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Hail the King Chapter 400.1

Chapter 400: Sneaking into the Enemies’ Camp (Part One)

The closer it was to the campsite, the faster this shadow was. In the end, it was so fast that this shadow was almost invisible to a human eye.

This shadow was so fast that it didn’t leave any trace nor sound on the way. Like a phantom, it bypassed all the blockages and all the watchtowers, and it entered the campsite of the troops of Jax.

This dash of shadow was Fei who switched to Assassin Mode.

After he switched to Assassin Mode, he was as light as a feather and as Jax as a flash of lightning. Using the abilities of the Assassin, he easily sneaked in.

Most of the territories in the Jax Empire were deserts, and a lot of the people of Jax lived a nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, the soldiers of Jax were great at setting up appropriate tents at different locations. In this case, they were using triangular tents; these tents were stable, easy to move, and no sand could accumulate on top of them. The top of the tents was spherical, and each of the tents was about six meters apart; looking from far, they looked like numerous small sand hills, and it would be difficult for their enemies to discover them.

Under Assassin Mode, Fei used the skill [Cloak of Shadows].

Fei’s Assassin Character was level 68, and using this skill would allow him not to be seen by enemies within 50 meters from him. Also, if he wanted to, he could blind all enemies within 20 meters from him and put them in a state of chaos.

Since the Assassin Character offered top-tier stealth skills and trap identification skills, none of the master warriors on the side of Jax could spot him, and the magic traps that would be triggered by outsiders were useless in front of Fei.

Fei casually wandered around inside the campsite of Jax.

With [Cloak of Shadows] activated, Fei won’t be exposed unless he took the initiative and attacked someone. Right now, no one could sense his existence; it felt like the campsite of Jax was Fei’s garden.

For 30 minutes, Fei had walked passed tens of thousands of tents, and he got a better grasp of the strength of Jax.

Since they grew up in this terrible natural environment, the soldiers of Jax had more endurance, were more vicious, and had better combat abilities compared to the soldiers of Zenit. After Fei did some screening, he had already discovered about 700 low-tier Star-level Warriors! This ratio of Star-level Warriors to ordinary soldiers was terrifying!

If that haughty Prince Fairenton decided to siege Dual-Flags City non-stop without caring about the casualties, Fei wasn’t confident in successfully fending off the invaders.

After another 30 minutes, Fei finally found the tent where the head commander of the enemies resided.

This tent was only a little bit larger than the tents for ordinary soldiers; it could hold a dozen people at maximum capacity. Also, there weren’t any symbols on the tents; the only thing that set this tent apart from the others were the 30 guards outside of it.

It looked like this Prince Fairenton wasn’t someone who enjoyed luxury by the look of his tent.

Fei slowed down, chugged down a bottle of [Mana Potion], and used [Cloak of Shadows] to the maximum.

As a result, a translucent cloud of energy appeared around Fei and covered an area of 40-meter radius around him, and Fei was able to walk pass the guards easily. Looking from the outside, it looked like these guards who were all Three-Star Warriors were acting and pretending not to see Fei.

Voices sounded inside this tent.

“Your Highness! I have sent a team of Sand Tiger Cavaliers to the closest Oasis – Bergburg Oasis for a dispatch of food. Don’t worry! The second batch of food will arrive in three days……”

Fei heard someone speaking inside the lit tent.

He found a spot on the corner of the tent and peeked into it through a slit on it.

What surprised Fei was that although the exterior of the tent looked ordinary, the interior of the tent was luxurious. Several glided patterns were drawn on the dark red furs of some unknown Demon Beasts, and an orange magic lantern close to the skylight emitted warm lights. With corresponding magic lamps on the walls of the tent, they lit up the tent and showed off its clean design.

Although there wasn’t a campfire inside the tent, it was very warm inside of it.

Fei saw many magic pathings on the walls of the tent and sensed the surge of magic energy. It was obvious that there were delicate magic arrays inside the tent that were keeping it warm.

There were about eight people inside the tent.

Most of them were wearing brown armors with their helmets in their hands. They all had dark brown irises and full-grown beards; they looked like typical warriors of Jax.

In the center of the tent, a handsome young man was sitting on a fancy chair; he was Prince Fairenton, the fire-elemental Eight-Star Warrior and the head commander of this troop of Jax.

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