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Hail the King Chapter 398.1

Chapter 398: A Series of Executions (Part One)

“According to the laws of Zenit, except for the execution of the head of the Miller Family, the family will be stripped away their hereditary nobility status. All males who are younger than 16 shall be made into ordinary civilians, and all men who are older than 16 shall be placed into Suicide Squads in the military and help with the defense of the city. All women shall be turned into civilians as well. Also, all the properties of the Miller Family will be confiscated and turned into the funding for the military!”

Shevchenko announced the punishment.

No one objected to this verdict; perhaps they were all terrified of the king’s power and domination.

However, all the nobles here had to admit that this punishment was very lenient compared with the sentence some other noble families in the history of Zenit received. Only Miller was killed, and the men under the age of 16 and all women were turned into civilians; in other cases when a noble family was charged with treason, all the men were executed, and all women were turned into military prostitutes.

“Since everyone agrees that the verdict is fair, continue to the next one,” Fei lightly waved his hand and said. He was calm; in his eyes, killing a guilty and disgusting noble was no different to killing a pig.

“The Adam Family committed the following crime. First……”

Shevchenko opened up the second scroll, and it contained all the crimes that the Adam Family committed in the last ten years; every single incident was recorded in detail. As Shevchenko continued to announce them, all the nobles felt an unusual coldness, and the leader of the Adam Family collapsed onto the ground.

“Execute!” Fei said after Shevchenko finished reading.


The head of the leader of the Adam Family dropped onto the ground like a watermelon.

The west side of the defense wall was destined to be stained by the blood of the nobles.

“Next,” the king’s voice was still very calm.

“The Max Family committed the following crimes. First……” Shevchenko opened the third scroll and read all the crimes this family committed; this was the third noble family that went against Fei’s order from earlier.

“Execute!” after Shevchenko was done, Fei ordered again without hesitation.

Each of the crimes these nobles committed would result in the death penalty, and some of the crimes were so cruel and so disgusting that a reasonable person couldn’t even comprehend them. These crimes weren’t made up by Fei; all of this information was gathered and processed by Zolasc using the [Letter Office], and Fei was confident that all these crimes were linked back to the right perpetrators. As a result, Fei didn’t feel bad at all when he ordered their executions.


Another corpse fell onto the ground.

“The Lody Family committed the following crimes. First……” Shevchenko’s calm and just voice sounded again, and all the nobles shivered in fear as if they heard the call of the Grim Reaper.

“No……no!! Your Majesty! King Alexander, please forgive me! I’m willing to hand over all my properties, and I’m willing to fight for Dual-Flags City! Please……” the leader of the Lody Family was crapping his pants. He kowtowed repeatedly, and blood came out of his forehead.

“Execute!” Fei ordered calmly; he didn’t even look at that noble.


Another head rolled on the ground, and another headless corpse fell onto the ground as blood flowed out of the neck.

“Alexander, you are this young, yet you are this vicious…… You are a murderer! You are a bloody butcher! The Royal Family of Zenit won’t forgive you for this! Your ending will be similar to ours!……” after seeing this, the leaders of the other three noble families knew that they wouldn’t be spared. They all shouted angrily, and it looked like they wanted to charge at Fei and tear him into pieces.

Fei didn’t respond; he just sat in his chair calmly.

The golden sunlight in the winter shined on the king’s body, and he looked like a beautiful yet terrifying statue.

“The Kurt Family committed the following crimes. First, 11 years ago……” Shevchenko opened the fifth scroll and read from it slowly.

“Execute!” the order was the same.

With his back facing the nobles, Fei looked at the sun that was setting. His voice didn’t contain any emotion as if nothing significant was happening.

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