Chapter 392: Nobles’ Fear (Part One)

“Oh, gods! These are the real warriors!”

After seeing how the last Barbarian Warrior killed two powerful enemies and got killed at the same time, the commanders of Zenit on the defense wall sighed in admiration. The scene moved them, and they also felt sorry for the 15 brave warriors who got killed by the enemies who used their numbers advantage. If these 15 brave warriors were used more strategically, they could have done more damage to the enemies.

However, Fei’s mood didn’t change after these 15 Barbarian Warriors were killed.

He took out [Eagle of the Desert] and started to shoot again.

Under the defense wall, the warriors of Jax were killed one after another.

These warriors were all elite warriors from the Heaven-Killing Squad of Jax.

Although they were mixed in with the ordinary soldiers, Fei was still able to sense their locations; they were so clear in Fei’s eyes that he felt like they were torches in the dark. More than 30 warriors of Jax were killed in an instant. One of Prince Fairenton’s favorite commander Clark was killed first by Fei, and the other elite warriors in Heaven-Killing Squad started to back off after they sensed the apparent danger.

Although Fei had been through quite a lot and he learned a lot from his experience, he was still not as good at grasping the tempo and the opportunities during the war as the commanders besides him who had been through multiple wars. Therefore, Fei handed over the control of the soldiers to the commanders around him after the battle began, and he stayed under the watchtower on the west gate; he was responsible for killing powerful enemies and help the soldiers of Zenit who were in danger.

At the moment, the commanders of Zenit and the 30 Saint Seiyas all participated in the battle as well as they fought with the enemies in close range on this portion of the defense wall that was more than 1,000 meters long.

Fei didn’t really care about the death of the 15 Barbarian Warriors.

The fact that they died in this world didn’t mean that they actually died. If Fei wanted to, he could summon them again from Diablo World. Of course, there was a limit to this type of resurrection; that mysterious and cold voice told Fei that he could only summon the 15 Barbarian Warriors three times a day.

Therefore, Fei could still summon those warriors twice more today if he wanted to.

However, Fei didn’t do that.

The king suddenly felt like he figured out a way to better control these 15 Barbarian Warriors. He felt like he could give a lot of commands to these 15 Barbarian Warriors using his mind! As long as he thought about these commands in his head, the Barbarian Warriors would target the enemies he wanted them to focus. This would maximize the effectiveness of these Barbarian Warriors.

He was really thinking about how to use these Barbarian Warriors better and not just use them as a Suicide Squad.


On the north side of the defense wall.

The soldiers of Jax were focusing more on the east and west side of the city as the only two gates of the city were there. Therefore, the pressure on the north and south side of the city was a lot lower. The soldiers of Jax and the soldiers of Zenit kept on shooting at each other with bows and arrows, and the few siege ladders couldn’t do much.

Inside a small structure on the north side of the defense wall, more than a dozen nobles who were wearing fancy armors and capes were gathering around and discussing something.

“That new No.1 Commander of the Battle Zone is a tough character! It is obvious that he is hostile towards us!”

“Humph! He is only the king of a little affiliated kingdom! He is only getting favored by the empire for now, and he dares to play with us? Would the Military Headquarter and Imperial Knight Palace let him do whatever he wants?”

“Imperial Knight Palace? Haha, he defeated five out of the ten Executive Knights, and the No.1 Executive Knight seemed to have an appreciation towards the king of Chambord and wants to protect him. What can Imperial Knight Palace do to him?”

“Yeah! Since the Military Headquarter named him the No.1 Commander of the Battle Zone, it said enough about their intents.”

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