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Hail the King Chapter 393.1

Chapter 393: Invitation from the King of Chambord (Part One)

With blood on his body and his sword, this fat mayor looked like he was a warrior who just came back from battle.

All the nobles around him understood what he was doing and all copied him.

The guards of these nobles started to decapitate the corpses on the defense wall; the heads were like the token for military merits. Although the ordinary soldiers of Zenit killed most of the enemies on the defense wall, these nobles were used to robbing military merits from them.

When the nobles were doing this, the soldiers of Zenit on the defense wall who just got the opportunity to breathe and rest only stared at them coldly and didn’t stop them.

“Stop! He is one of our own! Sh*t! That is the corpse of my older brother!” a young soldier of Zenit who had a huge wound on his shoulder suddenly got emotional and pushed away a guard of the mayor who was about to decapitate a corpse.

“You dirty bug! How dare you push me?” this guard immediately got mad as he almost fell from the push.

“This is the corpse of my older brother…… he died because he protected me……” this young soldier cried as his body shivered. He almost got chopped in half by an enemy, and it was his brother who was two years older than him that jumped in front of him and protected him.

“Yuck! Fu*k off! He is dead now, so it is perfect for me to cut his head off! His corpse is going to rot underground, and mind as well becomes some of my military merits,” this guard shouted angrily and kicked away the injured soldier as he sensed the mockery from his peers.

“You guys are crossing the line!” two soldiers who were standing beside him couldn’t take it anymore. They walked up and stated, “We are brothers! They are only dead because they protected you!”

“How dare you insult the corpse of a brave and heroic soldier?”

More and more soldiers stood up and stared at this guard with anger. During peaceful times, they were able to endure the bullying from the nobles. But during a war where they could die the next moment, their tolerance for this type of treatment was very low. The conflict between the ordinary soldiers and the nobles was irreversible, and the hatred the ordinary soldiers had towards the nobles was burning vigorously in their minds.

That guard backed off for a few steps, and the fear in his eyes displayed his internal state. For the first time, he felt like these dirty and low-class soldiers were so terrifying in his eyes.

“What is going on? Why did you stop?” at this moment, Soroyov walked over.

“Sir, these dirty lowlifes dare to resist your command……” the guard told this fat mayor everything truthfully; it was obvious that this guard was terrified of the mayor as he didn’t dare to exaggerate anything.

“You disappoint me…… Kyle, how can you do this?” the mayor scolded his guard, “These soldiers died for us! What you are doing is no different to animals!”

That guard got surprised, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He quickly kneeled down and apologized anxiously.

“Beat him with a stick 100 times! It will count as the punishment,” Soroyov waved his hand and said.

Then, he turned around and looked at the soldiers who resisted against that guard. He frowned and said, “My guard dared to insult the corpse of a warrior, and he is getting punished for it. But you guys are just a bunch of low-class soldiers; how dare you guys fight against my order? You challenged the honor and the dignity of the nobles, and you guys need to be punished as well…… You, you, you. You three started everything, and you guys need to bear the consequences. Cut off one of their legs and one of their arms each!”

Soroyov was pointing at the young soldier and the two mid-aged soldiers who stood up for this young soldier.

All the soldiers on the defense wall were surprised.

Soroyov had a lot of power in the city; he controlled the administrative power and financial power. Even Ribry had to endure the bullying from Soroyov sometimes in order to get the remuneration for the military, let alone these low-class soldiers. To Soroyov, cutting off the legs and arms of these soldiers was nothing; he could have killed them if he wanted to.

He had a good excuse to do this; these soldiers did fight against the commands of the nobles. In the eyes of the nobles, fighting against them was equivalent to fighting against the ruling of the empire, and the punishment for such action was to chop one arm and one leg off of each perpetrator.

Soroyov did this for a reason.

Since he couldn’t do anything to the new No.1 Commander, he had to vent his anger on these ordinary soldiers. Also, he wanted to pass a message to these soldiers; he wanted them to know that even if he couldn’t deal with the king of Chambord, he could still deal with them easily.

Tink! The guards of the mayor drew out their swords and dragged the three poor soldiers out of the crowd.

One of the guards found a wooden shield, and he tied the right arm of the tallest soldier among the three onto the wooden shield. Another guard beside him raised the ax in his hand, and the sunlight reflected off of the sharp edge of the ax.

All the soldiers around here looked down; they didn’t want to see such a scene.

In this world where hierarchy was very strict, these low-class soldiers didn’t dare to really rebel against the nobles even though they were really angry. Without powerful individual strength, any empathy and compassion shown at this moment would bring catastrophic consequences.


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