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Hail the King Chapter 390.2

Chapter 390: Shocking Arrows (Part Two)

No one on the side of Jax anticipated this outcome. The soldiers in the formation were cheering a second ago after they saw the rocks in the air, but they started to cry and scream in the next second after they got hit. Since they weren’t charging forward, they were standing very close to one another. There was no way that they could get out of the way! The lucky soldiers got killed instantly, and the unlucky ones got their arms and legs broke; they were feeling an insane amount of pain, but they couldn’t do anything other than scream and cry……

“King Alexander! King Alexander! King Alexander!”

“Long live the king of Chambord! Hail the King!”

Not sure who started it, but all the soldiers and commanders of Zenit on the defense wall began to cheer after a brief moment of silence. What happened really boosted the morale of the soldiers of Zenit! By using these ten huge rocks cleverly, Fei was able to eliminate more than 500 enemies!

Killing 500 with ten arrows!

Such terrifying numbers!

Such terrifying arrows!

The soldiers in Dual-Flags City who were facing a lot of pressure needed to see such a motivating scene and Fei was able to deliver!

On the side of Jax, they didn’t expect that the best siege machines were used against them! The commanders of Jax were shocked and didn’t know what to do.

“Continue? But what if that devil-like archer uses the same method again?”

“Stop? How are we going to siege the city?”

Prince Fairenton of Jax smiled bitterly on the sand hill.

The influence a top-tier warrior could have on a battle was demonstrated here today! Throughout the history of Azeroth, it was rare for a famous general to leave a mark in the book. Rather, people remembered the super powerful warriors and mages. The reason for this was that when a warrior or a mage got a certain degree of power, they could influence wars and even destroy an army using their strength; these people were the real rulers of the land.

Although Dual-Flags City was under siege, it was safe just by having the king of Chambord who was the most powerful warrior in the war. If Jax couldn’t get a master warrior who could rival against him, Jax had to throw in 40,000 soldiers at least to tire the king of Chambord out first!

However, at the moment like this, Prince Fairenton couldn’t back down.

“Pass my order! Tell the Swords and Shields Formation to separate in halves and moved to the sides of the catapults.”

“Pass my order! Move the catapults back for 300 meters and continue the attack!”

“Pass my order! Tell the mages to prepare!”

“Pass my order! Tell the Suicide Squad to prepare!”

“Pass my order! Tell the Siege Squad to prepare!”

“Pass my order!……”

A series of commands were given out by this prince of Jax, and his army started to move and operate like a carefully calibrated machine. The murderous spirit of his army wasn’t affected by that little incident; the death of 500 soldiers was nothing in front of the elite soldiers!

Soon, the 20 catapults were pulled back 300 meters, and the Swords and Shields Formation moved to the sides of the catapults. The soldiers of Jax were able to avoid being affected by Fei’s arrows, but the catapults were only able to hit areas close to the defense wall of Dual-Flags City now.

Fei continued to shoot.

He didn’t use the old trick; instead, he targeted the catapults themselves this time.

The catapults were about 1,300 meters away from the defense wall, and it was impossible for ordinary archers to reach them. However, it wasn’t a difficult task for Fei who just got this [Eagle of the Desert]. He used all of the strength of the level 88 Barbarian, and the bow was pulled opened by him. Then, several transparent crystal-like arrows formed on the bow.

Fei released the bowstring.


A sharp air-piercing noise sounded like the thunder.

Almost at the same time, a huge catapult got a few of its connection points broken apart, and it fell like Lego pieces. The soldiers of Jax who were operating this catapult were injured instantly.

Cheers sounded inside Dual-Flags City again. The soldiers chanted Fei’s name as they worshipped him like a god. By using his strength, he suppressed the enemies’ most lethal siege machines, and he almost placed Dual-Flags City in an invincible state.

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