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Hail the King Chapter 396.2

Chapter 396: In the Name of Alexander (Part Two)

Before they could respond, Fei ordered, “You four take 500 elite cavaliers and invite the leaders of the seven noble families here; I want to listen to their explanations! If anyone dares to resist, they shall be executed immediately!”

“As you wish!”

The four warriors replied and quickly disappeared from the defense wall with murderous spirits.

Since the situation was crappy, it needed to be treated by effective and direct methods.

Since the situation was crappy, Fei didn’t have the patience to play around with these bug-like nobles. He had to wipe out all the unstable factors inside Dual-Flags City; that was the only way that everyone inside the city would focus 100% of fending off the enemies.

“Young brave soldier, come here.”

Fei waved at the young soldier who came with Drogba and Pierce.

At this moment, a real warm smile appeared on the king’s face.

“I’m…… Glenn, it is nice to meet you,” the young soldier said his name, and he was so emotional that his voice shivered. He single-kneeled in front of Fei and said, “May the gods bless you, Your Majesty!”

“Don’t be nervous, warrior. You should call me sir; only Chambordians address me as their majesty.”

Fei switched to Paladin Mode, and the kind and holy light shone. A dash of golden energy was injected into Glenn’s tired and injured body, and all the wounds on him were recovering at a visible speed.

In Diablo World, the Paladin was the representation of generosity, kindness, and justice. Even in the actual game, Paladins would be favored by the NPCs and would get better treatments.

After Fei switched to Paladin Mode, a warm and welcoming aura appeared on him. It was intimate and holy, and it made all the people around him wanting to worship him and stay loyal to him.

The injuries on Glenn’s body had soon recovered; these common injuries caused by standard blades were nothing in the eyes of a Paladin.

After Fei used [Prayer] for a dozen seconds, even the deep wound on Glenn’s shoulder that made his shoulder bone visible disappeared; it looked like he wasn’t injured from the beginning.

“Ah? This…… Thank you, sir!” the young warrior was stunned. He stretched his shoulder and couldn’t sense any pain. He felt like the pain and fatigue left his body forever; he was full of vitality as if he was reborn again.

Fei smiled as he stood up from the stone chair.

The golden battle ring under his feet started to expand, and it soon enveloped all the soldiers around him. All these soldiers felt a warm energy flowing in their bodies, and all the pain and fatigue they felt went away. Those soldiers who came with Glenn were also enveloped in this golden battle ring, and their eyes opened wide as they were shocked by the changes in their bodies.

After seeing this, the hearts of Soroyov and the nobles sunk.

However, the power of an individual was limited. Currently, Fei couldn’t envelop the whole city with his aura and help all soldiers.

“You guys can come over as well,” Fei called over the few soldiers who came with Glenn. As he looked at the tents inside the camp of Jax that was quite far away, he asked, “I heard from Pierce and Drogba that something tragic happened on the north side of the defense wall. What exactly happened?”


“Your older brother is a true warrior,” Fei patted Glenn’s shoulder and said after Glenn told him about what happened. “His honor won’t be stained by anyone. I promise you that he will be treated fairly.”

After that, Fei turned around and said to these soldiers who were no longer that nervous, “I, Alexander, promise you as the No.1 Commander of Jax Battle Zone that no one can strip away your rights and merits! You will be rewarded for your bravery and sacrifice. From now on, anyone who protects this city against the enemies will be rewarded! Even if they were beggars, slaves, and prostitutes!” Fei was very sincere.

What Fei said moved a lot of soldiers; they felt like the motivation, and the morale returned to them! As low-class soldiers, they weren’t asking for much; they only wanted their hard work and value to be recognized. Today, this young king did that.

“Cech?” Fei waved his hand.

“Yes, Your Majesty?” Cech walked over.

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