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Hail the King Chapter 397.1

Chapter 397: Pass My Order – Kill! (Part One)

“Record everything that I have said and post copies around the city. Also, remember to write down that the families of deceased soldiers will be compensated with five gold coins, and any soldiers who got injured in battle will be compensated with 50 silver coins. One kill of the enemies will be rewarded with ten silver coins, and the military merits each person earned will be recorded on the Military Merits Ledger. After each battle, it will be evaluated by the logistics department, and the people who are qualified to get promotions and monetary rewards will get them right away!”

Fei rubbed a rough battlement on the defense wall as he said determinately.

“As you wish, Your Majesty!” Cech recorded down everything Fei had said.

Fei stared into afar. After a few moments of silence, he added, “After the logistics department is done with the evaluation, bring the ledger to me for a view before distributing the rewards. Anyone who dares to mess around on the ledger will……”

Fei suddenly paused and punched behind him without even looking back.


A guard got turned into a cloud of blood mists before he could react.

All the blood spilled onto the faces of his peers and the nobles.

That wet sensation and the nose-piercing smell of the blood immediately terrified a lot of them; some timid nobles screamed as they collapsed onto the ground. Even though most of these nobles could control their body a little bit, they all kneeled onto the ground including Mayor Soroyov. The last bit of pride and courage Soroyov had as a level 2 noble of Zenit disappeared as soon as the blood got onto his face.

Bam! The partial corpse of that guard fell onto the ground.

This guard was the one who wanted to decapitate Glenn’s older brother’s corpse for military merits.

“If anyone dares to insult the corpses of brave soldiers, they shall be executed!” Fei said with a determinate tone as he stood still on the defense wall. As if nothing had happened, he ignored the nobles who all kneeled down in fear and continued, “Organize everything I have said and make them into the temporary military law. Spread it around the city, and make sure to emphasize that the punishment for anyone who dares to mess around on the Military Merit Ledger would be what happened to this guard!”

“As you wish,” Cech carefully recorded everything Fei had said.

Fei nodded and smiled at the soldiers around him. He said with a calm tone, “Alright, enough time wasted. You guys can go back and rest; you need to prepare for the next siege. Of course, come to me if you guys encounter any issues. Also, tell your comrades about what I said; let them monitor and see if I would go back on my words.

“Yes, sir!”

These young and brave soldiers held back their excitement and saluted at Fei. Afterward, they left and went back to the north side of the defense wall.

They would remember this meeting for the rest of their lives.

Perhaps some of them would die in this war, and maybe some of them couldn’t come this close and chat with this mighty king in the future, but what happened in this 10-minute meeting would be the most precious memory they would ever have; it was engraved into their souls.

After the soldiers walked away, Fei turned around and looked at the nobles kneeling on the ground; the warm smile had already turned into coldness.

“Gathering all the soldiers into the city, refusing to protect the 2,361 citizens of Zenit around Dual-Flags City and letting them die, giving the control of the area to the enemies of Jax, pulling your own forces out of the battle, getting ready to ditch the city, robbing the military merits of the base soldiers…… Humph! Great! Is this what you nobles of Dual-Flags City want Emperor Yassin His Majesty and the Military Headquarter to know?”

The nobles and their guards who were kneeling on the ground sweated buckets, and they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

“According to the Military Law of Zenit, what you did are no different to treason. You should be executed 10,000 times!” Fei shouted at them.

As soon as the nobles and their guards heard the word treason, their bodies shivered violently as if lightning struck them. They quickly crawled forward and begged for mercy.

“Sir, please spare us! We are guilty, but please show mercy! We only did it once!”

“Sir, sir! Soroyov made all of the decisions; we didn’t dare to resist against him. Please investigate!”

“King Alexander! We are willing to fight and willing to protect Dual-Flags City! Please give us the opportunity!”

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