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Hail the King Chapter 395.2

Chapter 395: The Situation Is Worse Than Anticipated (Part Two)

Soon, the soldiers found a stretcher and took that fainted soldier away.

“Ok, we have wasted enough time. Now we need to hurry up!” Pierce patted the shoulder of that young soldier and smiled as he said, “Bring your peers with you. Let’s all go to King Alexander His Majesty and report everything that had happened. His Majesty will determine the appropriate rewards and punishments.”

This young man nodded in excitement and perturbance.

“Let’s go, Mr. Mayor! Do you want us to drag you to His Majesty?”

Under the threats of Pierce and Drogba, Soroyov and the nobles followed them and walked towards the west gate with their heads down as if they were chickens that lost the chicken fight.


Fei sat under the watchtower on the west side of the defense wall and listened to the reports from the commanders from various defense locations; these commanders were reporting on how many enemies they killed and how many casualties they suffered.

After doing some basic calculations, more than 4,000 soldiers in Dual-Flags City were killed or severely injured today, and the herald brigade of [Wolf Teeth Legion] suffered 513 casualties…… this level of casualties was far worse than Fei’s expectation.

The number of Zenit soldiers Dual-Flags City had was fixed, but the enemies could get more reinforcements.

If this situation didn’t change, it would be a miracle for Dual-Flags City to last ten days. Even if the rest of [Wolf Teeth Legion] got here, the reinforcement would only contain 34,000 soldiers. It seemed a little impossible for Dual-Flags City to last through the winter.

The situation was worse than anticipated!

“Pass my order! The 30 Saint Seiyas shall patrol around the defense wall and monitor the enemies. All other soldiers shall rest and eat! We need to get ready to fend off the enemies in their next siege.”

Fei didn’t show any anxiousness and worries on his face; he appeared confident. This allowed the commanders around him to be more confident as well.

“Sir, Mayor Soroyov, and the nobles are here,” a soldier came over and reported.

“Bring them over,” Fei waved his hand casually as he said.

“As you wish.”

Soon, Soroyov and a dozen more nobles appeared under the lead of Pierce and Drogba; they look very uncomfortable. Behind them, there were their guards; these guards could only endure the pain Pierce’s fists brought to them as they didn’t dare to make a sound.

Right now, Soroyov and the nobles were very worried.

Even though they agreed that they would fight against the king of Chambord and would lay low and be patient for now, what happened earlier completely destroyed their courage to rebel. These two subordinates of the king of Chambord could wipe out all of them; patience couldn’t do anything to dominating strength.

Too weak!

Way too weak!

This was the phrase they liked to use when describing the civilians, and they felt like it described them for the first time as well. Finally, these high-up nobles got to experience what it was like to be powerless.

Currently, Soroyov didn’t even know what attitude he should have when greeting this young opponent of his.

After walking on the defense wall and being stared at by the soldiers of [Wolf Teeth Legion] with caution for a while, they finally arrived at the watchtower on the west gate.

They met the king of Chambord who have brought fear to them for the whole day.

They were surprised that the madman who they cursed in their minds every second was so young. The face of the king told them that he was not yet 20 years old. Although these nobles knew that this No.1 Commander of Jax Battle Zone was quite young, they were still shocked by how young he looked.

However, the presence and aura this young man had didn’t allow the nobles to underestimate him.

Soroyov who was walking at the very front was shocked; his pupils contracted instantly.

When he looked at this young man who was thinking about something, he sensed something special. When he wasn’t this fat and when he was still a young noble knight who had dreams and ambitions, he sensed something similar on another person; however, that was 26 years ago.

After sensing this special aura, his last bit of hope and courage disappeared.

The only thing that held him from kneeling down was his pride as a level 2 noble of Zenit.

The cold wind blew by, and the two flags on the watchtower made a series of noises as they fluttered.

One of the flags was golden with the image of a sharp curly blade on it; it looked quite majestic. It was the Royal Flag of Jax that Emperor Yassin got after he conquered the Capital of Jax – Amsterdam. This flag had been hanging here for the last 26 years; it represented the glory of Zenit, and it also reminded the people of Jax that they were once conquered.

This flag represented shame in the eyes of the people of Jax, and it was stabbed into their hearts like a thorn.

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