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Hail the King Chapter 396.1

Chapter 396: In the Name of Alexander (Part One)

For the last 26 years, the people of Jax dreamed of taking this flag away of Dual-Flags City and bringing it back to Amsterdam to wash away that shame. However, as long as that demon-like figure resided in the Capital of Zenit, none of the people of Jax dared to do such a thing.

But now, it seemed like this opportunity arrived.

In order to officially bring back that Royal Flag, they had to start the war.


Fei sat under this Royal Flag and rubbed his chin. He looked through the battlements that were stained by blood and looked at the desert; the wind was blowing, and the sky even turned yellow as a result of flying sand.

The king was thinking about how he could deal with the upcoming issues, and he was so absorbed in the thinking that he forgot about these nobles who were shivering in fear.

All of them including Mayor Soroyov didn’t dare to interrupt this young man who made they feel desperate; they all waited with their backs bent.

Finally, one noble’s legs numbed from standing up for so long, and he almost fell to the ground. The noise he made pulled the king back to the situation he had on hand.

“Huh,” Fei looked at the nobles, and his eyes landed on Soroyov. “You are the mayor of Dual-Flags City, Soroyov?” he asked.

“Yes…… Sir, it is me,” Soroyov quickly replied; he was quite bitter.

“Oh……” Fei responded casually and said, “I don’t have extra chairs here; you guys need to stand for a while.”

“Don’t worry. It is not a problem……”

“Yeah, Legion Commander, we aren’t qualified enough to sit down in front of you.”

“Yeah! We should stand up! It is within reason, haha!”

Before Soroyov could respond, all the nobles behind him answered for him. With flattering expressions on their faces, it felt like they would kneel down and lick Fei’s boots if Fei wanted them to.

Fei frowned; he couldn’t find any noble-like temperaments and qualities on them.

“After being controlled by a bunch of idiots like them, how much have this most important city in the northwest region of Zenit rot?” Fei was scared just thinking about it.

These nobles confirmed that Dual-Flags City was in a terrible situation once again.

However, Fei had to defend against the siege of a level 1 Empire on this terrible foundation.

“Fu*king ridiculous!” Fei shook his head and thought to himself in self-ridicule. After he glanced at the nobles again, he looked back at Soroyov and asked, “Blood? And a few wounds? So you did help with the defense?”

Soroyov didn’t know how to answer.

At this moment, he already lost the courage to lie. Also, he realized that staining his body with blood and ordering his guards to cut off the heads of the corpses to get military merits was stupid.

Fortunately, it seemed like the king of Chambord wasn’t trying to get a clear answer.

With a strange smile on his face, Fei asked again, “One…… two…… ten…… 16…… eh, I only see 29 nobles. If I am not wrong, there should be 36 noble families in the city, right? I ordered all nobles to help with the defense today…… who can tell me where the other nobles are? Did they die heroically in the last siege?”

All the nobles felt like their hearts were hammered hard by this question.

“S…… Sir…… the other seven noble families…… they didn’t listen to your order and didn’t help with the defense,” Soroyov told Fei the truth; he didn’t dare to say anything but the truth.

He was in a strange mood. He was planning to use Fei to get rid of those seven noble families who rivaled against him, but he felt sad telling Fei the truth as if what was going to happen to those seven noble families would happen to him as well.

“Is that so? Interesting! As nobles of the empire, they aren’t willing to fight for the empire. You guys tell me, do they still deserve to live?” at first, Fei was murmuring to himself, but he then turned his head and asked Pierce, Drogba, Kanort, and Huerk.

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