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Hail the King Chapter 401.1

Chapter 401: That Fire in the Night (Part One)

“Your Highness, since this king of the little affiliated kingdom is so hard to deal with, why don’t we report back to Emperor Fuji His Majesty and ask for a powerful warrior to come to deal with him?” one general came up with a direct recommendation after sensing the power of Fei.

“Eh, I’m already doing it. However, since the No.1 Swordsman Mr. Huntelaar hadn’t returned, it would be hard to deal with the king of Chambord since the other Moon-Class Elites the empire has are all busy at the moment. However, I have already invited a powerful Senior Fellow Disciple of mine to come here. This Senior Fellow Disciple of mine is the most talented and most powerful disciple my master has, and he will be here in a few days,” Prince Fairenton said.

Fei saw a hopeful expression on Fairenton’s face when he said that, and he knew that this prince admired his Senior Fellow Disciple.

“The Senior Fellow Disciple of this famous prince of Jax is this powerful? Even Fairenton admires him? Huh…… is this Senior Fellow Disciple still on the Star-level or is he already a Moon-Class Elite?” Fei thought.

Under Barbarian Mode, Fei was already invincible in the realm of Star-level.

He really wanted to meet this genius warrior Fairenton was talking about; he hoped that through battling with a genius warrior, he would be able to get the inspiration and break through the threshold to become a Moon-Class Elite.

After some more chats, the generals left the tent.

“This king of Chambord sure is a talented person! If he is willing to become a part of Jax, I’m willing to give him my prince status!” after he put away the letter, Prince Fairenton suddenly sighed as if he thought of something while looking at the empty tent.

Fei was quite surprised to hear this.

He didn’t expect this haughty prince of the Jax to have such a good impression of him.

Fairenton still hadn’t discovered Fei’s existence.

After about five minutes, he put on a cape and started to patrol the campsite with a few guards with him in the cold.

Putting their opposite stances aside, Fei quite appreciated this prince’s character. At least regarding professionalism and valuing the soldiers’ lives, this cold and haughty prince demonstrated the temperament and behavior of a good leader.

After seeing that Prince Fairenton and his guards disappeared into afar, Fei sneaked into the tent.

It was quiet inside the tent.

Fei easily found that letter and read it carefully. He confirmed that someone inside Dual-Flags City wrote this letter; the events were recorded in so much detailed that Fei felt like he relived through what happened today.

Fei did expect there to be spies of Jax and traitors of Zenit inside Dual-Flags City.

What surprised him was that the status of this traitor was quite high; it was very likely that this traitor was standing around the watchtower on the west gate and had witnessed the execution of the leaders of the seven noble families.

“Who could it be…… A commander of the native forces? Or…… A thorn like this inside Dual-Flags City is troublesome! If he or she took action and disrupted the defense of Dual-Flags City at critical times, it would affect the entire war!” Fei though to himself.

“Who could it be?” Fei thought through everyone who was around the area and didn’t spot anyone who was suspicious.

“I need to take it slow; if I get anxious, it would have a bad influence on the morale of the soldiers.”

After memorizing the font and the writing style of the letter, Fei put the letter back to its original location and sealed it up using the original method.

Before Prince Fairenton came back, Fei did more searches in the tent.

He quickly found a military map with a lot of comments and tiny red arrows on them. Fei studied it for a bit and realized that the red arrows showed several paths and roads in the desert that were unknown to others.

Fei also found four more maps just like the first one. These maps all had different paths with different locations; they were all important military maps for strategic uses.

Fei carefully observed the maps and memorized everything on these maps. The king had a good memory to begin with, and the miraculous skill [Learn] enforced this ability and allowed him to have a photographic memory. Therefore, although there was a lot of information on the maps, it wasn’t a heavy-duty task for Fei to memorize all of them.

After that, he found a lot of military documents on the table that Prince Fairenton used.

Using his insane memory, he just memorized everything on these documents without fully understanding them; he didn’t have time to slow down and comprehend everything.

When he placed everything back to their original spots and made sure that no one could see the difference, footsteps sounded.

Fei could sense Prince Fairenton’s Eight-Star Energy; it was like a bright campfire in the night. After Fei double checked and made sure that no one could tell that someone was here, he used [Cloak of Shadows] and disappeared in front of the guards.

Prince Fairenton returned to his tent and didn’t discover anything strange.


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  1. Nikk

    Seems weird Fei has a “photographic” memory all of a sudden when earlier he couldnt even remember potion recipes and kept messing up his lessons cause of his memory lol wut. I must have missed something

    • Buhri

      It must be the result of the learn skill…

    • It wasn’t that he didn’t remember, but that he was absent minded and put the wrong stuff in the mix while distracted. A photographic memory won’t help if you’re thinking about Elena’s boobs while you work.

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