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Hail the King Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Return of the King

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In a few minutes, almost all the monsters on the moor had joined in the ‘parade’, as if they were celebrating something significant. When Fei reached the junction between 【Blood Moor】 and 【Cold Plain】, there were three to four hundred monsters and demons chasing him.


Fei was so happy when he saw this. Although these monsters were low level, the massive amount of them would still give him a huge amount of experience. He stopped running and started clearing the monsters. He waved his wand.

Poison Skill – 【Teeth】

“ Whirr-”

A cloud of cold death energy flowed out of the wand. Three teeth shaped bones appeared out of nowhere; they were covered in death energy and shot towards the monsters as they followed a strange trajectory in the air. The thirty 【Fallen Shamans】 who were leading the “

‘parade’ were shattered into pieces.

Fei waved the wand again. Another cloud of cold death energy formed.

Summoning Skill – 【Raise Skeleton】

“Crack, crack -”

Energy surrounded a 【Fallen Shaman】 corpse and began moving. Soon, its flesh burst open and a skeleton that was holding a bone blade in its left hand and a bone shield in its right hind rose up. It blocked the monsters’ path perfectly. It was fast, too; it swung its blade and killed a couple 【Fallen Shamans】 that were close to it.

While his skeleton warrior blocked off the ‘monster army’, Fei was abusing 【Teeth】. Numerous teeth shaped bones shot out into the crowd of monsters.

Fei didn’t even have to target anything; there were so many monsters that as long as Fei faced the right direction, the skill would be able to shatter a couple of them. 【Teeth】 had a penetration effect, so it could kill at least a couple monsters in a line.

After six seconds, the skeleton warrior that Necromancer Fei summoned was smashed into fragments by the monsters. Fei turned around and sprinted to gain some distance from the army.

He summoned another skeleton warrior to block the path and once again shot many 【Teeth】 into the monsters. The process was repeated a couple times.

Although there were some dangerous situations, Fei was able to react quickly. Also, with more than ten bottles of 【Minor Healing Potions】 and 【Minor Mana Potions】, he could easily live.

After five minutes, the last monster in the army screamed as it fell into a pool of its own blood. Fei glanced at the battlefield filled with broken limbs and shattered organs. The monsters’ and demons’ blood soiled the ground. Rain with all the blood, and the only colour Fei could see was red. The stench of blood and flesh filled Fei’s nose.

It was a one sided massacre, but Fei only felt numb. He felt like he was getting used killing and death. He evolved from a university student who felt dizzy after seeing any blood to a ‘Super Butcher’ whose mental state wasn’t affected even if millions of people were killed.

Beside the corpses, there were also gold coins and items soaked in the rain and blood.

Because these monsters were all low leveled, there weren’t any good stuff. Time was tight; Fei glanced through them and threw the four blue magic items into his 【Item Slot】; he didn’t bother keeping the rest.

There were less than 15 minutes left. The cold wind blew at Fei after he stepped onto 【Cold Plain】. The monsters here were stronger and more aggressive. Fei chugged a bottle of 【Stamina Potion】 and started running again. Just like on the 【Blood Moor】, monsters started chasing Fei after he made too much noise.

For the first time, Fei discovered the effect of running in the Diablo World at night time. It was way more realistic than the original game and the monsters were more flexible and lively than the original programmed codes.

Halfway to the burial ground, Fei had to stop and deal with the monsters that were chasing him. If too many monsters chased him, Fei didn’t think he could handle all of them at once, even though they were still lower level and there weren’t any mini-bosses in the crowd. A single man was no match for an army. If their numbers were large enough, ants could take out an elephant.

Fei stopped and used the same tactic –

He summoned a skeleton warrior to hold off the monsters and shot a lot of 【Teeth】 behind it.

The first four minutes went smoothly. The monsters fell and died like crops under Fei’s deathly tactic, and the number of monsters became a lot smaller. But the situation suddenly changed –

Maybe it was because the other monsters heard the noises from the battlefield and the desperate screams from their own; numerous monsters rushed into battle from all directions. A single skeleton warrior wasn’t enough to hold them off. Fei had to start running around, chugging potions while dodging attacks and using 【Teeth】 to fight back.

“Damn, why are they so active at night? They must had taken V----a……”

Fei was feeling the pressure.

Although he wasn’t in much danger, there was no time to waste. If this continued, he wouldn’t be able to get to the burial ground and kill 【Blood Raven】 on time. His goal of getting to level 6 and learning 【Corpse Explosion】 before leaving the Diablo world was probably not going to be accomplished.

After Fei thought about it, he increased his spell casting speed, but there were just too many monsters to be killed. After a couple of them died, even more monsters would join the chase. Ultimately, Fei had killed a lot of monsters, but even more monsters chased after him.

“Damn it! I didn’t kill your families did I?”

Fei was getting frustrated. He used his wand as a stick to strike a couple monsters that were getting too close to him and kept spamming his 【Teeth】 and 【Raise Skeleton】 skills; he was lucky that there were no cooldowns for spells in the Diablo World. He could use skills as frequent as he liked as long as he had enough mana.

Fei danced in between monsters while chugging 【Minor Healing Potions】 and 【Minor Mana Potions】.

The monsters were still lower level on 【Cold Plain】 and there were barely any ranged attack monsters and demons. Fei was able to hold himself together in this situation.

“S--t! I’ll never get to 【Blood Raven】 at this speed……”

After checking the time, Fei knew that there were only a couple minutes left.

Sure enough, after about five minutes, that cold, mysterious voice appeared in Fei’s mind –

“Gamer Fei, you have reached the maximum gaming time for today, please be ready to leave Diablo world in 10……9……8……”
Fei felt helpless.

He wasn’t able to level up to level 6 after all; he had been level 5 for a while now and needed a little bit more experience to reach level 6. He was so close to 【Corpse Explosion】, which could help him defeat the enemies that surrounded Chambord……

“F--k these V----a eating bastards!”

Fei was pissed. He shot as many 【Teeth】 into the crowd of monsters as he could before he had to leave. The energy covered sharp bones were shot into the spot where the most monsters were at; numerous painful screams emerged……

At this moment, something unexpected happened –


A clear sound resounded in Fei’s ear.

A beam of white light came down from the sky and embraced Fei. The comfortable sensation filled Fei’s body. All his wounds quickly recovered and his health and mana rose to the max.

Level Up!

Fei had leveled up at the last second.

He was stoked!

He had no time to worry about anything else; all he did in the last second was open up the Necromancer skill tree and add 1 point to 【Corpse Explosion】.

“Looks like my luck is isn’t that bad, hitting my goal at the last second.”

Fei was relieved.

At that moment, everything in his vision twisted. He felt the zero gravity again and darkness hit him. Fei was kicked out of the Diablo World.



Chambord Castle.

It was finally noon.

Although it was Autumn, the heat was still unbearable. The dark defensive wall heated up against the sun, as well as the soldiers’ weapons and armour. Some soldiers were so exhausted that they had to sit down and get some rest.

Exhaustion and anxiety were like two mountains that sat over the minds of the soldiers, taking them closer to the point of mental breakdown. The enemies were still not sieging.

However, the soldiers of Chambord felt their vicious and murderous glares. The enemies were like a snake coiling on the stone bridge; they could feel a chill to their bones under the bright sun.

No one knew when the breathtaking pressure was going to end.

No one knew when the bloody battle was going to erupt.

No one knew if the Chambord would be the same after the battle and if they could walk down the stairs of the defensive wall alive and hug their family members who were waiting for them at their doorsteps……

Brook was walking around on the defensive wall, trying to motivate the soldiers. However, it wasn’t that effective. The physiological and mental exhaustion wasn’t going to go away after a talk.

The Second Commander of the King’s Guards quickly found out that his pep talking skills were far from King Alexander’s. The young king could motivate the soldiers after a couple sentences, while Brook had said more than a hundred sentences and barely got any reaction out of the soldiers.

Fatty Gill was breathing heavily while sitting on the ground. He was probably going to die if their family warrior didn’t hold up a sun umbrella for him. Head Minister Bazzer stood behind Gill calmly. He eyes were squinted, and no one knew what he was thinking about……

Warden Oleg was sitting at the spot that Fei commanded him to guard. The chest piece on his armour was taken off by him to use as a fan. He was mumbling something as he flapped his chest piece to create some wind. He looked at the enemies over the river and looked at the head warrior Lampard as if he was planning something. However, after he saw the corpse of Conca still nailed onto the wall of the watchtower, he tucked in his neck.

Pierce had the [King’s Sword] strapped on his back. He was walking around the watchtower anxiously.

As time passed and the temperature on the defensive wall rose, he became more and more impatient. He didn’t know that the king was doing in the tower. It was quiet; not a single sound came from within the building. If Pierce wasn’t subdued by Fei, he would already have rushed in to ask what was going on.

At this moment, suddenly –

Three star warrior Lampard was shocked. He felt a strong, yet ghastly power coming from within the watchtower, which really surprised him.

At the same time, one star warrior Oleg felt something too. He felt a terrifying pressure pressing down on him; the pressure was far more than what he could handle. It felt like the stare of the Grim Reaper. He only felt this way when Lampard was enraged. “Lampard isn’t angry right now, could it……could it be Alexander?”

One star warrior Brook felt the same. He looked at the watchtower with excitement.

The person closest to the watchtower was novice mage Gill. As if he saw the thing that he was most scared of, he jumped off the ground in a shock and he trembled. After seeing his son’s reaction, Bazzer opened his eyes suddenly as if he thought of something interesting, and then squinted them again.

Of course, aside from the mages and warriors, the ordinary soldiers didn’t feel anything. This included Pierce.

He only had inhuman strength; although he felt that the atmosphere on the defensive wall had changed a little bit, he couldn’t point out exactly where it was coming from.


In the watch tower.

Fei opened his eyes. He looked through the ruined window to check on the enemies. Four hours had passed and the situation Chambord was in was very close to what Fei predicted – The enemy’s commander was like a dormant cobra, still waiting for the best moment to strike.

The situation was still frozen. It was up to the quality of the soldiers at this point.

Compared to the well trained enemies, the defensive power of Chambord were like novices, regardless of whether it was the King’s guard or the newly recruited young adults. As time passed by, the gap between the strength of the attackers and defenders only grew wider, and the enemies seemed more dangerous and unstoppable.

If Fei wasn’t wrong, the mysterious enemy’s commander was waiting for a perfect time – after lunch, it was the most tiring time of the day for an average person, and it would be a perfect time to siege.

Fei looked up at the sky and knew that there was about twenty minutes left until lunch.

The battle was about to begin. He had to start planning. Fei stood up from the rock he was sitting on. He didn’t walk out of the building right away.

He closed his eyes and searched for the powers he brought out of the Diablo World. From Fei’s experience, aside from the strength of a level 12 Barbarian, he also had the power of a level 3 Sorcerer, a level 3 Paladin and a level 6 Necromancer.

Gradually, he felt something.

A looming, cold, deathly force field surrounded him. It looked mysterious and complex.

It felt really familiar. Fei opened up his hand. Suddenly, a white cloud of death energy formed into a swirl in his palm. It was whining and whirling, as if it was a mini-sized tornado.

“This is… the death energy of the Necromancer.”

Fei was excited. But soon, his eyebrow wrinkled.

He couldn’t feel any power from the Barbarian, Sorcerer and Paladin aside from the Necromancer. Despite how hard he tried, there was no response.

“What’s going on?” Fei close his eyes and thought.

He was nervous, “It shouldn’t……Damn, was my hypothesis about bringing every class to the real world wrong?”

At this moment –

“Hint: Only one character can be usable at a time. If you wish to use the abilities of another character, please switch characters.”

That cold, mysterious voice sounded in Fei’s mind.

“Switch characters?”

Fei was confused. But after thinking about it for a couple seconds, Fei understood what it meant.

“So it’s like this.”

Fei said, “Switch to Barbarian” in his mind.


Something magical happened the next second.

The white cloud of death energy disappeared from Fei’s palm, and so did the looming, cold, deathly force field.

Fei didn’t feel any Necromancer powers at all; it felt like it never existed. What he could now feel was the ultimate physical strength of a level 12 Barbarian.


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