders and soldiers on the side of Zenit held their breaths after they saw the rocks in the air.

However, the 30 Saint Seiyas were behaving normally as if it was just another regular day; they were so calm and confident because of their young king who was standing beside them.

The huge rocks traveled more than 20 meters in the air in an instant, and they were going to strike onto the defense wall in just a few seconds.

As some of the soldiers of Zenit were about to scream, Fei finally shot out the arrows on the bow.





There wasn’t just one arrow; there were ten arrows in total.

People around Fei could only see all the afterimages of his right arm as he moved too fast.

The bowstring of [Eagle of the Desert] vibrated violently, and air-piercing noises sounded alongside the ten consecutive booming noises. After that, the ground started to shake, and screams began to resonate in the area.

The huge rocks that just got into the air exploded, and they broke into pieces and landed right into the Swords and Shields Formation of Jax. Blood spilled everywhere, and Jax suffered casualties before the battle even started.

The ten huge rocks broke and fell into the formation.

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