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Hail the King Chapter 393.2

Chapter 393: Invitation from the King of Chambord (Part Two)

The ax chopped down at the wooden shield.

Blood spilled, and a hoarse cry sounded. That soldier roared in pain, and his body shivered violently as a result of it. His face paled, and he bit his lips forcefully and tried his best not to faint.

At this moment, hatred clearly appeared in his eyes.

“I don’t like the way you are looking at me. Soldier, since you decided to hate me, then I don’t mind cutting off one more leg of yours……” Soroyov shook his head and said. After that, he looked at the guard who had the bloody ax in his hand and said, “Continue!”

That guard licked his lips and laughed viciously as he raised his ax again.

“Where is that bit*hass Soroyov? Get the fu*k out of here! Huh? What is going on here? Executing enemy soldiers?” a loud voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone’s face changed color.

“Bit*hass? How dare someone addresses the mayor like this?” they thought.

Soroyov’s good mood was instantly destroyed. His smile froze in his face, and it soon turned gloomy as if someone just slapped him.

A nobleman beside him shouted angrily, “Who are you? How dare you insult the mayor like this? Do you want to die? Show yourself!”

“Hahaha! Pierce! He wants to see you! You are done for! You angered a nobleman!” it seemed like the peer of the person who insulted Soroyov also joked around.

“Want to see me? Damn, you are brave! I’m here, what can you do to me?” as the first person shouted, he squeezed through the soldiers and sneered. This man was about two meters tall, his hair was white, and he was chewing on a straw.

Before everyone could react, another muscular man of a similar build laughed as he walked out with a straw in his mouth as well. This man had long black hair, and it was tied behind his head like a pony-tail.

This man glanced around, and his eyes stayed on Soroyov for a bit longer; it seemed like he was shocked by the size of the mayor. He patted the shoulder of the white-haired man and laughed, “Look! The body of this fat pig is almost comparable to dumb Oleg!”

“He is shorter than Oleg,” the white-haired man squinted his eyes and replied.

“Eh,” the black-haired man nodded and continued, “You are right. He is shorter and fatter; he is literally like a big fat pig.”

As soon as this man said that, almost everyone burst into laughter. Everyone in Dual-Flags City knew that Mayor Soroyov was fat, but it was the first time that someone dared to call him a fat pig in front of his face.

“The mayor hates people who call him fat! Who are these two strongmen? How dare they make fun of the mayor?” people thought.

“How dare you?”

“Kill them!”

“You just insulted the mayor! Who are you?”

Soroyov was so mad that his body trembled violently, and his guards and the noblemen on his side all shouted at the two strongmen one after another.

“Mayor? This fat pig is the mayor?” the white-haired man zapped his mouth and spat out the straw in his mouth. He looked at his peer beside him as he shrugged his shoulder and said, “We have an important message to pass to you.”

In halfway, he turned around and said to his peer, “Hey, you tell him! His Majesty is still waiting!”

The black-haired man nodded and observed Soroyov a bit more. He laughed and asked, “You are the mayor?”

Before Soroyov could say anything, he continued, “I’m Drogba and he is Pierce; we are subordinates of the king of Chambord. His Majesty wants you to go the watchtower on the west gate and report to him. Hehe, mayor, please come this way.”

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  1. OG

    Lmfao! That is a great scene!

    Thank you noodls

  2. BellCross Wolfstein

    I am kind of cringing when i read the part where they showed up chewing straw grass…

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