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Hail the King Chapter 397.2

Chapter 397: Pass My Order – Kill! (Part Two)

All the nobles were terrified. If they were charged with treason, they were dead for sure; even relatives of the Royal Family of Zenit would be executed if they were found guilty of treason.

Fei didn’t respond right away. He stood in front of a battlement and looked into the sky; it looked like he was thinking about something.

He lightly knocked the battlement that was made from rocks, and that made a series of tapping noises. These noises sometimes were fast and sometimes were slow, they sometimes sounded like a breeze and sometimes sounded like a storm. Although the soldiers in the area found the noises interesting, the nobles were traumatized; they were afraid that this young man would make the decision right now and execute them all.

At this moment, a series of footsteps sounded.

“Sir, we have brought back the leader of the seven noble families,” Drogba reported loudly. Behind the four commanders, there were seven people; these people were in fancy clothes, but they were tied up with ropes.

“Alexander! You bloody butcher! You shameless butcher! I’m a noble of the empire! You can’t arrest me……” among the seven nobles who were arrested, a mid-aged man who had an aquiline nose and a gloomy face shouted as soon as he saw Fei, “I will bring this matter to the Royal Family! I will report you! You are committing a crime!”

“I already sent out the order, so why weren’t you on the defense wall helping with the defense?” Fei stopped a Saint Seiya from slapping this man, and he asked this noble calmly.

“Yuck! You don’t have the right to summon nobles to fight for you, and I also have the privilege of not participating in battles……” this aquiline nosed noble shouted angrily.

“I’m the No.1 Commander of Jax Battle Zone, and I’m appointed by Emperor Yassin His Majesty himself! Why do you think I don’t have the right? As nobles, you are respected by the civilians and enjoyed the privileges granted by the Royal Family. But at critical moments when the empire needs you, you make excuses not to serve? You didn’t just break the Military Law; when you are confronted with your crime, you still don’t see your wrongdoings! Disappointing…… execute him!”

As soon as Fei ordered, the Saint Seiya beside this aquiline nosed noble slashed down with his blade.

That noble was shocked; he never imagined that the king of Chambord dared to kill a level 3 noble. Before he could say anything or do anything, that blade already landed. After a cracking noise, blood spilled, and a head fell to the ground. That arrogant and idiotic noble was executed right there.

“For real?……. he got killed? He is a level 3 noble of Zenit!”

In Dual-Flags City, this noble’s status was only lower than Fei and Soroyov. It was heard that this aquiline nosed noble named Miller had significant connections in St. Petersburg, and that was why he was so arrogant; he even didn’t care about Soroyov’s orders in the past…… this noble that wasn’t restricted by the law was killed like a pig!

Miller’s head rolled on the ground, and the expression on his face told everyone that he still couldn’t believe what happened the moment he died. The hot blood left a trail on the ground, and steam came off of it in the cold winter weather.


The headless corpse fell to the ground, and that golden and prestigious robe got stained with blood and dust and was no longer fancy.

“Aaaaaa……” a few nobles were shocked, and they fainted after they screamed in terror.

Fei’s face didn’t even change expressions.

After he walked back to his stone chair, he sat down and waved his hand. Shevchenko stepped forward with a scroll in his hands and read off of it, “Miller Family, level 3 nobles, committed the following crimes. First, they conspired with the desert bandits three years ago, killed more than 100 people in Dean Merchant Group, and robbed 30,000 gold coins. Second, they kidnapped 103 poor women three years ago and sold them in Jax Empire for profit. Third……”

As Shevchenko announced the crimes committed by the Miller Family one by one, all the nobles who were still conscious were shocked.

Most of the nobles in their circle knew about these crimes, and most of the nobles committed crimes like these as well themselves. Most of these crimes were unsolved as no one in public knew that the Miller Family was behind these crimes. The nobles thought the king of Chambord was framing the Miller Family at first, but they all felt like these crimes were investigated, and the king of Chambord got all the facts.

“How did he know? How did he get so much information in just one day? What else does he know? Scary……” Soroyov and other nobles who were kneeling on the ground felt like they were in a freezer.

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