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Hail the King Chapter 391.1

Chapter 391: Summon Barbarian Warriors (Part One)

The commanders besides Fei were stoked.

Fei’s strength was beyond their imagination! From the look of it, they felt like this No.1 Commander was worth more than tens of thousands of soldiers! As long as the king of Chambord was there, Dual-Flags City won’t be in any danger.





Fei had shot out four arrows in an instant, and they all hit their targets. As air-piercing noises sounded, the four catapults far away were exploded like balloons that got popped by needles.

“Thank you Prince Fairenton for the bow! It is powerful, and I like it a lot!”

Fei stopped after he had shot out five arrows. He took a deep breath and shouted loudly as he laughed. Everyone on the battlefield heard it, and some soldiers of Zenit even repeated after him and cheered, “Thank you Prince Fairenton for the bow!”


Fairenton stood up and clapped down at the chair he was sitting on; his face was very gloomy.

The guards beside him all shivered in fear. This prince was known for his short-temper! Not too long ago, a young nobleman offended him. As a result, that young nobleman got smashed into meat paste, and his family got wiped out.

It was evident that this prince was mad at the moment; all the guards hoped that he wouldn’t take out the anger on them.

Fortunately for these guards, they were safe.

They found out surprisingly that Prince Fairenton actually tried hard and suppressed his anger


After five catapults were destroyed, the commanders of Jax decided to abandon these siege machines, and they moved the rest of catapults back to their camp. It sounded impossible for someone actually to defeat 20 catapults using only arrows, but it took place on this battlefield. The soldiers of Jax experienced the power of the king of Chambord again.

However, this siege was far from over.

The soldiers of Jax started the most direct method of siege. They rushed at the defense wall like waves of water, and they all used siege ladders that were hundreds of meters long. After hundreds of these ladders were hooked onto the battlements, it seemed like what happened two hours ago was being replayed again; the cruel battle was about to begin.

However, Fei clearly sensed the difference.

Although there were tens of thousands of enemies charging at the city, they were more scattered around. They didn’t use expensive and bulky siege machines like [Siege Dragon Birds]; they only used light siege ladders and ropes that were easier to carry. Also, they didn’t target the city gate this time; it seemed like there wasn’t an emphasis as they just tried to climb up the defense wall.

“Huh? It seems like they don’t want actually to conquer the city. Could it be that they want to prolong the war as well?”

Generally, in sieges, the attackers would try to get a breakthrough point. As long as they could get into the city, the city would be conquered for sure. Therefore, that was why the strategy Jax was using was bizarre; it seemed like they didn’t want to commit to anything. As if they were teasing Dual-Flags City, it felt like they could break through the defense of Dual-Flags City but weren’t going to do it.

In this situation, the power of Fei’s arrows was significantly reduced.

After the enemies scattered around, Fei’s arrow couldn’t kill 30 enemies at one go anymore. At the moment, he could only kill one to two enemies at a time, and the threat he posed to this siege was minimalized.

After giving it some thoughts, Fei didn’t use any more of Amazon Character’s skills such as [Multiple Shot] and [Exploding Arrow]. Instead, he put away [Eagle of the Desert] and switched back to Barbarian Mode. Then, he used the miraculous skill [Summon].

After a bloody red light flashed by, 15 huge warriors appeared beside Fei.

These warriors were almost completely naked; only their abdomens and thighs were protected by leather armors that were bloodstained. They were either holding dual-swords or axes in their hands, and green beast tattoos and green totem tattoos were all over their muscular bodies including their necks and faces.

With a wild and berserk aura around them, they looked like 15 Demon Beasts.

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    Many cn novel like to write these kind of scene where mc will stole/rob a person item or person. Then used it to kill them while shouted praise and thank

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