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Hail the King Chapter 399.1

Chapter 399: Temporary Peace (Part One)

“Pass my order! Arrest Mayor Soroyov for now! He shall pay 10,000 gold coins, and that amount needs to be paid in full in three days! Other nobles shall be charged 50,000 gold coins each, and the amount needs to be paid in full in three days as well. Also, each family needs to hand over 100 personal soldiers to help with the defense of the city……” as Fei said that, he looked at the nobles who were stoked to be alive and continued, “From today on, you guys will defend the west side of the defense wall. I will be here as well watching everything!”

Fei’s tone was very decisive and didn’t allow any room for negotiation.

“Sir! We are willing to pay and hand over soldiers for the defense; we are willing to listen to all of your calls and orders……” one of the nobles who had a fat face was already showing his good side as a flattering smile appeared on his face.

The nobles were happy that their lives were spared; although some of them felt painful giving away that much money, they couldn’t do anything about it.

In the end, they all looked at that first fat nobles in disdain as they all copied his attitude and expressed their willingness to pay and defend.

“Ok, you guys can leave now. Go back and prepare; bring people to the defense wall by tomorrow morning.”

Fei waved his hand, and some soldiers walked up and took Soroyov away. The other nobles all bowed at Fei respectfully and quickly escaped the defense wall; some of them were so scared that their legs were soft.

“From now on, this west gate will be my command center! As long as Jax doesn’t pull back its forces, I won’t leave this side of the defense wall!” Fei decided to put his command center on this side of the defense wall. Anywhere was the same in his eyes, and he would be able to discover the movements of the enemies by placing his command center here,

This action made the soldiers and the commanders admire him even more.

More and more people started to believe that there was still hope in this war where Zenit was at a severe disadvantage; as long as this young king was here to protect the Dual-Flags City, they could see a future.


The red sun was finally about to disappear on the horizon.

The sky darkened, and the white clouds in the sky were painted into the red color of the sunlight; they looked bloody from afar.

The temperature was dropping quickly.

Since it was the desert and the sand could not hold in the heat, the temperature difference between the day and the night was huge.

It was heard that even the Sand Tigers that were known as the [Boats in the Desert] could be freeze to death in the cold winter nights.

As a result, it was almost impossible to travel and battle in this climate. There had never been a case of enemies sieging a city in a winter night in the desert, so Fei and his fellow commanders didn’t need to worry too much about the safety of the city in the night.

The soldiers in Dual-Flags City who had fought for the whole day could finally get a good rest.

The seven noble families were confiscated, and the value of properties was worth more than 1,000,000 gold coins; there were more than 600,000 gold coins in their mansions on top of the rare treasures.

All of these were put into the military fund.

The soldiers in Dual-Flags City witnessed and participated in the whole expropriation process, and Frank Ribry who woke up after being treated by Fei a second time and the doctors in the city also appeared and helped. There were lots of witnesses and proofs that indicated that Chambord didn’t misappropriate the treasures.

[Wolf Teeth Legion]’s actions earned the respect of the native soldiers in Dual-Flags City.

After the herald brigade entered the city, the attitude of the native soldiers changed from skeptical to cautious and to respect. One had to admit that Fei’s charisma did 80% of the work, but the friendships that were built between the native soldiers and the soldiers in [Wolf Teeth Legion] during the battles today also helped a lot.

From strangers to friends; the two different groups of soldiers were getting to know each other quickly,

Fei was happy to see this; this would help to increase the concentration and the combat ability of the military forces.

Before the night arrived, the news about the king of Chambord executing the leaders of the seven noble families already got around the city.

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