Chapter 402: You Won’t Kill Me (Part One)

“Who are you? Sh*t! Stop! I will fu*king kill you!”

After seeing that the food supplies were being burned, Prince Fairenton shouted angrily as burning rage appeared in his eyes.

In the desert, food was more precious than gold. It was accurate to say that the lifeline of the 60,000 soldiers of Jax was being destroyed by this evil mage who was shooting out fireballs recklessly; the prince was really mad.

However, Fei still didn’t fight the prince head on. As he dodged the attacks from this prince, he continued to set the food on fire.

The air was quite dry in the desert, and the food supplies in the storages were dry as well after they were kept there for three days. They were easily flammable; they would be ignited using regular fires let alone magic fires that were a lot hotter. Even though some of the mages on the side of Jax prepared to cast water-elemental spells, the power of these spells was weakened since there weren’t a lot of water magic elements in the area.

Fei laughed and started to run around in the storages.

Then, something unusual happened; fires would appear wherever Fei went. As if he was a devil that was walking in the night, even sand under his feet would burn vigorously.

This was the skill of the Sorceress Character – [Blaze]; this skill would leave a wall of fire in Fei footsteps, and all the enemies could be burned into ashes.

In the meantime, Fei also used the new skill [Hydra] that he just learned. After he pointed at a stack of food supplies with his wand, the ground opened, and a multi-headed beast that looked similar to snakes appeared. It was three meters tall, and it was made from pure fire magic elements.

This monster looked viciously, and its mouths would open and spit out fire regularly; these fires were enough to kill a One-Star Warrior.

The blowing wind helped the fires to burn even more.

Soon, the food supplies that were going to last the 60,000 soldiers of Jax for the next three days were all enveloped by the flames, and crackling noises sounded as some of the food like corn popped.

Fairenton’s superior intelligence was shown at this moment. After he forced himself to calm down, he thought about the situation and realized that although they lacked water, there were a lot of sands around; the sands could extinguish fires as well.

“Damn it! Stop looking for water! Use sand! Use the sand to put out the fire!…… Quickly! All mages! Use earth-elemental spells and move the sand onto the food!”

As Fairenton chased after Fei, he ordered the soldiers and mages anxiously.

After hearing the command, the soldiers and mages who were in a state of panic got a bit more organized and started to use the sand.

Under the work of tens of thousands of soldiers, the fires finally got controlled.

Fei laughed and quickly dashed out of the campsite of Jax. He didn’t go back and set more fire; it seemed like the food supplies that got saved could barely last 60,000 soldiers for a day, and his goal was achieved.

“Escape? Where are you going?” Prince Fairenton chased after Fei angrily, “I will kill you!” he shouted.

Both Fei and Fairenton were speedy, and they quickly disappeared into the night. The warriors of Jax wanted to chase after them to protect their prince, but they couldn’t catch up.

Fei didn’t head towards Dual-Flags City.

He chose to go deeper into the desert.

After he got to know this prince better tonight, he decided to lure this prince out to the desert and have a good talk.


The deeper one was into the desert, the colder it was.

Fei’s endurance wasn’t that great under Sorceress Mode, and he didn’t like to sprint under this mode. Since the Sorceresses in Diablo World couldn’t cast spells that could make them fly, Fei wasn’t that fast if he was compared to Prince Fairenton who was chasing after him like a madman.

As time passed by, Fairenton got closer and closer. The prince was being enveloped by his red Warrior Energy Flame, and he was at his peak state while he repeatedly shouted to empower himself.

Fei thought of something and quickly changed to [Assassin Mode]. Like a shadow, he instantly disappeared.

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