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Hail the King Chapter 394.1

Chapter 394: Do You Think We Are Idiots? (Part One)

“They are subordinates of the king of Chambord?”

The soldiers on the defense wall cheered a little as if they saw hope.

However, the expressions on the faces of the noblemen and their guards got awkward. They all lowered their heads and didn’t dare to look at Pierce and Drogba in the eyes. They were shouting and scolding the two strongmen a second ago, but they didn’t dare to do anything now.

They all knew about how the messenger of the mayor got turned into meat paste on the defense wall and how the young noblemen who caused trouble at the gate of the military camp were executed. All of that happened because the mayor wanted to test the limit of the new No.1 Commander, and now the nobles knew that they shouldn’t test him; right now, these nobles didn’t dare to do or say anything to these two messengers of the king of Chambord. At the moment, they all wished that the devil-like No.1 Commander won’t target them.

Soroyov was shocked as well.

The fact that the king of Chambord wanted to see him terrified him, and the teasing expressions on the faces of these two strongmen made him mad, but he couldn’t do anything. If anyone else called him a fat pig to his face, he could have ordered his guards to chop them into meat paste. But now…… he didn’t dare to do anything to the subordinates of the king of Chambord.

“Since Mr. Alexander wants to see me, I will go there now,” Soroyov said with a red face; he tried hard and successfully suppressed his anger. He turned around and waved at the other nobles as he said, “This is a great opportunity, let’s all go and visit the new No.1 Commander!”

“Mr. Mayor, these three……” the guard with the bloody ax in his hand asked with a quiet voice.

“Arrest them for now! I will deal with them when I come back,” Soroyov said as he stared at that guard viciously, and that guard immediately called over some of his peers and was about to drag away these three poor soldiers.

“Wait,” Drogba saw this scene and frowned.

He asked, “Why are these three wearing the uniform of Zenit? Wait? They also have wounds on their bodies…… Are they soldiers of Jax? Why are they being punished this severely?”

“Huh…… they three are trying to spread bad rumors and are trying to get the soldiers to commit treason. As a result, the mayor ordered this punishment,” that guard of the mayor rolled his eyes and came up with an explanation.

“Huh? Trying to make the other soldiers commit treason? They should be killed!” Drogba nodded and said.

Soroyov sighed in relief, and his guard also wiped the sweat off his forehead secretly.

“Thank god these two muscular men are dumb! Otherwise, I couldn’t have fooled them this easily,” this guard thought.

“No! That is not true! We didn’t do that! We are wronged! Sir, please!……” that young soldier who got in trouble protecting the corpse of his older brother shouted in desperation.

“Shut up!” that guard shouted.

“Shut up!” Drogba shouted at the young soldier as well. After a moment of pause, he stared at that poor soldier viciously and added, “You are only a low-class soldier! It is not the place for you to talk!”

The young soldier was stunned.

All the hope he had was gone. He thought that these two strongmen who were the subordinates of the king of Chambord were his saviors, but he didn’t expect them to act the same as the nobles of Dual-Flags City. From the look of it, it seems like these two strongmen didn’t want to fight against the mayor as well. A bitter smile appeared on this young soldier’s face.

“Haha! Hahahahaha!”

After seeing this tragic scene, the pale and tall soldier who got his right hand chopped off started to laugh. Although he was laughing, tears appeared in his eyes. Everyone could hear the desperation and the irony in the laugh, and they all knew that the pain he was suffering psychologically was much stronger than the pain he was suffering physically.

All the soldiers around the area got touched, and their eyes all became red and teary.

None of them expected this outcome; they all thought that they were being saved.

However, the fat Soroyov’s face changed color. He squinted his tiny eyes and thought, “Maybe the king of Chambord isn’t that hard to deal with after all. At least, these two of his subordinates aren’t on the side of the low-class soldiers.”

He believed that he made an exciting discovery.

“Hey, you. Yeah, you! Come here, tell me how these three soldiers passed around rumors and tried to get the other soldiers to commit treason,” Drogba said to a guard as he gestured him to come over; he still had that bright smile on his face.

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