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Hail the King Chapter 403.1

Chapter 403: Loyalty to Zenit (Part One)

“The Spartax Empire and the Eindhoven Empire are more anxious because their emperors are even more stupid than the emperor of Jax,” Fei replied as he suddenly got murderous after hearing Krasic’s name; he had to try not to attack this prince of Jax.

The nightly wind was fierce like blades, and the sands were all blown into the sky.

After thinking back to the purpose of this meeting, Fei put away the negative emotions in his mind. As he looked up at the moon in the sky, he took out a bottle of liquor, two cups, and some delicate snacks and put them on the rug.

He poured himself a cup of liquor.

After he took a sip and zapped his mouth, he continued the conversation.

“I have heard from the traveling poets on the way here that Emperor Fuji is a wise, ambitious, and far-sighted ruler. I was wondering why this emperor who had endured everything for the last 26 years would lose his patience now, but this explains it! His allies no longer want to wait! Damn, we shouldn’t be afraid of god-like enemies; instead, we should be scared of pig-like allies!”

“The latter portion of your sentence is quite true…… According to our plan, this war should start a year from now,” Fairenton didn’t sense Fei’s initial murderous spirit, and he didn’t hold himself back. After he poured himself a cup of liquor and chugged it, he praised, “This liquor is made for the Royal Family of Zenit? Damn! Only the rich land of Zenit could create such divine drinks. The Jax Empire is mostly desert, and it could only bury corpses and bones and bring death and disasters.”

“The jealousy of rich land has always been the origin of wars on this continent. I do understand the Jax Empire; everyone wants to live in a comfortable environment with rich resources,” Fei thought back to the quote of a famous dictator on Earth and sighed, “Therefore, even if Zenit didn’t conquer Jax 26 years ago, this war would still occur, right?”

Fairenton nodded and agreed. After that, he picked up a piece of dessert and ate it; he even licked the dessert flakes off of his lips.

The atmosphere was a little strange.

Fairenton wasn’t behaving like the prince of Jax who was currently Fei’s enemy, and Fei wasn’t acting like a head commander who was facing his enemy. It felt like they were two buddies who were discussing how to pick up girls.

If anyone else were seeing this, they would have thought that these two men were plotting an evil plan together.

Actually, Fei was planning to do that.

This king laughed and casually suggested, “You see, since Emperor Fuji also doesn’t want to start the war this early, Zenit is in a mess, and I don’t want to fight this war, how about we put a stop to this war for now and come back here in a year?”

“Your Majesty, you must be joking,” Fairenton replied as he looked at Fei in the eyes. However, he saw the sincerity and felt like the king wasn’t joking. After some thoughts, he shook his head and said, “That is impossible. Both you and I don’t have a say in how this war is going to proceed.”

“Why you got to ruin the moment?” Fei said as he curled his lips.

He took the liquor bottle out of Fairenton’s hand and poured himself a cup. The king was a great actor; he immediately put on a threatening expression and said, “I’m a lot more powerful than you! I can just beat you half-dead and capture you. Then, the soldiers of Jax would be afraid of attacking Dual-Flags City! If they dare to siege, I will cut off some flesh off of you and send it to them!”

Fairenton knew that he couldn’t defend against this man, but he wasn’t afraid either. With a helpless expression on his face, he replied, “You…… you have strange ideas, but this method won’t work.”

After he drunk more liquor, he continued, “You think this way because you never met Emperor Fuji yourself; you only got to know him through the stories. In reality, he is a cruel and wise emperor; he won’t give up on the plan that he prepared for the last 26 years for one of his sons. He won’t accept this kind of threats, and I’m only one of the 136 sons he has; he doesn’t care that much about me anyway.”

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  1. OG

    Sounds like prince Hans, of the southern isles….

    This scene is really making the whole dual-flags city part more powerful.

    Thank you!

  2. earthshaker34

    come on Alexander we need some pig jokes now…

  3. Akabane

    Damn, I wonder how many wives that emperor has to have 136 sons… that doesn’t even include how many daughters he could have…. yikes.

  4. Eon

    The f--k? 136 sons? You sure this dude didn’t spend more time f-----g than managing his empire?

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