Chapter 395: The Situation Is Worse Than Anticipated (Part One)

“General, I think we should go and see Mr. Alexander now. Don’t you think you are crossing the boundary?”

Soroyov sneered as an impatient expression appeared on his face.

“Crossing the boundary?” Drogba sneered back, “Yuck! Cross your mama!” Drogba pointed at Soroyov’s noise and questioned in a tone that Fei liked to use, “King Alexander is the No.1 Commander of Jax Battle Zone, and he was appointed by both Emperor Yassin His Majesty and the Military Headquarter! Every single soldier in Dual-Flags City is a subordinate of King Alexander! I’m helping his majesty’s subordinates to find justice! Where did I cross the line?”

“Enough! General, pay attention to your words! You are facing a level 2 Noble of the empire! His status is not lower compared to that King Alexander you are referring to,” a nobleman stood out and argued for the mayor.

Drogba picked his ears and said, “What? What did you say? Are you comparing this fat pig to King Alexander? I can bet you all the money I have that even hemorrhoid on His Majesty’s a-s is 10,000 times better than this disgusting fat pig!”

“I need to correct you, Drogba,” Pierce who had a serious expression suddenly said, “I don’t think there is hemorrhoid on His Majesty’s bottom. Are you trying to smear His Majesty’s image?”

Drogba couldn’t come up with a comeback to that.


“You guys are too reckless!”

“Guards, arrest these two ignorant bastards! We will bring them to Alexander and get our justice!”

The nobles started to draw out their swords as they shouted angrily. The mocking coming from these two strongmen had offended their pitiful pride, and their guards looked at each other and hesitated a little before they charged at the two strongmen.

“Hey, Pierce, it is your showtime,” Drogba raised his chin.

“Damn, why do I have to do this all the time?” [White-Haired Fast Sword] Pierce was also influenced by the way Fei talked. After he complained a little and stepped forward, he punched out rapidly. His fists made a series of booming noises with the air, and all the guards were knocked away like punching bags before they could react.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

These 50 guards didn’t even last 30 seconds, and they were now all whining as they rolled on the ground.

If the guard captain of the mayor who got kicked away by Drogba prior was included, then none of the guards could stand up.

The nobles who showed their viciousness a moment ago by drawing their swords were dumbfounded. Their swords didn’t completely leave the scabbards yet, and it felt like their swords were glued onto the scabbards.

“God! How can this dumb-looking man be so strong?” they thought.

“This…… he is a Star-level Warrior? From the look of it, he didn’t even use much of his strength; he is capable of more…… is he really a soldier under the command of the king of Chambord?” even Soroyov who was sly and calculative started to tremble in fear.

He found out shockingly that he still underestimated the king of Chambord.

Before, he still wanted to play around with this new No.1 Commander and wanted to see if he could get back the control; after all, he heard that this new No.1 Commander was young, and young people tend to make mistakes. But now, the cruel reality slapped this sly noble in the face and told him how ridiculous his plan was; he couldn’t even deal with two of the king of Chambord’s generals.

“It is ok. He is fit, and he is not in life-threatening danger. However, he lost a hand; not sure if the mages with us could put it back for him……” Drogba inspected that pale and tall soldier who got his right hand cut off; this soldier had fainted due to the loss of blood. After inspection, Drogba calmed down a little and said, “Hey, you guys, find a stretcher and bring him to the healing facility that was set up in the camp of [Wolf Teeth Legion]; the doctors and the mages in the legion will treat him. Also, in the name of King Alexander, he will be rewarded with 20 gold coins for his bravery.”

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