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Hail the King Chapter 402.2

Chapter 402: You Won’t Kill Me (Part Two)


A lot of force spilled to the surroundings as Fairenton landed onto a sand hill. With his guards up, he looked around and observed.

“Huh? Where did he go? Strange…… he was here a moment ago…… how did he disappear? I can’t even sense his aura. Does he know how to fly?” the haughty prince’s eyes looked all red as the moonlight shined on him, and the red Warrior Energy was spread out like waves.

With the strength of Eight-Star, a warrior was capable of using his or her Warrior Energy to sense the location of enemies close by. As long as the enemies weren’t a lot more powerful and didn’t have unique stealth techniques, their locations would be revealed.


“I can’t sense anything, not even a trace…… It feels like he is turned into thin-air!”

Fairenton was shocked.

He detected the power of that fire-elemental mage in the campsite, and he knew that the mage was less powerful than him. “How can he avoid be detected by me now?” he thought.

“Hey, are you looking for me?”

A loud and clear voice sounded behind him.

The prince was shocked even more.

“Someone sneaked behind me, and I didn’t even notice?”

As a talented warrior, his instinct told him not to turn around immediately.

Like an arrow, he instantly dashed away for 20 meters. When he gained a safe distance, he readjusted his mentality and unleashed his Eight-Star Warrior Energy.

After his Warrior Energy cycled in more than 80 energy channels inside his body and created a tsunami-like noise, he turned around carefully.

It was fortunate that this enemy didn’t want to sneak-attack him.

Fairenton saw the person who spoke to him standing on a sand hill not too far away.

After he saw the face of this person, he was more surprised than angry; the rage that was burning inside of him instantly disappeared as if it was never there.

He lowered his guard as if he wasn’t worried about getting harmed by this person, and he asked after a moment of silence, “King Alexander of Chambord? Is it you? Did you send that mage to lure me here? Who is he?”

“He is one of my subordinates,” Fei who had switched to Barbarian Mode shrugged and laughed. Then, he asked with a strange tone, “Your Highness, it seems like you aren’t worried. Do you have the confidence to escape? Or you are sure that I won’t kill you?”

“You won’t kill me,” Fairenton replied with confidence; he even pulled back his Warrior Energy and calmed down. With a relieved expression, he continued, “You aren’t prepared to deal with the revenge of the Jax Empire once you kill me, at least not yet.”

“This reasoning…… is trash. The two empires have declared war against each other. We had been fighting all day; why would I be afraid of the revenge?” Fei said as he slowly walked down the sand hill and approached this prince.

“Zenit isn’t ready for the war yet,” Fairenton replied; he had already calmed down completely.

A smile appeared on his face as he continued, “Alexander, maybe we could talk a bit more.”

Then, he did something that even surprised Fei.

He took out a rug from his storage space that was made from the fur of a Sand Tiger and laid it on the ground. After he sat on it and used his Warrior Energy to block out the wind, he gestured at Fei and invited him to sit down.

“Huh? Weren’t you trying to kill me?” Fei laughed; he realized that this prince was an interesting character.

“I would slit the throat of anyone else, but I can’t do much against you. I can’t defeat you and kill you,” Fairenton shrugged and sighed.

“Perfect reasoning,” Fei laughed.

Fairenton pointed at the rug and continued, “This is a rare opportunity. Perhaps we can have a good talk. Jax isn’t ready for the war as well; both of us need more time…… Your Majesty, are you afraid of sitting down and talking to someone who is weaker than you?”

“Haha! I have to admit that your goading effort worked,” Fei laughed as he walked over and sat down two meters away from this prince. He rubbed the surface of this rug and somehow thought back to the famous tale of Aladdin and his magic carpet. He sighed, “Such a beautiful Sand Tiger Rug, it is as nice as a piece of well-fertilized land…… Your Highness, since both empires aren’t ready for war, why did both emperors declare war against each other? Could it be that their heads got kicked by a pig and aren’t thinking straight?”

Fairenton felt a little speechless; he didn’t expect this mighty king to talk about the two emperors in such a direct manner. After a moment of silence, he said, “In this world where killing and robbing are common practices, no war would give you enough time to prepare. Even though the Jax Empire had been preparing for this war for the last 26 years, the Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire are more anxious than us; that was why the Martial Saints Battle in St. Petersburg happened. I heard that Martial Saint Krasic already died, so the war is certain.”

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