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Hail the King Chapter 401.2

Chapter 401: That Fire in the Night (Part Two)

Fei didn’t leave the campsite of Jax after he left Fairenton’s tent. After he searched a bit more, he found the storages that contained food supplies for these soldiers of Jax.

Behind a sand hill where the wind was weaker, there were a ton of food supplies stored in several big tents. These tents were protected by invisible magic traps, and they were also guarded by a lot of elite soldiers. In addition, there were 50 Star-level Warriors between the level of Two-Star and Three-Star patrolling around the area.

After some carefully screening, Fei discovered that there were several warriors on the level of Four-Star and Five-Star hiding in the dark.

It was clear that the food supplies were crucial.

It made sense; food and water were the most critical resources in the desert, and they were more important in a war in the desert.

The people of Jax had their way of finding water sources. Fei had already seen more than a dozen water wells that connected to the underwater 100 meters deep. Everyone knew that there was underwater near Dual-Flags City; Emperor Yassin used [Dragon Fist] to created wells for the people in Dual-Flags City, and this story was well-known in the region.

Although it wasn’t hard to find water, the food supplies had to be transported on land.

Under Assassin Mode, Fei easily got around the Two-Star and Three-Star Warriors who were patrolling the area, and he dodged the magic traps like a pro.

After he entered a storage facility, the skills of the Assassin Character were complete demonstrated. In just a few seconds, Fei assassinated four Four-Star Warriors who were hiding in the dark.

When he was trying to assassinate that Five-Star Warrior, he encountered some issues. When Fei attempted to slit the throat of that Five-Star Warrior, the warrior made a muffled noise to warn the others. It was fortunate that the wind was blowing fast, and the whistle of the wind covered this muffled noise; the patrolling elite soldiers didn’t hear it.

Fei decided to destroy these food supplies.

He was able to use the skill [Venom] of the Assassin Character to poison these food supplies. The poison created by this skill was deadly; this poison was odorless and colorless, and one drop of it was enough to kill more than 100 enemies. Only warriors who were above Three-Star could potentially survive this poison.

However, Fei hesitated about poisoning more than tens of thousands of soldiers of Jax.

He wasn’t a person who would show kindness to the enemies, but directly poisoning the enemies in secret was just too vicious and too cruel. After all, Fei was only a university student in his previous life and wasn’t a vicious person who would do anything to achieve his goals; he naturally disliked poisoning a ton of people.

After he gave it some thoughts, he decided to act like a “saint” and not poison the enemies; he was going to use fire to burn these food supplies.

If the soldiers of Jax had no food to eat, they would have to retreat; that was the best outcome that Fei could wish for; of course, it was only a wish.

After he put on the devil mask, switched to Sorceress Mode, and shot out his first fireball, an angry roar sounded from Prince Fairenton’s tent. Next, Fairenton dashed out of his tent and rushed towards this location.

“Huh? He spotted me?” Fei was quite surprised, but he didn’t stop shooting out fireballs.

“Stop! Who are you? Soldiers! Come! Put out the fire!”

Haughty Prince Fairenton’s loud shout resonated in the camp, and he punched out forcefully. That fist energy was very impressive; it created a series of thunders and winds. The tents inside the campsite all shook violently and made even more noise as a result of it.

However, Fei easily dodged this attack.

In this situation, he didn’t want to fight with this prince. Instead, he played the role of an arsonist even more and shot out more than 30 fireballs. Like the kisses of the devils, these fireballs instantly ignited the food supplies, and the fire quickly spread around the storages.

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  1. Fellow Daoist

    So, only now he conveniently remembers that he was only a university student his character is all over the place

    the last chapter he was literally chopping people heads off

    • Catsmasher

      Yea, people who are enemies just because they are in war and not because they have done something terrible. theres a thin line between the two. It would leave a bad taste if you poison them. thats why fei just decided to burn it. i agree with the author here.

      • Leon

        Well… The end result is still “Death” so it no different if he burn or poison those food. But he should have just take as much as he can into his space storage. What a waste of innocent food

        • OG

          No not death. They will have to leave before their reinforcements….

          I do agree he should have poisoned…. Unless he turns farenton. And scoops up this army under his comms….

      • Nobody

        Wow, the author should have gone with your reasons too. That would have been more convincing than than university student jargon.

    • Nobody


  2. Weedisdaboss

    Oh wtf he could have poisoned the whole enemy force and the Author decides to make him go soft, cause it would have been a insta Win for his side, stupid reason only to keep the Plot going….

  3. Hue

    He needs to find out who betrayed dual flags city.
    That’s the true reason of all that.

  4. xiaozai

    He killed many people but they are scumbags and tried to kill him and his people. And he killed them by his strength fair and square and not by dirty tricks. Remember why he is mad at Huntalear. Because He sneak attacked Kraisic. But poisoning several thousands of soldiers who fought for honor would be against his belief and would be a mass murderer. I think author has good idea of MC’s character.

  5. wagaass

    he should plunder that food, he forgot that his legion wil lack food if they arrive at city

  6. Being merciful to your enemies is the same as being merciless to you and your allies. Due to this strange moment of soft heartedness untold thousands of his soldiers and citizens of Zenit will die cruel deaths. He is playing with the lives of his own countrymen all because of his vague moral obligation. He is part of a war of destruction, kill or be killed, and his enemies will certainly show him nor the innocent civilians of Zenit no quarter. It even talks about how they will massacre the hundreds of thousands of civilians should they win.

    What a f-----g idiot and a hypocrite.

  7. Mohd Salim B Mansurdin

    He could just use his storage ring and steal the food

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